Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significance.


:Previously we have reported that association of cigarette smoke (CS) and chronic hypoxia (CH) interact positively to physiopathologically remodel pulmonary circulation. In present study we have exposed guinea pigs to CS smoke (four cigarettes/day; 3 months; CS) and to chronic hypoxia (12% O(2), 15 days; CH) alone or in combination (CSCH animals) and evaluated airways remodeling and resistance assessed as Penh (enhance pause). We measured Penh while animals breathe air, 10% O(2) and 5% CO(2) and found that CS and CH animals have higher Penh than controls; Penh was even larger in CSCH animals. A rough parallelism between Penh and thickness of bronchiolar wall and muscular layer and Goblet cell number was noticed. We conclude that CS and CH association accelerates CS-induced respiratory system damage, evidenced by augmented airway resistance, bronchial wall thickness and muscularization and Goblet cell number. Our findings would suggest that appearance of hypoxia would aggravate any preexisting pulmonary pathology by increasing airways resistance and reactivity.


Olea E,Ferrer E,Prieto-Lloret J,Gonzalez-Martin C,Vega-Agapito V,Gonzalez-Obeso E,Agapito T,Peinado V,Obeso A,Barbera JA,Gonzalez C




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  • Orexinergic modulation of breathing across vigilance states.

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  • Mechanical factors in the development of the vascular bed.

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  • A breath-holding challenge in panic disorder patients, their healthy first-degree relatives, and normal controls.

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  • How does lobeline injected intravenously produce a cough?

    abstract::In order to examine, whether the lobeline-induced cough is a true reflex or a voluntary effort to get rid of its irritating sensations in the upper respiratory tract, we systematically studied the cough response to lobeline, of subjects who were unable to make conscious discriminations i.e. were either comatose (n=4) ...

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  • Chronic intermittent hyperoxia alters the development of the hypoxic ventilatory response in neonatal rats.

    abstract::Chronic exposure to sustained hyperoxia alters the development of the respiratory control system, but the respiratory effects of chronic intermittent hyperoxia have rarely been investigated. We exposed newborn rats to short, repeated bouts of 30% O2 or 60% O2 (5 bouts h(-1)) for 4-15 days and then assessed their hypox...

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  • Respiratory control during air-breathing exercise in humans following an 8 h exposure to hypoxia.

    abstract::Hypoxic exposure lasting a few hours results in an elevation of ventilation and a lowering of end-tidal P(CO2) (P(ET(CO2))) that persists on return to breathing air. We sought to determine whether this increment in ventilation is fixed (hypothesis 1), or whether it increases in proportion to the rise in metabolic rate...

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  • Neuromolecular mechanisms mediating the effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia on adrenal medulla.

    abstract::Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) with recurrent apnea is a major health problem affecting several million adult men and women. Humans with SDB are prone to develop hypertension. Studies on rodents established that exposure to chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH) alone is sufficient to induce hypertension similar to that...

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  • Arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in sleeping infants: effects of maternal smoking.

    abstract::Our aim was to determine whether maternal cigarette smoking affects arousal and ventilatory responses to hypoxia in infants. Infants born to non-smoking (NS, n = 15) and smoking mothers (SM, n= 9) were studied at 2-5 weeks, 2-3 and 5-6 months. Ventilatory responses to 15% O(2) were determined preceding arousal. At eac...

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  • Respiratory factors do not limit maximal symptom-limited exercise in patients with mild cystic fibrosis lung disease.

    abstract::To evaluate whether respiratory factors limit exercise capacity in patients with mild cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease (mean FEV(1) = 76 +/- 7.7% predicted) we stressed the respiratory system of seven patients using added dead space (V(D)). Primary outcomes were exercise duration (Ex(dur)) and maximal oxygen uptake (...

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  • Dynamic pulmonary hyperinflation occurs without expiratory flow limitation in chronic heart failure during exercise.

    abstract::To assess the occurrence of tidal expiratory flow limitation (EFL) and/or dynamic pulmonary hyperinflation (DH) in chronic heart failure (CHF) during exercise 15 patients with stable systolic CHF, aged 69 ± 6yr, underwent pulmonary function testing and incremental cardio-pulmonary exercise testing. They subsequently p...

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  • Electric synapses in the carotid body-nerve complex.

    abstract::Slices of rat carotid bodies, or cultured glomus cells, were used to study intercellular coupling. This phenomenon occurs because gap junctions allow passage of currents and dyes from one cell to another. There is a two-way resistive coupling between glomus cells (GC/GC coupling), which is accompanied by activity of i...

