Effects of ON channel blockade with 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate (APB) on brightness and contrast perception in monkeys.


:Four experiments were performed to assess the effects of ON channel blockade with the glutamate analog 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate (APB) on brightness and contrast perception in monkeys. In Experiment 1, we demonstrate that stimuli brighter than background (incremental stimuli) appear less bright following ON channel blockade. This decrease in brightness is not enough to account for the previously observed threshold increase for detection of incremental stimuli following APB administration (Schiller et al., 1986; Dolan & Schiller, 1989). Experiment 2 examines the role of the ON and OFF channels in the interaction between local contrast and apparent brightness. The phenomenon of simultaneous contrast was examined under normal conditions and following APB administration. We find that even following ON channel blockade, the brightness of a stimulus is determined primarily by its contrast with its immediate background. This indicates that the lateral processes involved in simultaneous contrast can operate even when one channel has been compromised. In Experiment 3, we examined the role of the ON channel in detection of stimuli that appear by virtue of changes in background vs. foreground luminance. We find that the ON channel selectively conveys information pertaining not only to the temporal nature that defines the stimulus as incremental but also to the spatial features that define it as incremental. In Experiment 4, we test the hypothesis that incremental and decremental temporal luminance ramps are differentially processed by the ON and OFF channels to a higher degree than are step-luminance changes. We find that the detection of incremental ramps is no more affected than is the detection of incremental steps following APB administration.


Vis Neurosci


Visual neuroscience


Dolan RP,Schiller PH




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  • Cone bipolar cells and cone synapses in the primate retina.

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  • Effect of early monocular enucleation upon ocular dominance columns and cytochrome oxidase activity in monkey and human visual cortex.

    abstract::We examined cytochrome oxidase (CO) activity in striate cortex of four macaque monkeys after monocular enucleation at ages 1, 1, 5, and 12 weeks. These animal experiments were performed to guide our interpretation of CO patterns in occipital lobe specimens obtained from two children who died several years after monocu...

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  • Decorrelation of neural activity during fixational instability: possible implications for the refinement of V1 receptive fields.

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  • A novel system for the classification of diseased retinal ganglion cells.

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  • Minimum-variance cone-excitation ratios and the limits of relational color constancy.

    abstract::Relational color constancy refers to the constancy of the perceived relations between the colors of surfaces of a scene under changes in the spectral composition of the illuminant. Spatial ratios of cone excitations provide a natural physical basis for this constancy, as, on average, they are almost invariant under il...

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  • Robust directional computation in on-off directionally selective ganglion cells of rabbit retina.

    abstract::The spatial and temporal interactions in the receptive fields of On-Off directionally selective (DS) ganglion cells endow them with directional selectivity. Using a variety of stimuli, such as sinusoidal gratings, we show that these interactions make directional selectivity of the DS ganglion cell robust with respect ...

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  • Chromatic detection and discrimination in the periphery: a postreceptoral loss of color sensitivity.

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  • Visual callosal projections in the adult ferret.

    abstract::The laminar and tangential organization of visual callosal projections of areas 17 and 18 were investigated in the adult ferret, using histochemical methods to visualize axonally transported horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Normal adult ferrets were given injections of HRP throughout one visual cortex or had gelfoam soak...

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  • The fate of the oculomotor system in clinical bilateral anophthalmia.

    abstract::The interdependence of the development of the eye and oculomotor system during embryogenesis is currently unclear. The occurrence of clinical anophthalmia, where the globe fails to develop, permits us to study the effects this has on the development of the complex neuromuscular system controlling eye movements. In thi...

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  • Variability in mitochondria of zebrafish photoreceptor ellipsoids.

    abstract::Ultrastructural examination of photoreceptor inner segment ellipsoids in larval (4, 8, and 15 days postfertilization; dpf) and adult zebrafish identified morphologically different types of mitochondria. All photoreceptors had mitochondria of different sizes (large and small). At 4 dpf, rods had small, moderately stain...

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  • Large retinal ganglion cells in the pipid frog Xenopus laevis form independent, regular mosaics resembling those of teleost fishes.

    abstract::Population-based studies of retinal neurons have helped to reveal their natural types in mammals and teleost fishes. In this, the first such study in a frog, labeled ganglion cells of the mesobatrachian Xenopus laevis were examined in flatmounts. Cells with large somata and thick dendrites could be divided into three ...

