SiO2-induced release of sVEGFRs from pulmonary macrophages.


BACKGROUND:The inhalation of silicon dioxide (SiO2) particles causes silicosis, a stubborn pulmonary disease that is characterized by alveolar inflammation during the early stage. Soluble cytokine receptors (SCRs) play important roles in regulating inflammation by either attenuating or promoting cytokine signaling. However, the role of SCRs in silicosis remains unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS:Luminex assays revealed increased soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (sVEGFR) family levels in the plasma of silicosis patients. In an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), cells from the differentiated human monocytic cell line U937 released sVEGFR family proteins after exposure to SiO2 (50μg/cm2). Further Western blot experiments revealed that VEGFR expression was also elevated in U937 cells. In contrast, levels of sVEGFR family members did not change in the supernatants of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) after exposure to SiO2 (50μg/cm2). Interestingly, VEGFR expression in HUVECs decreased after SiO2 treatment. In a scratch assay, HUVECs exhibited cell migration ability, indicating the acquisition of mesenchymal properties. CONCLUSION:Our findings highlight the important role of sVEGFRs in both inflammation and fibrosis induced by SiO2, suggesting a possible mechanism for the fibrogenic effects observed in pulmonary diseases associated with fibrosis.


Chao J,Lv Y,Chen J,Wang J,Yao H




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  • Effect of oxygen in obstructive sleep apnea: role of loop gain.

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  • The blood transfer conductance for nitric oxide: Infinite vs. finite θNO.

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  • Adenosine A2A receptors interact with GABAergic pathways to modulate respiration in neonatal piglets.

    abstract::GABA and adenosine contribute to respiratory inhibition in early postnatal life. In this study the adenosine A2A receptor agonist CGS21680 was used to evaluate adenosine receptor specificity and the interrelation of adenosine and GABA in the inhibition of inspiratory drive. In neonatal piglets (n = 10), CGS21680 was i...

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  • How does lobeline injected intravenously produce a cough?

    abstract::In order to examine, whether the lobeline-induced cough is a true reflex or a voluntary effort to get rid of its irritating sensations in the upper respiratory tract, we systematically studied the cough response to lobeline, of subjects who were unable to make conscious discriminations i.e. were either comatose (n=4) ...

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  • Regulation of alveolar fluid clearance and ENaC expression in lung by exogenous angiotensin II.

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  • Ventilatory pattern and chemosensitivity in M1 and M3 muscarinic receptor knockout mice.

    abstract::Acetylcholine (ACh) acting through muscarinic receptors is thought to be involved in the control of breathing, notably in central and peripheral chemosensory afferents and in regulations related to sleep-wake states. By using whole-body plethysmography, we compared baseline breathing at rest and ventilatory responses ...

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  • Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significance.

    abstract::Previously we have reported that association of cigarette smoke (CS) and chronic hypoxia (CH) interact positively to physiopathologically remodel pulmonary circulation. In present study we have exposed guinea pigs to CS smoke (four cigarettes/day; 3 months; CS) and to chronic hypoxia (12% O(2), 15 days; CH) alone or i...

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  • The crossed phrenic phenomenon and recovery of function following spinal cord injury.

    abstract::This review will focus on neural plasticity and recovery of respiratory function after spinal cord injury and feature the "crossed phrenic phenomenon" (CPP) as a model for demonstrating such plasticity and recovery. A very brief summary of the earlier literature on the CPP will be followed by a more detailed review of...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Rapid-onset obesity with hypothalamic dysfunction, hypoventilation, and autonomic dysregulation (ROHHAD) is a rare pediatric disease of unknown cause. Here, in response to a recent case report describing a ROHHAD patient who suffered from secondary narcolepsy confirmed by an absence of hypocre...

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  • Effect of lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema on diaphragm function.

    abstract::Preoperative prediction of a successful outcome following lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) for emphysema is imperfect. One mechanism could be improvement in respiratory muscle function yet controversy exists regarding the magnitude and mechanism of such an improvement. Therefore, we measured diaphragm strength in ...

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  • Lubricating effect of sialomucin and hyaluronan on pleural mesothelium.

    abstract::Coefficient of kinetic friction (μ) between rabbit visceral and parietal pleura, sliding in vitro at physiological velocities and load, increases markedly after blotting mesothelial surface with filter paper; this increase is only partially reduced by wetting blotted mesothelium with Ringer solution. Given that mesoth...

