Effects of Racial Prejudice on the Health of Communities: A Multilevel Survival Analysis.


OBJECTIVES:We examined whether and how racial prejudice at both the individual and community levels contributes to mortality risk among majority as well as minority group members. METHODS:We used data on racial attitudes from the General Social Survey (1993-2002) prospectively linked to mortality data from the National Death Index through 2008. RESULTS:Whites and Blacks living in communities with higher levels of racial prejudice were at an elevated risk of mortality, independent of individual and community sociodemographic characteristics and individually held racist beliefs (odds ratio = 1.24; 95% confidence interval = 1.04, 1.49). Living in a highly prejudiced community had similar harmful effects among both Blacks and Whites. Furthermore, the interaction observed between individual- and community-level racial prejudice indicated that respondents with higher levels of racial prejudice had lower survival rates if they lived in communities with low degrees of racial prejudice. Community-level social capital explained the relationship between community racial prejudice and mortality. CONCLUSIONS:Community-level racial prejudice may disrupt social capital, and reduced social capital is associated with increased mortality risk among both Whites and Blacks. Our results contribute to an emerging body of literature documenting the negative consequences of prejudice for population health.


Am J Public Health


Lee Y,Muennig P,Kawachi I,Hatzenbuehler ML




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2015-11-01 00:00:00












  • Association of smoking cessation with financial stress and material well-being: results from a prospective study of a population-based national survey.

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  • Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer's disease: the implications of progress in molecular medicine.

    abstract::We review the current status as well as the risks and benefits of a recently developed DNA test of risk for Alzheimer's disease: the apolipoprotein E genotype. While apolipoprotein E genotypes may indicate a degree of susceptibility, the gene is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause the disease; thus, many questio...

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  • Epidemiologic evidence and motor vehicle policy making.

    abstract::After being randomly assigned to receive policy effectiveness information expressed as attributable benefit, attributable risk, or relative risk, 318 graduate students were asked to indicate their preferences for the current voluntary seat belt use policy, a mandatory seat belt policy, or mandatory passive restraints....

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  • Herpes zoster and exposure to the varicella zoster virus in an era of varicella vaccination.

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    abstract::During a mass diphtheria-tetanus immunization campaign in November 1975, more than 220,000 doses of diphtheria-tetanus toxoid, adult type were administered to adults throughout Alaska. In Anchorage, where more than 87,000 doses were given, a survey was conducted to determine the frequency of side effects. Postcard que...

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  • The changing role of the World Bank in global health.

    abstract::The World Bank began operations on June 25, 1946. Although it was established to finance European reconstruction after World War II, the bank today is a considerable force in the health, nutrition, and population (HNP) sector in developing countries. Indeed, it has evolved from having virtually no presence in global h...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We estimated the effect of the ACA expansion of dependents' coverage on health care expenditures and utilization for young adults by race/ethnicity. METHODS:We used difference-in-difference models to estimate the impact of the ACA expansion on health care expenditures, out-of-pocket payments (OOP) as a shar...

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  • Identification and evaluation of competencies of public health nutritionists.

    abstract::The Delphi Technique was used to elicit a number of essential competencies expected of the "entry-level" public health nutritionist from members of Graduate Faculties of Programs in Public Health Nutrition. Questionnaires composed of "competency statements" were constructed from these responses and sent to practitione...

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  • Social Network Diagramming as an Applied Tool for Public Health: Lessons Learned From an HCV Cluster.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We present an applied example of social network diagramming from 2010 to 2012 that was used to guide follow-up in a large HCV cluster in rural Wisconsin. METHODS:In addition to collecting standard individual-level attributes, we also obtained partner-level information. Both sets of data were input into a ne...

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  • The impact of a parental notification law on adolescent abortion decision-making.

    abstract::In 1984, we investigated the impact of a parental notification statue with judicial bypass procedures in Minnesota. Subjects were interviewed on the day of their abortion at four Minnesota and two Wisconsin clinics. Relatively few were aware of the statute in Minnesota. Parental notification rates were similar in Minn...

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    abstract::The average number of visits to a physician made by a sample of 351 residents of homes insulated with urea formaldehyde foam insulation in Montreal in the one year period before exposure was 5.25, and in the year following 5.62, an increase of 7 per cent (odds ratio 1.07, 95% CI = 1.00, 1.15). The increase in visits i...

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  • Mycoplasma genitalium among young adults in the United States: an emerging sexually transmitted infection.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We sought to determine the prevalence of and risk factors associated with Mycoplasma genitalium infection in a nationally representative sample of young adults in the United States. METHODS:Urine specimens from 1714 women and 1218 men who participated in Wave III of the National Longitudinal Study of Adoles...

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  • The impact of DRGs on community-based service providers: implications for the elderly.

    abstract::We investigated changes in community-based agencies following the implementation of the Medicare prospective payment system for hospitals utilizing DRGs (diagnosis-related groups). Data were collected in 1986 and 1987 from 771 community service providers. There were five major findings: 1) hospital discharge planners,...

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  • Insurance coverage of smoking cessation treatment for state employees.

    abstract::Public health experts recommend that health insurance include coverage for smoking cessation treatment as an evidence-based strategy to reduce smoking. As employers, states can implement this policy for more than 5 million individuals nationwide. This study identified the extent to which states require smoking cessati...

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    authors: Burns ME,Bosworth TW,Fiore MC

    更新日期:2004-08-01 00:00:00

  • Childhood pesticide exposures on the Texas-Mexico border: clinical manifestations and poison center use.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this study was to describe differences in childhood pesticide exposures between counties on the Texas-Mexico border and nonborder counties. METHOD:The authors reviewed all pesticide exposures among children younger than 6 years reported to the South Texas Poison Center during 1997 through 200...

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