Transitions in state public health law: comparative analysis of state public health law reform following the Turning Point Model State Public Health Act.


:Given the public health importance of law modernization, we undertook a comparative analysis of policy efforts in 4 states (Alaska, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Nebraska) that have considered public health law reform based on the Turning Point Model State Public Health Act. Through national legislative tracking and state case studies, we investigated how the Turning Point Act's model legal language has been considered for incorporation into state law and analyzed key facilitating and inhibiting factors for public health law reform. Our findings provide the practice community with a research base to facilitate further law reform and inform future scholarship on the role of law as a determinant of the public's health.


Am J Public Health


Meier BM,Hodge JG Jr,Gebbie KM




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  • A joint urban planning and public health framework: contributions to health impact assessment.

    abstract::A joint urban planning and public health perspective is articulated here for use, in health impact assessment. Absent a blueprint for a coherent and supportive structure on which to test our thinking, we are bound to fall flat. Such a perspective is made necessary by the sheer number of people living in cities through...

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  • The young adult chronic psychiatric patient in an era of deinstitutionalization.

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  • Battered and pregnant: a prevalence study.

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  • Zika-Associated Microcephaly Epidemic and Birth Rate Reduction in Brazilian Cities.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To estimate birth reduction potentially in response to Zika virus-associated microcephaly among the 36 largest Brazilian cities. METHODS:We analyzed the number of live births per month on the basis of information on approximately 8.2 million births from all of Brazil's state capitals and cities that had mor...

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  • Shifts in mortality during a hot weather event in Vancouver, British Columbia: rapid assessment with case-only analysis.

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  • Epidemic campylobacteriosis associated with a community water supply.

    abstract::In May 1983, an estimated 865 cases of epidemic gastrointestinal disease occurred in Greenville, Florida. Surveillance of pharmacy sales of antidiarrheal medicines suggested that the outbreak was confined to Greenville and its immediate vicinity. Surveys demonstrated that the gastrointestinal illness attack rates insi...

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  • Screening for colorectal neoplasia: physicians' adherence to complete diagnostic evaluation.

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  • A Novel Indicator of Life-Course Smoking Prevalence in the United States Combining Popularity, Duration, Quantity, and Quality of Smoking.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To develop a smoking indicator that combines the popularity and duration of smoking and the quantity and quality of consumed cigarettes, factors that vary dramatically over time and across generations. METHODS:We used retrospective reports on smoking behavior and a time series of cigarette tar yields to sta...

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  • Trends in mortality risk by education level and cause of death among US White women from 1986 to 2006.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To elucidate why the inverse association between education level and mortality risk (the gradient) has increased markedly among White women since the mid-1980s, we identified causes of death for which the gradient increased. METHODS:We used data from the 1986 to 2006 National Health Interview Survey Linked ...

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  • City-Level Measures of Health, Health Determinants, and Equity to Foster Population Health Improvement: The City Health Dashboard.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To support efforts to improve urban population health, we created a City Health Dashboard with area-specific data on health status, determinants of health, and equity at city and subcity (census tract) levels. METHODS:We developed a Web-based resource that includes 37 metrics across 5 domains: social and ec...

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