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  • Receptive-field properties of Q retinal ganglion cells of the cat.

    abstract::The goal of this work was to provide a detailed quantitative description of the receptive-field properties of one of the types of rarely encountered retinal ganglion cells of cat; the cell named the Q-cell by Enroth-Cugell et al. (1983). Quantitative comparisons are made between the discharge statistics and between th...

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    authors: Troy JB,Schweitzer-Tong DE,Enroth-Cugell C

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  • Relationship between numbers of retinal ganglion cells and lateral geniculate neurons in the rhesus monkey.

    abstract::Studies of the numbers of retinal ganglion cells and lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) neurons in primates suggest that the numbers of both types of neurons may vary over a two-fold range from one individual to another. This raises the question of whether the numbers of ganglion cells and LGN neurons are related or var...

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  • Excitation and inhibition in orientation selectivity of cat visual cortex neurons revealed by whole-cell recordings in vivo.

    abstract::One striking transformation in response properties that occurs in the geniculo-cortical pathway is the appearance of a high degree of orientation selectivity in the cortex. This property may be conceived as arising purely from the excitatory inputs to the cell, as being structured largely by the inhibition a cortical ...

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  • Galvanic vestibular stimulation modulates the electrophysiological response during face processing.

    abstract::Although galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) is known to affect the speed and accuracy of visual judgments, the underlying electrophysiological response has not been explored. In the present study, we therefore investigated the effect of GVS on the N170 event-related potential, a marker commonly associated with earl...

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  • Simulation of an anatomically defined local circuit: the cone-horizontal cell network in cat retina.

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  • Variety of genotypes in males diagnosed as dichromatic on a conventional clinical anomaloscope.

    abstract::The hypothesis that dichromatic behavior on a clinical anomaloscope can be explained by the complement and arrangement of the long- (L) and middle-wavelength (M) pigment genes was tested. It was predicted that dichromacy is associated with an X-chromosome pigment gene array capable of producing only a single functiona...

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  • Behavioral evidence of filling-in at the blind spot of the monkey.

    abstract::In human subjects, the blind spot is perceptually filled-in by color and brightness from the surrounding visual field. The present behavioral study examined the occurrence of color filling-in at the blind spot in monkeys. First, the location of the blind spot was determined using a monocular saccade task. The blind sp...

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  • The retinae of Prototherian mammals possess neuronal types that are characteristic of non-mammalian retinae.

    abstract::This study has shown that the retinae of Prototherian (egg-laying) mammals possess two neuronal types that are present in non-mammalian retinae, but absent or morphologically different in the retinae of Eutherian (placental) mammals. First, endogenous serotonin-like immunoreactivity has been localized in a population ...

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  • The interstitial nucleus of the superior fasciculus, posterior bundle (INSFp) in the guinea pig: another nucleus of the accessory optic system processing the vertical retinal slip signal.

    abstract::As in rabbit, gerbil, and rat, the guinea pig interstitial nucleus of the superior fasciculus, posterior bundle (INSFp) is a sparse assemblage of neurons scattered among the fibers forming the fasciculus bearing this name. Most of the INSFp neurons are small and are ovoid in shape. Interspersed among these, are a few ...

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  • ON and OFF activity gradients in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat: a combined 14C 2-deoxyglucose and D,L-2-amino-4-phosphonobutyric acid study.

    abstract::Experiments on the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of the cat based on 14C 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) autoradiography and intraocular injections of 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyric acid (APB) provided evidence for gradients of metabolic activity in the ON and OFF pathways in layer A, but only very weakly, if at all, in layer A1...

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  • Effect of retinal impulse blockage on cytochrome oxidase-rich zones in the macaque striate cortex: II. Quantitative electron-microscopic (EM) analysis of neuropil.

    abstract::Unilateral retinal impulse blockage with tetrodotoxin (TTX) induces reversible shrinkage and decreased cytochrome oxidase (CO) activity in alternate rows of supragranular, CO-rich puffs in the adult macaque striate cortex (Wong-Riley & Carroll, 1984b: Carroll & Wong-Riley, 1987). The present study extended the finding...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Wong-Riley MT,Trusk TC,Tripathi SC,Hoppe DA

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