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    authors: Eyzaguirre C

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  • Dopamine ameliorates bronchoconstriction induced by histaminergic and cholinergic pathways in rabbits.

    abstract::To clarify the potential of dopamine to alter airway tone in the presence of different bronchoconstrictor stimuli, changes in airway function following dopamine administrations were characterized when the bronchial tone was elevated by stimulating the histaminic or cholinergic pathway. Airway resistance, tissue dampin...

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  • Circadian dependence of receptors that mediate wake-related excitatory drive to hypoglossal motoneurons.

    abstract::Serotonin (5-HT), norepinephrine and orexins (ORX) are the three best established mediators of wake-related activation of hypoglossal (XII) motoneurons that innervate the muscles of the tongue. Since the tongue's use is temporarily closely aligned with the rest-activity cycle, we tested whether expression of mRNA for ...

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  • Effect of supine posture on airway blood flow and pulmonary function in stable heart failure.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between body position, pulmonary function (PF) and bronchial blood flow (Q(aw)) in a group of heart failure (HF) and control subjects. METHODS:Thirty-six subjects were studied: 24 stable, ambulatory HF patients (HF: LVEF=27±6%, age=65±9 yr) and 12 age-...

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  • Right and left vagus nerves regulate breathing by multiplicative interaction.

    abstract::Although it has been recognized for more than a century, we still do not know how the two vagus nerves interact to produce Hering-Breuer reflex. In the current study, we tested the hypothesis that the vagus nerves interact via a multiplicative effect. We examined the Hering-Breuer reflex before and after unilateral (f...

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  • Secretion movement during manual lung inflation and mechanical ventilation.

    abstract::This project aimed to investigate the direction of artificial sputum movement during mechanical ventilation (MV) and bagging (MH) using a tube model. Three solutions of artificial sputum (ultrasonic gel, viscosity 100, 200 and 300 poise (P)) were prepared. About 1 ml of gel was placed in a glass tube connected to a te...

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  • Breath-holding test in evaluation of peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity in healthy subjects.

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  • Validation of a quantitative method to measure neural respiratory drive in children during sleep.

    abstract:AIMS:Quantitatively measure and validate analysis of neural respiratory drive (NRD) using a commercial polysomnography system in children during sleep. METHOD:Surface electromyogram of the diaphragm (sEMGdi) recorded from primary snoring children were analysed. A subset was re-analysed to assess intra- and inter-inves...

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  • Differential responses of autonomic function in sea level residents, acclimatized lowlanders at >3500 m and Himalayan high altitude natives at >3500 m: A cross-sectional study.

    abstract::We studied the differential responses of autonomic function in sea level residents (SLR), acclimatized lowlanders (ALH) in high altitude (HA) and HA natives (HAN) at >3500 m. Out of 771 male volunteers included in this cross-sectional study, SLR, ALH and HAN groups were comprised of 351, 307 and 113 volunteers, respec...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究,随机对照试验


    authors: Dhar P,Sharma VK,Das SK,Barhwal K,Hota SK,Singh SB

    更新日期:2018-08-01 00:00:00

  • Effect of increased diaphragm activation on diaphragm power spectrum center frequency.

    abstract::Increased transdiaphragmatic pressure, reduced muscle blood flow, and increased duty cycle have all been associated with a reduction in the center frequency (CFdi) of the diaphragm's electrical activity (EAdi). However, the specific influence of diaphragm activation on CFdi is unknown. We evaluated whether increased d...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Spahija J,Beck J,Lindström L,Bégin P,de Marchie M,Sinderby C

    更新日期:2005-03-01 00:00:00

  • Development of ventilatory chemoreflexes in Coturnix quail chicks.

    abstract::Compared to mammals, little is known about the development of the respiratory control system in birds. In the present study, ventilation and metabolism were measured in Coturnix quail chicks exposed to room air, hypoxia (11 % O2), and hypercapnia (4% CO2) at 0-1, 3-4, and 6-7 days posthatching (dph). Mass-specific ven...

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    authors: Song MJ,Pratt AE,Bavis RW

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  • Evolution of bubbles from gas micronuclei formed on the luminal aspect of ovine large blood vessels.

    abstract::It has been shown that tiny gas nanobubbles form spontaneously on a smooth hydrophobic surface submerged in water. These nanobubbles were shown to be the source of gas micronuclei from which bubbles evolved during decompression of silicon wafers. We suggest that the hydrophobic inner surface of blood vessels may be a ...

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