Arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in sleeping infants: effects of maternal smoking.


:Our aim was to determine whether maternal cigarette smoking affects arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in infants. Infants born to non-smoking (NS, n = 15) and smoking mothers (SM, n= 9) were studied at 2-5 weeks, 2-3 and 5-6 months. Ventilatory responses to 15% O(2) were determined preceding arousal. At each age and in both groups, infants aroused more frequently and earlier to hypoxia in active sleep (AS) than quiet sleep (QS). Arousal latency was longer in SM infants (in QS) at 5-6 months (P < 0.05). Baseline respiratory parameters were not different between groups, except that, at 2-3 months, SM infants had higher SP(O2) during AS than NS infants. Maternal smoking did not affect ventilatory responses preceding hypoxia-induced arousal in either sleep-state at any age. We conclude that mild hypoxia stimulates ventilation and arousal in infants up to 6 months and that arousability is depressed in SM infants at 5-6 months; however, ventilatory responses preceding arousal are not adversely affected by smoking.


Parslow PM,Cranage SM,Adamson TM,Harding R,Horne RS





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  • Unevenness of ventilation assessed by the expired CO(2) gas volume versus V(T) curve in asthmatic patients.

    abstract::Recently, we have shown that the expired CO2 gas volume versus tidal volume (VCO2-VT) curve is a useful tool for assessing unevenness of ventilation because it allows the separation of tidal volume into three functional compartments: (a) the CO2-free expired air (V0), (b) the transitional volume (Vtr), (c) the alveola...

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  • Acute and chronic responses of the upper airway to inspiratory loading in healthy awake humans: an MRI study.

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  • Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significance.

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  • The blood transfer conductance for nitric oxide: Infinite vs. finite θNO.

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    abstract::Respiratory responses to single intermittent hypoxia (5 min 21% O(2), 5 min 8% O(2) X6) in 5-6, 10-11, 21-22 and 26-27 day-old piglets, and to recurrent six daily intermittent hypoxia in 10-11 and 26-27 day-old piglets were assessed. Substance P binding in the piglets' brainstem immediately after the last hypoxic epis...

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  • Airway smooth muscle growth from the perspective of animal models.

    abstract::Airway smooth muscle maintains airway tone and may assist in adjusting ventilation distribution within the normal lung. Alterations in the properties or the quantity of ASM are likely responsible for some instances of airways hyperresponsiveness to bronchoconstrictive stimuli that is a characteristic of diseases such ...

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  • Allergen challenge during halothane compared to isoflurane anesthesia induces a more potent peripheral lung response.

    abstract::Allergen instillation in anaesthetized vs. awake animals results in increased distribution of allergen in the lung. Halothane is a more potent bronchodilator of the small airways than isoflurane. As small airways contribute to asthma pathogenesis, we questioned whether intranasal challenge under halothane vs. isoflura...

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  • Salbutamol improves markers of epithelial function in mice with chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation.

    abstract::We investigated the effects of salbutamol on the markers of epithelial function in a murine model of chronic allergic pulmonary inflammation by recording the ciliary beat frequency (CBF) and the transepithelial potential difference (PD) in vivo. Mice were sensitized and received four challenges of ovalbumin (OVA group...

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  • Reappraisal of DLCO adjustment to interpret the adaptive response of the air-blood barrier to hypoxia.

    abstract::DLCO measured in hypoxia must be corrected due to the higher affinity (increase in coefficient θ) of CO with Hb. We propose an adjustment accounting for individual changes in the equation relating DLCO to subcomponents Dm (membrane diffusive capacity) and Vc (lung capillary volume): 1/DLCO=1/Dm+1/θVc. We adjusted the ...

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  • Interaction of tobacco smoke exposure and ovalbumin-sensitization promotes goblet cell and submucosal gland metaplasia in guinea pigs.

    abstract::Exposure to irritants such as tobacco smoke (TS) causes acute airway inflammation. Chronic exposure may cause airway remodeling contributing to enhanced airway resistance. We hypothesize that combining airway sensitization and inhalation of irritants enhances the number of mucous producing cells beyond either agent al...

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    abstract::In order to examine, whether the lobeline-induced cough is a true reflex or a voluntary effort to get rid of its irritating sensations in the upper respiratory tract, we systematically studied the cough response to lobeline, of subjects who were unable to make conscious discriminations i.e. were either comatose (n=4) ...

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    abstract::This investigation examined the effects of a six-week inspiratory resistance training (IRT) on metabolic health biomarkers, pulmonary function, and endurance in obese individuals. Twenty-eight obese adults (BMI > 27 kg/m2 Taiwan obesity criteria) were randomly assigned to either IRT (IRT; N = 16) or sham control (PLA;...

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  • Oxygen consumption and PEEPe in ventilated COPD patients.

    abstract::The intrinsic positive-end-expiratory pressure (PEEPi) increases the inspiratory load, the cost of breathing and thus oxygen consumption (V(O2)). It has been shown that applying an extrinsic positive-end-expiratory pressure (PEEPe) reduces the inspiratory threshold load but the optimal PEEPe level is still in debate. ...

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  • Effects of dietary inorganic nitrate on static and dynamic breath-holding in humans.

    abstract::Inorganic nitrate has been shown to reduce oxygen cost during exercise. Since the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway is facilitated during hypoxia, we investigated the effects of dietary nitrate on oxygen consumption and cardiovascular responses during apnea. These variables were measured in two randomized, double-blind, plac...

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  • Haematological acclimation and re-acclimation to hypoxia in the mouse.

    abstract::Haematological responses throughout 4 w of initial acclimation (IA) and three paradigms of re-acclimation (RA) to hypoxia (FI(O₂)) were examined in female mice. We hypothesised that (i) haematological responses would be increased during re-exposure, resulting in greater O₂-carrying capacity in RA compared to IA; and (...

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  • Upright posture increases oxyhemoglobin saturation in Peruvian highlanders.

    abstract::At high altitude, hypoxia amplifies oxyhemoglobin saturation (SPO2) swings with changes in respiratory mechanics. Our objective was to examine the effects of posture on SPO2 and determine predictors of postural SPO2 changes in highlanders. 50 native highlanders from Puno, Peru (3825 m) assumed supine and upright-seate...

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  • Examining work-to-rest ratios to optimize upper body sprint interval training.

    abstract::The objective was to compare the metabolic influence of varying work-to-rest ratios during upper body sprint interval training (SIT). Forty-two recreationally-trained men were randomized into a training group [10 s work - 2 min of rest (10:2) or 4 min of rest (10:4), or 30 s work - 4 min of rest (30:4)] or a control g...

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