Small Molecules Targeting the Flavivirus E Protein with Broad-Spectrum Activity and Antiviral Efficacy in Vivo.


:Vaccines and antivirals to combat dengue, Zika, and other flavivirus pathogens present a major, unmet medical need. Vaccine development has been severely challenged by the antigenic diversity of these viruses and the propensity of non-neutralizing, cross-reactive antibodies to facilitate cellular infection and increase disease severity. As an alternative, direct-acting antivirals targeting the flavivirus envelope protein, E, have the potential to act via an analogous mode of action without the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease. We previously discovered that structurally diverse small molecule inhibitors of the dengue virus E protein exhibit varying levels of antiviral activity against other flaviviruses in cell culture. Here, we demonstrate that the broad-spectrum activity of several cyanohydrazones against dengue, Zika, and Japanese encephalitis viruses is due to specific inhibition of E-mediated membrane fusion during viral entry and provide proof of concept for pharmacological inhibition of E as an antiviral strategy in vivo.


ACS Infect Dis


ACS infectious diseases


Li PC,Jang J,Hsia CY,Groomes PV,Lian W,de Wispelaere M,Pitts JD,Wang J,Kwiatkowski N,Gray NS,Yang PL




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