Reconstruction of electron spectra from depth doses with adaptive regularization.


:Electron spectral reconstruction of medical accelerators from measured depth doses is a practical method for providing the input initial phase space distribution at the patient surface that is required by Monte Carlo treatment planning systems. The posed inverse problem of spectral reconstruction is ill conditioned and this may lead to nonphysical oscillations in the reconstructed spectra. Use of a variational method of solution with a regularization technique removes the oscillations but tends to smooth the sharp (deltalike) energy peak that is a common feature in electron spectra generated by medical accelerators. Because the sharp peak contains a large percentage of the electrons in the spectrum, an accurate estimate of the peak width, height and position is critical to the success of the technique for spectrum reconstruction with regularization. We propose use of an adaptive regularization term as a special form of the general Tichonov regularization function. The variational method with the adaptive regularization term is applied to reconstruct electron spectra for the 6, 9, and 18 MeV electron beams of a Varian Clinac 2100C accelerator and proves to be a very simple, effective and accurate approach. Results using this variational method with adaptive regularization almost perfectly reconstruct electron spectra from depth dose distributions.


Med Phys


Medical physics


Wei J,Sandison GA,Chvetsov AV




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2006-02-01 00:00:00












  • SU-E-I-69: Magnetic Resonance Metal Artifact Evaluation with Routine Clinical Cardiac Sequences.

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  • SU-E-T-485: Validation of Acuros XB Dose Calculations in SBRT Lung Planning with Monte Carlo Methods.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The Acuros XB (AXB) Advanced Dose algorithm (Varian Medical Systems) represents a dramatic shift in clinical photon dose calculation methodology from pencil-beam superposition/convolution methods. Early studies evaluating the accuracy of the algorithm in lung have found good agreement with both measurement and ...

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  • Unexpectedly large dose rate dependent output from a linear accelerator.

    abstract::During our routine calibration of a Varian Clinac-20 linear accelerator, the absorbed dose for a fixed monitor unit (mu) was found to decrease with increasing dose rate. Between dose rates of 100 and 500 mu/min, there was up to 20% difference in absorbed dose for a 20-MeV electron beam. The cause of this problem was a...

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  • SU-E-T-300: Monte Carlo Simulation of Single-Plane Magnetically Focused Narrow Proton Beams.

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  • SU-E-I-57: CT Dose Metrics: What Are We Tracking.

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  • Radiofrequency penetration and absorption in the human body: limitations to high-field whole-body nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::This study presents experimental results about the effective depth of penetration and about the radiofrequency (rf) power absorption in humans as a function of frequency. The frequency range investigated covers 10 up to 220 MHz. For the main part, the results were derived from bench measurements of the quality factor ...

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  • Dynamic field-of-view imaging to increase temporal resolution in the early phase of contrast media uptake in breast DCE-MRI: A feasibility study.

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  • Rigid 2D/3D slice-to-volume registration and its application on fluoroscopic CT images.

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  • Diamond detector versus silicon diode and ion chamber in photon beams of different energy and field size.

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  • Accurate assessment and prediction of noise in clinical CT images.

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  • A fast double template convolution isocenter evaluation algorithm with subpixel accuracy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To design a fast Winston Lutz (fWL) algorithm for accurate analysis of radiation isocenter from images without edge detection or center of mass calculations. METHODS:An algorithm has been developed to implement the Winston Lutz test for mechanical/ radiation isocenter agreement using an electronic portal imagi...

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  • Some possible effects of a catheter on the arterial wall.

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  • Practical cone-beam lambda tomography.

    abstract::As a potentially important technology for medical x-ray computed tomography (CT), lambda tomography (LT) is to reconstruct a gradient-like image only from local projection data. Based on our recently derived exact fan-beam LT formula, [H. Y. Gu and G. Wang, Int. J. Biomed. Imaging 2006(1), 1-9 (2006)] here we propose ...

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  • Technical note: the calibration of 90Y-labeled SIR-Spheres using a nondestructive spectroscopic assay.

    abstract::90Y-labeled SIR-Spheres are currently used to treat patients with hepatic metastases secondary to colorectal adenocarcinoma. In general, the prescribed activity is based on empirical data collected during clinical trials. The activity of the source vial is labeled by the manufacturer as 3.0 GBq +/- 10% and is not inde...

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