Fraction of gestational diabetes mellitus attributable to overweight and obesity by race/ethnicity, California, 2007-2009.


OBJECTIVES:We calculated the racial/ethnic-specific percentages of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) attributable to overweight and obesity. METHODS:We analyzed 1 228 265 records of women aged 20 years or older with a live, singleton birth in California during 2007 to 2009. Using logistic regression, we estimated the magnitude of the association between prepregnancy body mass index and GDM and calculated the percentages of GDM attributable to overweight and obesity overall and by race/ethnicity. RESULTS:The overall estimated GDM prevalence ranged from 5.4% among White women to 11.9% among Asian/Pacific Islander women. The adjusted percentages of GDM deliveries attributable to overweight and obesity were 17.8% among Asians/Pacific Islander, 41.2% among White, 44.2% among Hispanic, 51.2% among Black, and 57.8% among American Indian women. Select Asian subgroups, such as Vietnamese (13.0%), Asian Indian (14.0%), and Filipino (14.2%), had the highest GDM prevalence, but the lowest percentage attributable to obesity. CONCLUSIONS:Elevated prepregnancy body mass index contributed to GDM in all racial/ethnic groups, which suggests that decreasing overweight and obesity among women of reproductive age could reduce GDM, associated delivery complications, and future risk of diabetes in both the mother and offspring.


Am J Public Health


Kim SY,Saraiva C,Curtis M,Wilson HG,Troyan J,Sharma AJ




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  • Monitoring Sexual Violence Trends in Emergency Department Visits Using Syndromic Data From the National Syndromic Surveillance Program-United States, January 2017-December 2019.

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  • First, do no harm: the US sexually transmitted disease experiments in Guatemala.

    abstract::Beginning in 1946, the United States government immorally and unethically-and, arguably, illegally-engaged in research experiments in which more than 5000 uninformed and unconsenting Guatemalan people were intentionally infected with bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases. Many have been left untreated to t...

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  • Factors associated with increased dental care utilization in five urban, low-income areas.

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  • Bicycle guidelines and crash rates on cycle tracks in the United States.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We studied state-adopted bicycle guidelines to determine whether cycle tracks (physically separated, bicycle-exclusive paths adjacent to sidewalks) were recommended, whether they were built, and their crash rate. METHODS:We analyzed and compared US bicycle facility guidelines published between 1972 and 1999...

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