Drug-resistant human bladder-cancer cells are more sensitive to adenovirus-mediated wild-type p53 gene therapy compared to drug-sensitive cells.


:We investigated the therapeutic potential and molecular mechanism of adenovirus-mediated wt p53 gene therapy for drug-resistant human bladder cancers. KK47, a human bladder-cancer cell line, along with the drug-resistant sublines KK47/DDP10, KK47/DDP20 (cisplatin-resistant) and KK47/ADM (doxorubicin-resistant) were used for the experiments. All 4 KK47 cell lines had genetically normal p53 genes. Using an in vitro cytotoxicity assay, the drug-resistant cell lines were more sensitive to Ad-CMV-p53 cell killing than the KK47 parental cell line. Ad-CMV-p53 induced higher levels of p53 protein and mRNA in the drug-resistant cell lines than in the parental cell line and, consequently, higher levels of p21 and Bax mRNA, which resulted in higher percentages of G(1) cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis. The higher efficiencies of adenoviral gene transfer in the drug-resistant cell lines were confirmed by X-gal staining after infection with Ad-CMV-beta-gal. In conclusion, adenovirus-mediated wt p53 gene therapy was more effective in the drug-resistant bladder-cancer cell lines than in the drug-sensitive bladder-cancer cell line.


Int J Cancer


Shirakawa T,Sasaki R,Gardner TA,Kao C,Zhang ZJ,Sugimura K,Matsuo M,Kamidono S,Gotoh A





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