LHY and CCA1 are partially redundant genes required to maintain circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis.


:Several genes are known to regulate circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis, but the identity of the central oscillator has not been established. LHY and CCA1 are related MYB-like transcription factors proposed to be closely involved. Here we demonstrate that, as shown previously for CCA1, inactivation of LHY shortens the period of circadian rhythms in gene expression and leaf movements. By constructing lhy cca1-1 double mutants, we show that LHY and CCA1 are partially redundant and essential for the maintenance of circadian rhythms in constant light. Under light/dark cycles the lhy cca1-1 plants show dramatically earlier phases of expression of GI and TOC1, genes associated with the generation of circadian rhythms and the promotion of LHY and CCA1 expression. We conclude that LHY and CCA1 appear to be negative regulatory elements required for central oscillator function.


Dev Cell


Developmental cell


Mizoguchi T,Wheatley K,Hanzawa Y,Wright L,Mizoguchi M,Song HR,Carré IA,Coupland G





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  • Gastric Acid Secretion from Parietal Cells Is Mediated by a Ca2+ Efflux Channel in the Tubulovesicle.

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  • Migration of Founder Epithelial Cells Drives Proper Molar Tooth Positioning and Morphogenesis.

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  • Brassinosteroid/Abscisic Acid Antagonism in Balancing Growth and Stress.

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  • PP2A antagonizes phosphorylation of Bazooka by PAR-1 to control apical-basal polarity in dividing embryonic neuroblasts.

    abstract::Bazooka/Par-3 (Baz) is a key regulator of cell polarity in epithelial cells and neuroblasts (NBs). Phosphorylation of Baz by PAR-1 and aPKC is required for its function in epithelia, but little is known about the dephosphorylation mechanisms that antagonize the activities of these kinases or about the relevance of Baz...

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  • Lipoprotein-heparan sulfate interactions in the Hh pathway.

    abstract::The Drosophila lipoprotein particle, Lipophorin, bears lipid-linked morphogens on its surface and is required for long-range signaling activity of Wingless and Hedgehog. Heparan sulfate proteoglycans are also critical for trafficking and signaling of these morphogens. Here we show that Lipophorin interacts with the he...

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  • Epithelial Patterning, Morphogenesis, and Evolution: Drosophila Eggshell as a Model.

    abstract::Understanding the mechanisms driving tissue and organ formation requires knowledge across scales. How do signaling pathways specify distinct tissue types? How does the patterning system control morphogenesis? How do these processes evolve? The Drosophila egg chamber, where EGF and BMP signaling intersect to specify un...

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  • Smooth Muscle Differentiation Is Essential for Airway Size, Tracheal Cartilage Segmentation, but Dispensable for Epithelial Branching.

    abstract::Airway smooth muscle is best known for its role as an airway constrictor in diseases such as asthma. However, its function in lung development is debated. A prevalent model, supported by in vitro data, posits that airway smooth muscle promotes lung branching through peristalsis and pushing intraluminal fluid to branch...

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  • Diffusion of nodal signaling activity in the absence of the feedback inhibitor Lefty2.

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  • Essential role of TGF-beta signaling in glucose-induced cell hypertrophy.

    abstract::In multicellular organisms, cell size is tightly controlled by nutrients and growth factors. Increasing ambient glucose induces enhanced protein synthesis and cell size. Continued exposure of cells to high glucose in vivo, as apparent under pathological conditions, results in cell hypertrophy and tissue damage. We dem...

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  • Directional cell migration, but not proliferation, drives hair placode morphogenesis.

    abstract::Epithelial reorganization involves coordinated changes in cell shapes and movements. This restructuring occurs during formation of placodes, ectodermal thickenings that initiate the morphogenesis of epithelial organs including hair, mammary gland, and tooth. Signaling pathways in ectodermal placode formation are well ...

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  • Moonlighting at the Centrosome: RXRα Turns to Plk1.

    abstract::One of the hardest working mitotic proteins, Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1), functions at mitotic entry, cytokinesis, and many steps in between. In this issue, Xie et al. (2020) describe a centrosome-specific interaction between PLK1 and Retinoid X Receptor-α and they test selective inhibition of this interaction as an ant...

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  • Midgut Laterality Is Driven by Hyaluronan on the Right.

    abstract::For many years, biologists have focused on the role of Pitx2, expressed on the left side of developing embryos, in governing organ laterality. Here, we identify a different pathway during left-right asymmetry initiated by the right side of the embryo. Surprisingly, this conserved mechanism is orchestrated by the extra...

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    authors: Sivakumar A,Mahadevan A,Lauer ME,Narvaez RJ,Ramesh S,Demler CM,Souchet NR,Hascall VC,Midura RJ,Garantziotis S,Frank DB,Kimata K,Kurpios NA

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  • CNS myelin wrapping is driven by actin disassembly.

    abstract::Myelin is essential in vertebrates for the rapid propagation of action potentials, but the molecular mechanisms driving its formation remain largely unknown. Here we show that the initial stage of process extension and axon ensheathment by oligodendrocytes requires dynamic actin filament assembly by the Arp2/3 complex...

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