Characterization of the gene family encoding a host-protective antigen of the tapeworm Taenia ovis.


:Genomic structure has been determined for a gene encoding a host-protective antigen of the parasitic platyhelminth Taenia ovis. An incomplete cDNA, known as 45W, encodes the protective antigen. Southern hybridisation experiments using 45W cDNA as a probe, revealed that the 45W gene was a member of a multigene family. Differential Southern hybridisation and rapid amplification of cDNA end (RACE) experiments were used to characterise the related genes, allowing the full-length coding region of the 45W encoded antigen to be determined. The gene family comprises a minimum of four members per haploid genome with each member showing varying degrees of 5' and 3' homology with respect to the 45W cDNA. A close homologue of the 45W gene, designated 45S, differed from 45W at 11 of 985 nt comprising the full-length mRNA. Sequencing of several independent RACE products for both 45W and 45S identified a cDNA which may be a product of homologous recombination between these genes, suggesting that the two genes may be alleles. Homologous recombination in genes which encode a host protective antigen such as 45W would provide a mechanism by which antigenic variants could arise.


Mol Biochem Parasitol


Waterkeyn JG,Lightowlers MW,Coppel R,Cowman AF




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1995-07-01 00:00:00














  • Biochemical and functional characterization of CpMuc4, a Cryptosporidium surface antigen that binds to host epithelial cells.

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  • Validation of a modified method for Bxb1 mycobacteriophage integrase-mediated recombination in Plasmodium falciparum by localization of the H-protein of the glycine cleavage complex to the mitochondrion.

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  • Homologous telomeric sequences are present in different species of the genus Plasmodium.

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  • Surface epitope localization and gene structure of a Babesia bovis 44-kilodalton variable merozoite surface antigen.

    abstract::Variation of Babesia bovis merozoite surface antigens occurs among geographic strains of the parasite. In this and a concurrent report, we investigate this variation at the gene and protein level. Using a monoclonal antibody (mAb 23/70.174), B. bovis gene sequences were identified that encoded a surface epitope of a 4...

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    abstract::After a single intravenous injection of suramin the rate of removal of the drug from the plasma into other tissue compartments of the rat is independent of initial concentration. The data can be fitted to the sum of two exponential functions, consistent with a two-compartment, open model system. Trypanosomes take up o...

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  • SYBR, TaqMan, or both: highly sensitive, non-invasive detection of Cardicola blood fluke species in Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii).

    abstract::Three species of blood fluke from the genus Cardicola are known to parasitize and cause disease in Bluefin Tunas--C. forsteri, C. orientalis, and C. opisthorchis. Although initially believed to be separated by geography and host specificity, recent identification of at least two Cardicola spp. concurrently present wit...

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  • mRNA sequences for Haemonchus contortus intestinal cathepsin B-like cysteine proteases display an extreme in abundance and diversity compared with other adult mammalian parasitic nematodes.

    abstract::Cathepsin B-like cysteine protease (cbl) genes produce the most abundant mRNAs ( approximately 16%) detected in the adult female intestine of the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus. CBL enzymes appear to digest host proteins and are vaccine candidates for immune control of H. contortus and potentially other paras...

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  • Identification and functional characterization of a member of the PUR-alpha family from Schistosoma mansoni.

    abstract::Schistosoma mansoni p14 gene encodes an eggshell precursor that is expressed only in vitelline cells of mature female worms in response to a male stimulus. The upstream region of the p14 gene contains several potential cis-acting regulatory sequences. We used the upstream region of the p14 gene as bait in a yeast-one-...

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  • Molecular cloning and characterization of a C-type lectin from Ancylostoma ceylanicum: evidence for a role in hookworm reproductive physiology.

    abstract::Lectins comprise a family of related proteins that mediate essential cell functions through binding to carbohydrates. Within this protein family, C-type lectins are defined by the requirement of calcium for optimal biologic activity. Using reverse transcription PCR, a cDNA corresponding to a putative C-type lectin has...

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  • High efficiency transfection of Plasmodium berghei facilitates novel selection procedures.

    abstract::The use of transfection in the study of the biology of malaria parasites has been limited due to poor transfection efficiencies (frequency of 10(-6) to 10(-9)) and a paucity of selection markers. Here, a new method of transfection, using non-viral Nucleofector technology, is described for the rodent parasite Plasmodiu...

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  • Mimicry of elastin repetitive motifs by Theileria annulata sporozoite surface antigen.

    abstract::Theileria annulata is an important pathogen of cattle in the tropics. The gene sequence of a sporozoite surface antigen (SPAG-1) is reported. Data is also presented demonstrating that SPAG-1 is synthesised as a large precursor. This antigen, which is a candidate for inclusion in a subunit vaccine, shows a remarkable d...

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  • RNA interference targeting leucine aminopeptidase blocks hatching of Schistosoma mansoni eggs.

    abstract::Schistosoma mansoni leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) is thought to play a central role in hatching of the miracidium from the schistosome egg. We identified two discrete LAPs genes in the S. mansoni genome, and their orthologs in S. japonicum. The similarities in sequence and exon/intron structure of the two genes, LAP1 a...

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  • The effect of over-expression of the alternative oxidase in the procyclic forms of Trypanosoma brucei.

    abstract::Trypanosome alternative oxidase (TAO) is the cyanide-resistant but SHAM-sensitive terminal oxidase of the mitochondrial electron transport chain in African trypanosomes. The bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei lack cytochromes and respire exclusively via TAO. On the other hand, the insect, or procyclic form posses...

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  • Duplication, gene conversion, and genetic diversity in the species-specific acyl-CoA synthetase gene family of Plasmodium falciparum.

    abstract::While genes encoding antigens and other highly polymorphic proteins are commonly found in subtelomeres, it is unusual to find a small family of housekeeping genes in these regions. We found that in the species Plasmodium falciparum only, a non-subtelomeric acyl-CoA synthetase (ACS) gene has expanded into a family of d...

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