Modeling of transmitted X-ray intensity variation with sample thickness and solid fraction in glycine compacts.


:The previous paper in this series introduced an X-ray diffraction quantitation method for the polymorphic content in tablets made of pure components. Before the method could be transferred, further studies were required to explain the commonly observed X-ray intensity variation in analyzing compacts. The literature typically attributes the variation to partial amorphization under compression and/or to preferred orientation, without much viable explanation or compelling evidence. In this study, changes in intensity in compacts analyzed in transmission geometry were found to be primarily a function of sample thickness and solid fraction. A theoretical model was developed to describe the X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) intensity as a function of solid fraction, mass absorption coefficient, and thickness. The model was tested on two sets of glycine compacts: one with varying thickness at constant solid fraction, and the other with various solid fractions at a given thickness. The results show that the model predicts the XRPD intensity at any given sample thickness and solid fraction. With this model, the intensity variation of compacts made under different compression conditions can be normalized, making the method transferable to various tablet geometries and facilitating the analysis over expected ranges of formulation and process variation.


J Pharm Sci


Cao W,Mullarney MP,Hancock BC,Bates S,Morris KR




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2003-12-01 00:00:00














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  • Ionophoric properties of polysorbate 80.

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    abstract::Human papillomavirus (HPV) virus-like-particles (VLPs) produced by recombinant expression systems are promising vaccine candidates for prevention of cervical cancers as well as genital warts. At high protein concentrations, HPV VLPs, comprised of the viral capsid protein L1 and expressed and purified from yeast, are p...

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  • Intranasal absorption of flurazepam, midazolam, and triazolam in dogs.

    abstract::Intranasal delivery of flurazepam, midazolam, and triazolam was studied in a dog model as a possible alternate route of drug administration for treatment of insomnia. Four beagles received each hypnotic by both intranasal and oral routes on two separate occasions. Plasma concentrations for each hypnotic after dosing w...

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  • Perforated coated tablets for controlled release of drugs at a constant rate.

    abstract::Tablets with a central hole and a water-impermeable coating were prepared. These perforated coated tablets (PCTs) dissolve and release drug through the central hole only. In vitro release of the model drugs sodium benzoate and benzamide from PCTs occurred at a constant rate up to 80% release. The zero-order release ra...

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  • Apparent absorption kinetics of micronized griseofulvin after its oral administration on single- and multiple-dose regimens to rats as a corn oil-in-water emulsion and aqueous suspension.

    abstract::This investigation was designed to quantitate and compare in the rat the oral absorption characteristics of micronized griseofulvin from a corn oil-in-water emulsion dosage form containing suspended drug and a control aqueous suspension after single-dose (50 mg/kg) and multiple-dose (50 mg/kg every 12 hr for five dose...

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