Magnetic-charge ordering and phase transitions in monopole-conserved square spin ice.


:Magnetic-charge ordering and corresponding magnetic/monopole phase transitions in spin ices are the emergent topics of condensed matter physics. In this work, we investigate a series of magnetic-charge (monopole) phase transitions in artificial square spin ice model using the conserved monopole density algorithm. It is revealed that the dynamics of low monopole density lattices is controlled by the effective Coulomb interaction and the Dirac string tension, leading to the monopole dimerization which is quite different from the dynamics of three-dimensional pyrochlore spin ice. The condensation of the monopole dimers into monopole crystals with staggered magnetic-charge order can be predicted clearly. For the high monopole density cases, the lattice undergoes two consecutive phase transitions from high-temperature paramagnetic/charge-disordered phase into staggered charge-ordered phase before eventually toward the long-range magnetically-ordered phase as the ground state which is of staggered charge order too. A phase diagram over the whole temperature-monopole density space, which exhibits a series of emergent spin and monopole ordered states, is presented.


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Xie YL,Du ZZ,Yan ZB,Liu JM




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2015-10-29 00:00:00










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    abstract::Little work has been done on the prediction of malignancy risk in patients with subcentimeter thyroid nodule (TN) categorized as atypia/follicular lesion of undetermined significance (AUS/FLUS). We performed a retrospective analysis on the medical records of subcentimeter TNs whose initial fine-needle aspiration (FNA)...

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