The State Children's Health Insurance Program: a multicenter trial of outreach through the emergency department.


OBJECTIVES:We evaluated emergency department (ED)-based outreach for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). METHODS:We conducted a multicenter trial among uninsured children (< or = 18 years) who presented to 5 EDs in 2001 and 2002. On-site staff enrolled consecutive subjects for a control period followed by an intervention period during which staff handed out SCHIP applications to the uninsured. The primary outcome was state-level confirmation of insured status at 90 days. RESULTS:We followed 223 subjects (108 control, 115 intervention) by both phone interview and state records. Compared to control subjects, those receiving a SCHIP application were more likely to have state health insurance at 90 days (42% vs 28%; P<.05; odds ratio [OR]=3.8; 95% confidence interval [CI]=1.7, 8.6). Although the intervention effect was prominent among 118 African Americans (50% insured after intervention vs 31% of controls, P<.05), lack of family enrollment in other public assistance programs was the primary predictor of intervention success (OR=3.7; 95% CI=1.6, 8.4). CONCLUSIONS:Handing out insurance applications in the ED can be an effective SCHIP enrollment strategy, particularly among minority children without connections to the social welfare system. Adopted nationwide, this simple strategy could initiate insurance coverage for more than a quarter million additional children each year.


Am J Public Health


Gordon JA,Emond JA,Camargo CA Jr




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  • The mortality consequences of raising the speed limit to 65 mph on rural interstates.

    abstract::As of April 1987, states were permitted to raise the speed limit on rural interstates to 65 mph without incurring federal sanctions; 38 states elected to do so in 1987. Fatality data for the months when the new limit was in effect in 1987 were compared with fatalities in the same months of 1982-86 on rural interstates...

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  • Too poor to leave, too rich to stay: developmental and global health correlates of physician migration to the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United kingdom.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We analyzed the relationship between physician migration from developing source countries to more developed host countries (brain drain) and the developmental and global health profiles of source countries. METHODS:We used a cross-section of 141 countries that lost emigrating physicians to the 4 major desti...

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  • Traditional Christian values and women's reproductive rights in modern Russia--is a consensus ever possible?

    abstract::Recently in Russia, abortion rights have been attacked. For decades, Russian women could have an elective abortion up to week 12 of pregnancy; between 12 and 22 weeks, medical or social grounds were required for an abortion. In mid 2011, a group of Parliamentarians teamed up with Russian Orthodox Church activists and ...

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  • Employment and Health Among Recently Incarcerated Men Before and After the Affordable Care Act (2009-2017).

    abstract::Objectives. To explore whether and how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects the relationship between employment and health insurance coverage, health care utilization, and health outcomes among recently incarcerated men aged 18 to 64 years in the United States.Methods. With data from the National Survey on Drug Use a...

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  • Sexual Orientation and All-Cause Mortality Among US Adults Aged 18 to 59 Years, 2001-2011.

    abstract::To determine whether sexual minorities have an earlier mortality than do heterosexuals, we investigated associations between sexual orientation assessed in the 2001 to 2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) and mortality in the 2011 NHANES-linked mortality file. Mortality follow-up time averag...

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  • Using the HIV surveillance system to monitor the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To report on indicators of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, we analyzed data collected through the national HIV surveillance system. METHODS:We analyzed data from adults and adolescents aged 13 years or older diagnosed with HIV in 13 US jurisdictions that have laboratory reporting of CD4+ T-lymphocyte (CD4) ...

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  • Discovering environmental cancer: Wilhelm Hueper, post-World War II epidemiology, and the vanishing clinician's eye.

    abstract::Today, our understanding of and approach to the exogenous causes of cancer are dominated by epidemiological practices that came into widespread use after World War II. This paper examines the forces, considerations, and controversies that shaped postwar risk factor epidemiology in the United States. It is argued that,...

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  • What people really know about their health insurance: a comparison of information obtained from individuals and their insurers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study determined the validity of self-reported data on selected health insurance characteristics. METHODS:We obtained telephone survey data on the presence of health insurance, source of insurance, length of time insured, and type of insurance (managed care or fee-for-service) from a random sample of 3...

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  • Utility of drug leaflets for elderly consumers.

    abstract::A mail survey of 1,650 elderly consumers evaluated prescription drug leaflets for antihypertensives, tranquilizers, and arthritis medicines. Of those who said they received the leaflet, 95 per cent read it, 76 per cent kept it, and 56 per cent discussed it with another person. Respondents taking antihypertensive medic...

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  • Recurrence of Maltreatment After Newborn Home Visiting: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate whether a newborn home visiting program for primiparous adolescent mothers (aged 16-20 years at childbirth) reduced recurrence of child maltreatment in child protective services (CPS) reports. METHODS:We conducted a randomized controlled trial of Healthy Families Massachusetts, a statewide ho...

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  • Prevalence and Data Availability of Early Childhood Caries in 193 United Nations Countries, 2007-2017.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To assess the relationship between health care system and economic factors and early childhood caries (ECC) data availability and prevalence. METHODS:We estimated ECC data for 193 United Nations countries from studies published between 2007 and 2017. We obtained other variables from the World Health Organiz...

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  • Limited English proficiency and breast and cervical cancer screening in a multiethnic population.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We examined the relationship between ability to speak English and receipt of Papanicolaou tests, clinical breast examinations, and mammography in a multiethnic group of women in the United States. METHODS:We used longitudinal data from the Study of Women Across the Nation to examine receipt of breast and ce...

