Recombinant activated factor VII (NovoSeven): addition to replacement therapy in acute, uncontrolled and life-threatening bleeding.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa, NovoSeven) has been used off-label for various conditions. A protocol for its use in acute, uncontrolled life-threatening bleeding, was devised and employed. A haematologist/transfusion specialist was assigned as a member of the team. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The clinical data were reviewed and summarized. A scoring system for the assessment and monitoring of coagulopathy was employed. Each parameter of prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), platelet number and fibrinogen level was allocated points according to the degree of abnormality. Three scoring levels emerged. RESULTS:Between April 2001 and April 2003, 13 patients received rFVIIa for acute, uncontrolled life-threatening bleeding. Nine of 13 patients remained alive for 15 days or longer after rFVIIa infusion. All patients who experienced a reduction or cessation of bleeding after rFVIIa infusion, also had a lower coagulopathy score after replacement therapy, prior to rFVIIa infusion, compared with their score at rFVIIa request. There was a reduction in the average use of blood products after rFVIIa infusion. The coagulopathy score was statistically predictive of response to rFVIIa and survival. CONCLUSIONS:In an area where very little data exists, we report the usefulness of rFVIIa. We propose that transfusion replacement should aim to correct coagulopathy before infusion of rFVIIa and that a haematologist/transfusion specialist should be involved in the management of these patients. A prognostically significant coagulopathy scoring system is offered.


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Mayo A,Misgav M,Kluger Y,Geenberg R,Pauzner D,Klausner J,Ben-Tal O




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  • The D antigen characteristic of RoHar is a partial D antigen.

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  • 'One step closer': Acceptability of a programme of plasma donation for fractionation from men who have sex with men.

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  • Correlation of in vitro platelet quality measurements with in vivo platelet viability in human subjects.

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  • A new method to collect granulocytes using a low dose of hydroxyethyl starch.

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  • A1 weak B phenotypes found in two generations of a Romanian family: A1Bx versus cis AB complex.

    abstract::Three 'A1 weak B' blood groups found in two generations of a Romanian family were studied with quantitative and thermodynamic assays in order to determine if they derive from 'A1Bx' or from 'cis AB' genotypes, what cannot be achieved by the genetics. ...

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  • Rh haplotypes that make e but not hrB usually make VS.

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  • Removal of hepatitis B virus infectivity from human gamma-globulin prepared by ion-exchange chromatography.

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  • Anticore antibody screening of transfused blood.

    abstract::Aliquots of 130 HB8Ag negative units of blood which were administered to 26 recipients were tested under code for anti-HBc by a solid phase radioimmunoassay technqiue. 14 of the 26 recipients developed posttransfusion hepatitis (PTH), including 6 cases of hepatitis B. Anti-HBc was detected in 7 or 5.3% of 130 donor un...

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  • Effect of heat on stored red cells during non-flow conditions in a blood-warming device.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:While blood is flowing within a transfusion-warming device, the blood temperature is usually less than that applied externally. If the flow is temporarily stopped, the temperature can rise above 37 degrees C in some warming devices. We sought to determine whether temperatures near 45 degrees C...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Transfusion based on the Thrombelastograph (TEG) results reduces transfusion requirements in cardiac surgery and in liver transplantation. Taking the pivotal role of thrombin generation in the coagulation process into consideration, the clinical utility of the TEG may, in part, depend on its r...

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    abstract::Monocyte-erythrocyte interaction in patients with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) was assessed by phagocytosis and rosette assays. In most patients, a relationship was observed between haemolysis and the phagocytosis of their own erythrocytes by allogenic peripheral monocytes. An evaluation of the number of immun...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:In a preliminary study, the presence of potassium and magnesium in a modified synthetic medium (PAS-III) was found to have a significant influence on platelet metabolism (using apheresis-derived, as well as buffy-coat-derived platelets) when compared with standard PAS-III. The differences incl...

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  • Reduced risk of transfusion-transmitted HIV in Kenya through centrally co-ordinated blood centres, stringent donor selection and effective p24 antigen-HIV antibody screening.

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  • Isoagglutinins following ABO-incompatible bone marrow transplantation.

    abstract::Isoagglutinins were investigated following ABO-incompatible bone marrow transplantation. In major incompatibility anti-A tends to require more time to disappear than anti-B. Correspondingly, A erythrocytes require more time to become demonstrable. There is no such difference in major plus minor incompatibility. In min...

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  • Platelet concentrates. Influence of different preparative protocols on the in vitro release reaction.

    abstract::To determine what effect different preparative protocols and different platelet storage bags have on in vitro release, platelet concentrates were prepared according to two different protocols (group I: 2,200 g for 3.5 min followed by 4,900 g for 5 min; group II: 1,000 g for 9 min and 3,000 g for 20 min). The storage b...

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  • Group O RBCs: where is universal donor blood being used.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There have been recurrent shortages of group O blood due to insufficient inventory and use of group O blood in ABO non-identical recipients. We performed a 12-year retrospective study to determine utilization of group O Rh-positive and Rh-negative red blood cells (RBCs) by recipient ABO group. Reasons for tr...

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  • Single-dose intravenous iron infusion versus red blood cell transfusion for the treatment of severe postpartum anaemia: a randomized controlled pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:There are no randomized trials comparing intravenous iron to RBC transfusion for the treatment of severe postpartum anaemia. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the feasibility of randomizing women with severe postpartum anaemia secondary to postpartum haemorrhage to RBC transfusion ...

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  • Plasma temperature during methylene blue/light treatment influences virus inactivation capacity and product quality.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Photodynamic treatment using methylene blue (MB) and visible light is in routine use for pathogen inactivation of human plasma in different countries. Ambient and product temperature conditions for human plasma during production may vary between production sites. The influence of different temperature condit...

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  • Antibodies to factor VIII in hemophilia A patients.

    abstract::Inhibitor development represents the main complication in the treatment of haemophilia A. The risk of inhibitor formation is in part genetically determined by the type of the underlying factor VIII gene lesion but environmental factors may also play an important role. Due to the lack of efficiency of factor VIII in th...

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