Increased urinary cystatin C indicated higher risk of cardiovascular death in a community cohort.


OBJECTIVES:Urinary cystatin C (u-CysC) is a new biomarker for acute tubular kidney dysfunction and may also indicate chronic tubular dysfunction. Chronic kidney disease is an important cardiovascular risk factor, however it is not known if u-CysC is a risk marker for cardiovascular death. METHODS:The association between u-CysC and cardiovascular mortality was investigated in a Swedish community-based cohort of 604 men aged 78 years. During follow-up (mean 6.7 years), 203 participants died, of which 90 due to cardiovascular causes. RESULTS:High u-CysC (>0.029 mg/mmol Cr) was associated with a more than 2-fold risk of cardiovascular death (multivariable hazard ratio for quintile 5 vs. 1: 2.5, 95% CI 1.2-5.2, P < 0.05) in Cox regression models independent of cardiovascular risk factors, glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and urinary Albumin. Participants with low eGFR (≤60 mL/min), albuminuria (≥3 mg/mmol Cr) and high u-CysC (>0.029 mg/mmol Cr) combined had a significantly higher cardiovascular mortality risk compared to participants with one or two of these biomarkers normal (hazard ratio 15, 95% CI: 6.7-36, P < 0.001, compared to all three biomarkers normal). CONCLUSIONS:This study is the first to show that increased concentrations of the tubular kidney biomarker u-CysC indicated risk of cardiovascular death independently of other cardiovascular risk factors, glomerular filtration and albuminuria. Additional research is needed to further establish the usefulness of u-CysC in clinical practice.






Helmersson-Karlqvist J,Ärnlöv J,Carlsson AC,Härmä J,Larsson A




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  • Stimulatory effects of insulin and insulin-like growth factor I on migration and tube formation by vascular endothelial cells.

    abstract::The effects of insulin and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) on migration, proliferation and tube-forming activity of endothelial cells were investigated, by using bovine carotid artery endothelial cells. Migration was assayed by a filter membrane technique and tube formation was assayed by a quantitative angiogene...


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  • Shared and discrepant susceptibility for carotid artery and aortic arch calcification: A genetic association study.

    abstract::Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have identified several risk loci for coronary artery calcification. Four single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, rs1537370, rs1333049, rs2026458 and rs9349379) were associated with coronary artery calcification with P values less than 5 × 10(-8) in GWASs. It is unclear if these ...


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  • NT-proBNP and the anti-inflammatory cytokines are correlated with endothelial progenitor cells' response to cardiac surgery.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We used cardiac surgery as a model of acute inflammatory response to evaluate the role of the inflammatory mediators in influencing the number of circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). METHODS:In 38 coronary artery by-pass grafting (CABG) [28M/10F] and in 54 valvular [28M/26F] patients the numbers ...


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