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  • Referral patterns to and from inpatient psychiatric services: a social network approach.

    abstract::Interorganizational linkages have assumed more import for mental health service systems during the past three decades because of increased levels of complexity in service delivery patterns. This analysis examines these linkages from a relational perspective, with network of patient referral patterns as the basic unit....

    journal_title:American journal of public health

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    authors: Nakao K,Milazzo-Sayre LJ,Rosenstein MJ,Manderscheid RW

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  • Increasing hand washing compliance with a simple visual cue.

    abstract::We tested the efficacy of a simple, visual cue to increase hand washing with soap and water. Automated towel dispensers in 8 public bathrooms were set to present a towel either with or without activation by users. We set the 2 modes to operate alternately for 10 weeks. Wireless sensors were used to record entry into b...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


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  • Putting the mouth back in the head: HEENT to HEENOT.

    abstract::Improving oral health is a leading population health goal; however, curricula preparing health professionals have a dearth of oral health content and clinical experiences. We detail an educational and clinical innovation transitioning the traditional head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat (HEENT) examination to the additi...

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  • Correlates of Sexual HIV Risk Among African American Men Who Have Sex With Men.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We examined correlates of condomless anal intercourse with nonmain sexual partners among African American men who have sex with men (MSM). METHODS:We recruited social networks composed of 445 Black MSM from 2012 to 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cleveland, Ohio; and Miami Beach, Florida. Participants reporte...

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  • The relationship of patient reading ability to self-reported health and use of health services.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study examined the relationship of functional health literacy to self-reported health and use of health services. METHODS:Patients presenting to two large, urban public hospitals in Atlanta, Ga, and Torrance, Calif, were administered a health literacy test about their overall health and use of health c...

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  • Morbidity and use of ambulatory care services among poor and nonpoor children.

    abstract::Using data from the Child Health Supplement to the 1981 National Health Interview Survey, illness and use of physician services are compared for children under 18 years old in three family income groups. The results indicate that although annual prevalence of many health problems does not differ greatly by income leve...

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  • Addict death rates during a four-year posttreatment follow-up.

    abstract::Mortality rates were examined among 3,324 Black and White daily opioid drug users for a four-year period following treatment in community-based agencies located across the United States. A total of 179 of these addicts died during this follow-up period, yielding a death rate of 15.2 per 1,000 person-years at risk. Whe...

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  • Frequency of hospitalization among hospital employees and their families.

    abstract::Using claims data from 443 employee groups in North Carolina, this study examines the acute care hospital utilization rates of hospital employees and their dependents and compares them to employee groups in non-hospital settings. Results show that hospital employee groups account for 28 per cent more hospital days tha...

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  • Grassroots participation, peer education, and HIV prevention by sex workers in South Africa.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This microqualitative case study of a community-based peer education program led by sex workers at a South African mine examined the role of grassroots participation in sexual health promotion. METHODS:The study involved in-depth interviews with 30 members of the target community. The interviews were analyz...

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  • Determinants of hearing aid acquisition in older adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We determined factors associated with hearing aid acquisition in older adults. METHODS:We conducted a population-based, prospective study that used information from 3 examinations performed on study participants as part of the Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study (1993-2005). We included participants (n = 718...

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  • The role of the built environment in the disablement process.

    abstract::The Disablement Process model explicates the transition from health conditions to disability and specifically emphasizes the role of intervening factors that speed up or slow down the pathway between pathology and disability. We used hierarchical Poisson regression analyses with data on older adults from central North...

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  • Sexual minority status and self-rated health: the importance of socioeconomic status, age, and sex.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:I examined how sexual minority status, as indicated by sex of sexual partners, is associated with self-rated health and how socioeconomic status suppresses and age and sex moderate this association. METHODS:I used multinomial logistic regression to analyze aggregated data from the 1991 to 2010 General Socia...

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  • Crime Victimization, Health, and Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting Among Somali Women and Adolescent Girls in the United States, 2017.

    abstract::Objectives. To examine if exposure to victimization (e.g., homicide, violence, sexual assault, arson, kidnapping) is related to health problems, health care access and barriers, and health needs-beyond the effects of female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C)-among Somali women and adolescent girls.Methods. We colle...

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    authors: Fox KA,Johnson-Agbakwu C

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  • The integrated first year experience in the master of public health program.

    abstract::Schools of Public Health historically introduced core curriculum courses in the first year of the Master of Public Health program as independent perspectives; these perspectives included epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, public health biology, health behaviors, and health policy. We performed a pilot ...

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  • Pathways to smoking cessation among African American and Puerto Rican young adults.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We examined the pathways to smoking cessation between late adolescence and young adulthood. METHODS:We obtained data from a sample of urban African American and Puerto Rican young adults (N=242), mean age 19 years, who reported tobacco use and determined cessation rates between late adolescence and young ad...

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    authors: Marcus SE,Pahl K,Ning Y,Brook JS

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  • Moving upstream: why rehabilitative justice in military discharge proceedings serves a public health interest.

    abstract::The cultural divide between US military and civilian institutions amplifies the consequences of military discharge status on public health and criminal justice systems in a manner that is invisible to a larger society. Prompt removal of problematic wounded warriors through retributive justice is more expedient than le...

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  • Geographic and gender variations in total tobacco use.

    abstract::This study is the first to provide complete information on prevalence rates by gender and geographic variation for each type of tobacco product used in the United States. Results indicate that, in nearly half of all states, total tobacco use in men exceeded 40% and, in four states, exceeded 50%. In women, only Nevada,...

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  • Hepatitis B in Wisconsin male prisoners: considerations for serologic screening and vaccination.

    abstract::To develop a protocol for prevention of hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission in Wisconsin prisons, we interviewed 619 male prisoners at incarceration to obtain information on hepatitis B risk factors. We defined previous infections by the presence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), antibody to hepatitis B surface...

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    authors: Anda RF,Perlman SB,D'Alessio DJ,Davis JP,Dodson VN

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