Modulation of antioxidant enzyme activities, platelet aggregation and serum prostaglandins in rats fed spray-dried milk containing n-3 fatty acid.


:Spray-dried milk enriched with n-3 fatty acids from linseed oil or fish oil were fed to rats to study its influence on liver lipid peroxides, hepatic antioxidant enzyme activities, serum prostaglandins and platelet aggregation. Significant level of alpha linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid were accumulated at the expense of arachidonic acid in the liver of rats fed n-3 fatty acid enriched formulation. The linseed oil and fish oil enriched formulation fed group had 44 and 112% higher level of lipid peroxides in liver homogenate compared to control rats fed groundnut oil enriched formulation. Catalase activity in liver homogenate was increased by 37 and 183% respectively in linseed oil and fish oil formulation fed rats. The glutathione peroxidase activity decreased to an extent of 25-36% and glutathione transferase activity increased to an extent of 34-39% in rats fed n-3 fatty acids enriched formulation. Feeding n-3 fatty acid enriched formulation significantly elevated the n-3 fatty acids in platelets and increased the lipid peroxide level to an extent of 4.2-4.5 fold compared to control. The serum thromboxane B2 level was decreased by 35 and 42% respectively in linseed oil and fish oil enriched formulation fed rats, whereas, 6-keto- prostaglandin F1alpha level was decreased by 17 and 23% respectively in linseed oil and fish oil enriched formulation fed rats. The extent and rate of platelet aggregation was decreased significantly in n-3 fatty acids enriched formulation fed rats. This indicated that n-3 fatty acids enriched formulation beneficially reduces platelet aggregation and also enhances the activities of hepatic antioxidant enzymes such as catalase and glutathione transferase.


Mol Cell Biochem


Ramaprasad TR,Baskaran V,Krishnakantha TP,Lokesh BR





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2005-12-01 00:00:00












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