Expression of IL-18 and its receptor in human leukemia cells.


:The importance of IL-18, although clearly established in solid tumors, has not been fully elucidated in human hematopoietic neoplasms. Here we examined the mRNA and protein for IL-18 in eight human hematopoietic cell lines representing different lineages and neoplasms including leukemia, lymphoma and others. Our results revealed that IL-18 mRNA was expressed in these cells and that the corresponding protein was found in the cytoplasm. Seven of eight cell lines were also found to express two subunits of the IL-18 receptor (IL-18R) at varied levels. Furthermore, 29 out of 51 leukemia patients tested were observed to express IL-18R with 18/29 (62%) co-expression of both receptor and ligand. By blocking the IL-18 loop using specific antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (ASON) for IL-18 mRNA or anti-human IL-18R monoclonal antibody (McAbR), we were not able to demonstrate a marked inhibition on the most leukemic cell lines growth. Moreover, the potential proliferation in vitro of primary AML cells co-expressing IL-18 and its receptor was not significantly enhanced by recombinant human IL-18, suggesting that IL-18 is not apparently implicated in the proliferation of the leukemia cells via an autocrine loop. Additionally, we also found the effective modulating effect of M-CSF, IFN-alpha and TNF-alpha on IL-18R expression, implying an important in vivo effect of cytokines on IL-18-induced reaction. Moreover, the modulation of IL-18R expression was possibly irrelevant to IFN-gamma secretion induced by these cytokines.


Leuk Res


Leukemia research


Zhang B,Ma XT,Zheng GG,Li G,Rao Q,Wu KF





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  • Ricin fusion toxin targeted to the human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor receptor is selectively toxic to acute myeloid leukemia cells.

    abstract::Treatment failure of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) is frequently due to the development of multidrug resistance phenotype blasts. We have expressed a fusion protein consisting of human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GMCSF) fused to the N-terminus of a lectin-deficient ricin toxin B ...

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  • Establishment of a novel cell line with T-lineage phenotype (HPB-MLp-W) from a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patient.

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  • Soluble Kit receptor blocks stem cell factor bioactivity in vitro.

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  • Steroid effects on ZAP-70 and SYK in relation to apoptosis in poor prognosis chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    abstract::There is resurgent interest in glucocorticoids (GCs) in the treatment of poor prognosis chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Little is known however on how GCs induce apoptosis in CLL. Methylprednisolone (MP) induces apoptosis in ZAP-70 positive CLL more readily than in ZAP-70 negative CLL, which is in contrast to the ...

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  • Haemopoietic stem cell: a new concept.

    abstract::It is generally accepted that morphologically recognizable bone marrow (BM) cells are derived from progenitor cells committed to a specific line of haematopoietic differentiation [51]. The origin and morphological identity of such progenitor cells is not yet known and the question, whether there is a single pluripoten...

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  • Production of interleukin-3 from a T-cell neoplasm.

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    abstract::Checkpoint genes code for a family of proteins which sense DNA damage in eukaryotic cells. They play an important role in the control of the cell cycle. The human CHK2 is a homolog of the yeast G(2) checkpoint kinases known as CDS1 and RAD53. The CHK2 may be a tumor suppressor gene because it was found to be mutated i...

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