Central But Not General Obesity Is Positively Associated with the Risk of Hyperhomocysteinemia in Middle-Aged Women.


OBJECTIVE:Obesity and homocysteine (Hcy) are two important risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, evidence on the association between obesity and Hcy concentration was conflicting. The aim of our study is to explore the associations of general and central obesity with hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) in middle-aged women. METHODS:The current analysis was based on data from 11,007 women aged 40-60 years. Height, weight, and waist circumference (WC) were measured and serum homocysteine was determined. Multiple logistic regression models were used to assess the associations of the risk of hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy, Hcy > 15 μmol/L) with BMI and WC. RESULTS:13.71% women had HHcy. The prevalences of BMI-based general obesity and WC-based central obesity were 11.17% and 22.88%, respectively. Compared with non-obese women, the mean serum Hcy concentration was significantly higher in WC-based central obese women (p = 0.002), but not in BMI-based general obese women (p > 0.05). In the multiple logistic regression models, central obesity was positively related to the risk of HHcy (OR = 1.30, 95% CI = 1.10 to 1.52), while general obesity was inversely related to the risk of HHcy (OR = 0.82, 95% CI = 0.72 to 0.93 and OR = 0.71, 95% CI = 0.57 to 0.89). CONCLUSIONS:Central obesity was positively related to the risk of HHcy, while general obesity was negatively related. Menopause showed no effect modification on these associations.






Wang Y,Jiang Y,Wang N,Zhu M,Liu X,Wang R,Jiang F,Chen Y,Zhao Q,Zhao G




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