The high-affinity receptor for IgG, FcγRI, of humans and non-human primates.


:Non-human primate (NHP) models, especially involving macaques, are considered important models of human immunity and have been essential in preclinical testing for vaccines and therapeutics. Despite this, much less characterization of macaque Fc receptors has occurred compared to humans or mice. Much of the characterization of macaque Fc receptors so far has focused on the low-affinity Fc receptors, particularly FcγRIIIa. From these studies, it is clear that there are distinct differences between the human and macaque low-affinity receptors and their interaction with human IgG. Relatively little work has been performed on the high-affinity IgG receptor, FcγRI, especially in NHPs. This review will focus on what is currently known of how FcγRI interacts with IgG, from mutation studies and recent crystallographic studies of human FcγRI, and how amino acid sequence differences in the macaque FcγRI may affect this interaction. Additionally, this review will look at the functional consequences of differences in the amino acid sequences between humans and macaques.


Immunol Rev


Immunological reviews


Chenoweth AM,Trist HM,Tan PS,Wines BD,Hogarth PM




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  • Insights into immunity from clinical and basic science studies of DOCK8 immunodeficiency syndrome.

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    abstract::In the human, most IgM+IgD+ as well as CD5+ peripheral blood B cells express unmutated V genes and thus can be assigned to a pre-germinal centre (GC) stage of development. The memory B-cell compartment generated in the GC reaction and characterized by cells bearing somatically mutated V-region genes consists not only ...

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  • Analysis of the B-cell repertoire against antigens expressed by human neoplasms.

    abstract::The screening of tumor-derived expression libraries for antigens detected by high-titer immunoglobulin G antibodies from the sera of patients with cancer by SEREX (serological identification of antigens by recombinant expression cloning) allows a systematic search for antigens of human cancers. SEREX has led to the id...

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  • Th1- and Th2-like subsets of innate lymphoid cells.

    abstract::Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) constitute a family of effectors in innate immunity and regulators of tissue remodeling that have a cytokine and transcription factor expression pattern that parallels that of the T-helper (Th) cell family. Here, we discuss how ILCs can be categorized and summarize the current knowledge of...

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  • Delineation of the human hematolymphoid system: potential applications of defined cell populations in cellular therapy.

    abstract::Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) have the capacity to reconstitute all the blood cells in the body. HSC are rare, representing on average 0.05% of the mononuclear cells present in healthy human bone marrow. Due to their capacity for self-renewal and their pluripotent, long-term reconstituting potential, HSC are consider...

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  • The linkage between T-cell and dendritic cell development in the mouse thymus.

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  • Bronchus- and nasal-associated lymphoid tissues.

    abstract::The bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) and the nasal-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT) constitute organized lymphoid aggregates that are capable of T- and B-cell responses to inhaled antigens. BALT, located mostly at bifurcations of the bronchus in animals and humans, is present in the fetus and develops rapid...

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  • T-cell selection in the thymus: a spatial and temporal perspective.

    abstract::The ability of T cells to respond to a wide array of foreign antigens while avoiding reactivity to self is largely determined by cellular selection of developing T cells in the thymus. While a great deal is known about the cell types and molecules involved in T-cell selection in the thymus, our understanding of the sp...

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