Comparative assessment of large-scale data sets of protein-protein interactions.


:Comprehensive protein protein interaction maps promise to reveal many aspects of the complex regulatory network underlying cellular function. Recently, large-scale approaches have predicted many new protein interactions in yeast. To measure their accuracy and potential as well as to identify biases, strengths and weaknesses, we compare the methods with each other and with a reference set of previously reported protein interactions.






von Mering C,Krause R,Snel B,Cornell M,Oliver SG,Fields S,Bork P





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2002-05-23 00:00:00
















  • Slower recovery in space before collapse of connected populations.

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  • Actin-based motility of vaccinia virus.

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  • Gfi-1 restricts proliferation and preserves functional integrity of haematopoietic stem cells.

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  • Solution structure of the DNA-binding domain of Cd2-GAL4 from S. cerevisiae.

    abstract::The GAL4 protein activates transcription of the genes required for galactose utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The protein, consisting of 881 amino acids, is dimeric when bound to one of the approximately twofold symmetrical DNA sites present in the galactose upstream activating sequence (UASG). Here we use two...


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  • CCR3 is a target for age-related macular degeneration diagnosis and therapy.

    abstract::Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness worldwide, is as prevalent as cancer in industrialized nations. Most blindness in AMD results from invasion of the retina by choroidal neovascularisation (CNV). Here we show that the eosinophil/mast cell chemokine receptor CCR3 is specifically expres...


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  • Polymorphism control of superconductivity and magnetism in Cs(3)C(60) close to the Mott transition.

    abstract::The crystal structure of a solid controls the interactions between the electronically active units and thus its electronic properties. In the high-temperature superconducting copper oxides, only one spatial arrangement of the electronically active Cu(2+) units-a two-dimensional square lattice-is available to study the...


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    authors: Ganin AY,Takabayashi Y,Jeglic P,Arcon D,Potocnik A,Baker PJ,Ohishi Y,McDonald MT,Tzirakis MD,McLennan A,Darling GR,Takata M,Rosseinsky MJ,Prassides K

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  • Learning of action through adaptive combination of motor primitives.

    abstract::Understanding how the brain constructs movements remains a fundamental challenge in neuroscience. The brain may control complex movements through flexible combination of motor primitives, where each primitive is an element of computation in the sensorimotor map that transforms desired limb trajectories into motor comm...


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  • Study of allosteric communication between protomers by immunotagging.

    abstract::Ligand-induced allosteric changes in proteins are important in their cellular functions and regulation, and both concerted and sequential examples are known. The distinction has entailed elaborate analysis, however, and only a few systems have been unequivocally analysed. We have investigated the coupling between ATP ...


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  • HLA-DMA and -DMB genes are both required for MHC class II/peptide complex formation in antigen-presenting cells.

    abstract::Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecules are highly polymorphic cell-surface glycoproteins that present antigenic peptides to CD4+ T lymphocytes. The normal assembly of class II molecules with cognate peptides for antigen presentation requires an accessory function provided by a gene mapping to the cl...


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  • Remote triggering of fault-strength changes on the San Andreas fault at Parkfield.

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  • PTEX component HSP101 mediates export of diverse malaria effectors into host erythrocytes.

    abstract::To mediate its survival and virulence, the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum exports hundreds of proteins into the host erythrocyte. To enter the host cell, exported proteins must cross the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane (PVM) within which the parasite resides, but the mechanism remains unclear. A putative Pla...


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  • Fringe-dependent separation of dorsal and ventral cells in the Drosophila wing.

    abstract::The separation of cells into populations that do not intermix, termed compartments, is a fundamental organizing principle during development. Dorsal-ventral compartmentalization of the Drosophila wing is regulated downstream of the apterous (ap) gene, which encodes a transcription factor that specifies dorsal wing fat...


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  • Author Correction: Landscape of somatic mutations in 560 breast cancer whole-genome sequences.

    abstract::In the Methods section of this Article, 'greater than' should have been 'less than' in the sentence 'Putative regions of clustered rearrangements were identified as having an average inter-rearrangement distance that was at least 10 times greater than the whole-genome average for the individual sample. '. The Article ...


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  • Leukaemia inhibitory factor is necessary for maintenance of haematopoietic stem cells and thymocyte stimulation.

    abstract::Leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) has a variety of effects on different cell types in vitro, inhibiting the differentiation of embryonic stem cells and promoting the survival and/or proliferation of primitive haematopoietic precursors and primordial germ cells. Here we show that LIF-deficient mice derived by gene targ...


