Multivariate parameter evaluation of pharmaceutically important cellulose ethers.


:A set of nonionic cellulose ethers with varying hydrophobicity and molecular weight has been investigated by principal component analysis (PCA). Several experimental variables such as dynamic surface tension, diffusion coefficient, microviscosity as monitored by a fluorescence probe technique, and intrinsic viscosity are included in the analysis. The experimental variables and observations (polymer fractions) are analyzed in models with good predictive capacities. The apparent equilibrium surface tension correlates to the cloud point and to the critical aggregation concentration in the presence of surfactant. The microviscosity is shown to be a predictive parameter for the degree of hydrophobic substitution. The irreversible process of dynamic surface tension is dependent on the diffusion coefficient but to an even larger degree on the polymer concentration, which is well illustrated by the PCA models.


J Pharm Sci


Persson B,Evertsson H,Bergman R,Sundelöf LO




Has Abstract


1999-08-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::6-Chloro-9-[2-(6-methyl-3-pyridyl)ethyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazole-2-carboxylic acid hydrochloride lowered serum cholesterol, triglyceride, phospholipid, and free fatty acid levels in normal rats. The compound appeared to have a low toxicity and to be well tolerated in mice, adult and neonatal rats, and rabbits. At ...

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  • Drug compatibility with the sponge phases formed in monoolein, water, and propylene glycol or poly(ethylene glycol).

    abstract::The liquid sponge phase, a bicontinuous lipid-water system, formed in solvent-monoolein-water systems was investigated with respect to drug compatibility. The solvents propylene glycol and poly(ethylene glycol) swell the bicontinuous cubic phase of the monoolein-water system and form the sponge phase at constant water...

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    abstract::Injectable controlled-release formulations are of increasing interest for the treatment of chronic diseases. This study aims to develop and characterize a polymeric matrix for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, consisting of two biocompatible polymers, particularly suitable for formulating poorly soluble drugs. ...

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  • Antiradiation compounds XV: condensations of carbon disulfide with amino, chloro, cyanomethyl, and sulfonamido heterocycles.

    abstract::Condensations of carbon disulfide were carried out with amino, chloro, and diamino heterocycles to give condensed ring thiazoline-2-thiones and imidazoline-2-thiones, with cyanomethyl heterocycles to give dithio acid derivatives, and with heterocyclic sulfonamides to give sulfonyldithiocarbamates. Of several examples ...

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  • Interaction of anionic compounds with gelatin. I: Binding studies.

    abstract::Even though gelatin is the most widely used polymeric excipient in pharmaceutical products, scant attention has been paid to its interaction with small organic molecules. The present work deals with the interaction of gelatin and four monosulfonated or monocarboxylated azo dyes having hydrocarbon moieties of different...

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  • Enhancing effects of lipophilic vehicles on skin penetration of methyl nicotinate in vivo.

    abstract::Vehicle effects may be caused by thermodynamic effects and by specific (penetration enhancing) effects. To investigate the effects of various lipophilic vehicles on drug penetration, an in vivo permeability study was conducted with methyl nicotinate as the model drug. The drug was dissolved in the respective vehicles ...

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