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  • Interaction between defects in ventilatory and thermoregulatory control in mice lacking 5-HT neurons.

    abstract::We have previously shown that mice with near-complete absence of 5-HT neurons (Lmx1bf/f/p) display a blunted hypercapnic ventilatory response (HCVR) and impaired cold-induced thermogenesis, but have normal baseline ventilation (), core body temperature (TCore) and hypoxic ventilatory responses (HVR) at warm ambient te...

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  • Non-nutritive swallowing and respiration coordination in full-term newborn lambs.

    abstract::Swallowing is a powerful inhibitor of respiratory rhythm in infants. The present study was aimed at investigating the influence of states of alertness on non-nutritive swallowing (NNS) frequency, on NNS and respiration coordination, and on bursts of NNS frequency in newborn lambs. Six full term newborn lambs were inst...

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  • Respiration-related control of abdominal motoneurons.

    abstract::The abdominal muscles form part of the expiratory pump in cooperation with the other expiratory muscles, primarily the internal intercostal and triangularis sterni muscles. The discharge of abdominal muscles is divided into four main patterns: augmenting, plateau, spindle and decrementing. The patterns tend to be spec...

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  • Acute Influenza A infection induces bronchial hyper-responsiveness in mice.

    abstract::This study aimed to determine whether the route of administration of methacholine (MCh) influenced the pattern of airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR) in mice. BALB/c mice were inoculated with a 50-microL volume containing 10(4.5)-pfu Influenza virus A/Mem/1/71(H3N1) or media. MCh responsiveness in vivo [inhaled (0.01-30...

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  • Hypoxia-induced ventilatory responses in conscious mice: gender differences in ventilatory roll-off and facilitation.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to compare the ventilatory responses of C57BL6 female and male mice during a 15 min exposure to a hypoxic-hypercapnic (H-H) or a hypoxic (10% O(2), 90% N(2)) challenge and subsequent return to room air. The ventilatory responses to H-H were similar in males and females whereas there were pron...

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  • Trophic factor expression in phrenic motor neurons.

    abstract::The function of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates (i.e., a motor unit) determines neuromotor output. Unlike other skeletal muscles, respiratory muscles (e.g., the diaphragm, DIAm) must function from birth onwards in sustaining ventilation. DIAm motor units are capable of both ventilatory and non-venti...

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  • ATP in central respiratory control: a three-part signaling system.

    abstract::The landmark demonstrations in 2005 that ATP released centrally during hypoxia and hypercapnia contributes to the respective ventilatory responses validated a decade-old hypothesis and ignited interest in the potential significance of P2 receptor signaling in central respiratory control. Our objective in this review i...

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    authors: Funk GD,Huxtable AG,Lorier AR

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  • Respiratory factors do not limit maximal symptom-limited exercise in patients with mild cystic fibrosis lung disease.

    abstract::To evaluate whether respiratory factors limit exercise capacity in patients with mild cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease (mean FEV(1) = 76 +/- 7.7% predicted) we stressed the respiratory system of seven patients using added dead space (V(D)). Primary outcomes were exercise duration (Ex(dur)) and maximal oxygen uptake (...

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    authors: Dodd JD,Barry SC,Gallagher CG

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  • Comparisons of effects of intravenous and inhaled methacholine on airway physiology in a murine asthma model.

    abstract::Airway responses to intravenous (i.v.) and inhaled (i.h.) delivery of methacholine (MCh) in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mouse strains have been compared with and without ovalbumin (OVA)-induced airway inflammation. Bronchial reactivity to MCh was assessed in anaesthetised and tracheostomised animals by using an animal ventilat...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Jonasson S,Hedenstierna G,Hedenström H,Hjoberg J

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  • Sensitivity of bronchopulmonary receptors to cold and heat mediated by transient receptor potential cation channel subtypes in an ex vivo rat lung preparation.

    abstract::Changes in airway temperature can result in respiratory responses such as cough, bronchoconstriction and mucosal secretion after cold exposure and hyperventilation after heat exposure. In the present investigation, we examined the activity of bronchopulmonary receptors in response to activators of thermo-sensitive tra...

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    authors: Zhou Y,Sun B,Li Q,Luo P,Dong L,Rong W

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  • Efficient mucociliary transport relies on efficient regulation of ciliary beating.

    abstract::The respiratory mucociliary epithelium is a synchronized and highly effective waste-disposal system. It uses mucus as a vehicle, driven by beating cilia, to transport unwanted particles, trapped in the mucus, away from the respiratory system. The ciliary machinery can function in at least two different modes: a low ra...

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