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  • A pathogenic picornavirus acquires an envelope by hijacking cellular membranes.

    abstract::Animal viruses are broadly categorized structurally by the presence or absence of an envelope composed of a lipid-bilayer membrane, attributes that profoundly affect stability, transmission and immune recognition. Among those lacking an envelope, the Picornaviridae are a large and diverse family of positive-strand RNA...


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  • Division and differentiation of isolated CNS blast cells in microculture.

    abstract::The mechanism of transformation of the overtly similar cells of the neural plate into the numerous and diverse cell types of the mature vertebrate central nervous system (CNS) can better be understood by studying the clonal development of isolated CNS precursor cells. Here I describe a culture system in which blast ce...


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  • An observational correlation between stellar brightness variations and surface gravity.

    abstract::Surface gravity is a basic stellar property, but it is difficult to measure accurately, with typical uncertainties of 25 to 50 per cent if measured spectroscopically and 90 to 150 per cent if measured photometrically. Asteroseismology measures gravity with an uncertainty of about 2 per cent but is restricted to relati...


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    authors: Bastien FA,Stassun KG,Basri G,Pepper J

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  • Rapid regulation of steroidogenesis by mitochondrial protein import.

    abstract::Most mitochondrial proteins are synthesized on cytoplasmic ribosomes and imported into mitochondria. The imported proteins are directed to one of four submitochondrial compartments--the outer mitochondrial membrane, the inner mitochondrial membrane, the intramembraneous space, or the matrix--where the protein then fun...


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    authors: Bose HS,Lingappa VR,Miller WL

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  • Unidirectional molecular motor on a gold surface.

    abstract::Molecules capable of mimicking the function of a wide range of mechanical devices have been fabricated, with motors that can induce mechanical movement attracting particular attention. Such molecular motors convert light or chemical energy into directional rotary or linear motion, and are usually prepared and operated...


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  • Molybdenum chloride catalysts for Z-selective olefin metathesis reactions.

    abstract::The development of catalyst-controlled stereoselective olefin metathesis processes has been a pivotal recent advance in chemistry. The incorporation of appropriate ligands within complexes based on molybdenum, tungsten and ruthenium has led to reactivity and selectivity levels that were previously inaccessible. Here w...


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  • Enzymatic replication of E. coli chromosomal origin is bidirectional.

    abstract::A soluble enzyme system has been discovered which specifically recognizes and replicates plasmids containing the Escherichia coli chromosomal origin, oriC. Electron microscopy has shown that plasmid replication begins at or near oriC from which it progresses bidirectionally to completion. Control of initiation of a cy...


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  • A prevalence of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in the cores of intermediate-mass stars.

    abstract::Magnetic fields play a part in almost all stages of stellar evolution. Most low-mass stars, including the Sun, show surface fields that are generated by dynamo processes in their convective envelopes. Intermediate-mass stars do not have deep convective envelopes, although 10 per cent exhibit strong surface fields that...


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  • Hinf family: a novel repeated DNA family of the human genome.

    abstract::The isolation of a mutant adenovirus carrying an insertion of cellular DNA has led to the identification of a new family of human repetitive sequences, which are found tandemly arranged in the genome. The sequence of the viral insert resembles that of eukaryotic transposable elements. ...


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  • Bursts of retrotransposition reproduced in Arabidopsis.

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  • Pluripotent state transitions coordinate morphogenesis in mouse and human embryos.

    abstract::The foundations of mammalian development lie in a cluster of embryonic epiblast stem cells. In response to extracellular matrix signalling, these cells undergo epithelialization and create an apical surface in contact with a cavity, a fundamental event for all subsequent development. Concomitantly, epiblast cells tran...


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  • The physical mechanisms of fast radio bursts.

    abstract::Fast radio bursts are mysterious millisecond-duration transients prevalent in the radio sky. Rapid accumulation of data in recent years has facilitated an understanding of the underlying physical mechanisms of these events. Knowledge gained from the neighbouring fields of gamma-ray bursts and radio pulsars has also of...


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  • Regenerative medicine and human models of human disease.

    abstract::Recent advances in stem-cell technology are now allowing the mechanisms of human disease to be studied in human cells. A new era for regenerative medicine is arising from such disease models, extending beyond early cell-based therapies and towards evaluating genetic variation in humans and identifying the molecular pa...


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