Transcriptome-based gene expression profiling identifies differentially expressed genes critical for salt stress response in radish (Raphanus sativus L.).


KEY MESSAGE:Transcriptome-based gene expression analysis identifies many critical salt-responsive genes in radish and facilitates further dissecting the molecular mechanism underlying salt stress response. Salt stress severely impacts plant growth and development. Radish, a moderately salt-sensitive vegetable crop, has been studied for decades towards the physiological and biochemical performances under salt stress. However, no systematic study on isolation and identification of genes involved in salt stress response has been performed in radish, and the molecular mechanism governing this process is still indistinct. Here, the RNA-Seq technique was applied to analyze the transcriptomic changes on radish roots treated with salt (200 mM NaCl) for 48 h in comparison with those cultured in normal condition. Totally 8709 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) including 3931 up- and 4778 down-regulated genes were identified. Functional annotation analysis indicated that many genes could be involved in several aspects of salt stress response including stress sensing and signal transduction, osmoregulation, ion homeostasis and ROS scavenging. The association analysis of salt-responsive genes and miRNAs exhibited that 36 miRNA-mRNA pairs had negative correlationship in expression trends. Reverse-transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) analysis revealed that the expression profiles of DEGs were in line with results from the RNA-Seq analysis. Furthermore, the putative model of DEGs and miRNA-mediated gene regulation was proposed to elucidate how radish sensed and responded to salt stress. This study represents the first comprehensive transcriptome-based gene expression profiling under salt stress in radish. The outcomes of this study could facilitate further dissecting the molecular mechanism underlying salt stress response and provide a valuable platform for further genetic improvement of salt tolerance in radish breeding programs.


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Plant cell reports


Sun X,Xu L,Wang Y,Luo X,Zhu X,Kinuthia KB,Nie S,Feng H,Li C,Liu L




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    abstract:KEY MESSAGE:We provide evidence that nucleotide sequence and methylation status changes occur in the Arabidopsis genome during in vitro tissue culture at a frequency high enough to represent an important source of variation. Somaclonal variation is a general consequence of the tissue culture process that has to be anal...

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  • The pollen- and embryo-specific Arabidopsis DLL promoter bears good potential for application in marker-free Cre/loxP self-excision strategy.

    abstract:KEY MESSAGE:Marker-free transgenic plants can be generated with high efficiency by using the Cre/ lox P self-excision system controlled by the pollen- and embryo-specific Arabidopsis DLL promoter. In this work, we aimed to study the feasibility of using the pollen- and embryo-specific DLL promoter of the At4g16160 gene...

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  • The effect of temperature on hairy root cultures of Catharanthus roseus: Growth, indole alkaloid accumulation and membrane lipid composition.

    abstract::Cultivation of Catharanthus roseus hairy root cultures at different temperatures was found to have an effect on growth rate and indole alkaloid content as well as lipid composition. When lowering the temperature, the roots responded by increasing the degree of unsaturation of cellular lipids, which was mainly due to a...

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