Opposing effects of PKCtheta and WASp on symmetry breaking and relocation of the immunological synapse.


:The immunological synapse (IS) is a junction between the T cell and antigen-presenting cell and is composed of supramolecular activation clusters (SMACs). No studies have been published on naive T cell IS dynamics. Here, we find that IS formation during antigen recognition comprises cycles of stable IS formation and autonomous naive T cell migration. The migration phase is driven by PKCtheta, which is localized to the F-actin-dependent peripheral (p)SMAC. PKCtheta(-/-) T cells formed hyperstable IS in vitro and in vivo and, like WT cells, displayed fast oscillations in the distal SMAC, but they showed reduced slow oscillations in pSMAC integrity. IS reformation is driven by the Wiscott Aldrich Syndrome protein (WASp). WASp(-/-) T cells displayed normal IS formation but were unable to reform IS after migration unless PKCtheta was inhibited. Thus, opposing effects of PKCtheta and WASp control IS stability through pSMAC symmetry breaking and reformation.






Sims TN,Soos TJ,Xenias HS,Dubin-Thaler B,Hofman JM,Waite JC,Cameron TO,Thomas VK,Varma R,Wiggins CH,Sheetz MP,Littman DR,Dustin ML




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  • Dual Functions of a Rubisco Activase in Metabolic Repair and Recruitment to Carboxysomes.

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    abstract::Many neural progenitors, including Drosophila mushroom body (MB) and projection neuron (PN) neuroblasts, sequentially give rise to different subtypes of neurons throughout development. We identified a novel BTB-zinc finger protein, named Chinmo (Chronologically inappropriate morphogenesis), that governs neuronal tempo...


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  • Tumor promoter-induced changes in the permeability of epithelial cell tight junctions.

    abstract::Treatment of the kidney epithelial cell line MDCK with the tumor promoter 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) induces a large increase in the permeability of tight junctions within 2-4 hr. This change in transepithelial permeability is accompanied by alterations in cell morphology that include the opening of ti...


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  • ATR-X syndrome protein targets tandem repeats and influences allele-specific expression in a size-dependent manner.

    abstract::ATRX is an X-linked gene of the SWI/SNF family, mutations in which cause syndromal mental retardation and downregulation of α-globin expression. Here we show that ATRX binds to tandem repeat (TR) sequences in both telomeres and euchromatin. Genes associated with these TRs can be dysregulated when ATRX is mutated, and ...


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  • Transcription termination within the E1A gene of adenovirus induced by insertion of the mouse beta-major globin terminator element.

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  • Coordinated dual cleavages induced by the proteasome regulator PA28 lead to dominant MHC ligands.

    abstract::The eukaryotic 20S proteasome is known to associate with the IFN gamma-inducible regulator PA28. We analyzed the kinetics of product generation by 20S proteasomes with and without PA28. In the absence of PA28, the 20S proteasome rapidly generates peptides that have been cleaved only once, while internal fragments accu...


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  • Topology and regulation of the human eIF4A/4G/4H helicase complex in translation initiation.

    abstract::The RNA helicase eIF4A plays a key role in unwinding of mRNA and scanning during translation initiation. Free eIF4A is a poor helicase and requires the accessory proteins eIF4G and eIF4H. However, the structure of the helicase complex and the mechanisms of stimulation of eIF4A activity have remained elusive. Here we r...


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  • The BELL1 gene encodes a homeodomain protein involved in pattern formation in the Arabidopsis ovule primordium.

    abstract::Ovule development in Arabidopsis involves the formation of three morphologically defined proximal-distal pattern elements. Integuments arise from the central pattern element. Analysis of Bell 1 (Bel 1) mutant ovules indicated that BEL1 was required for integument development. Cloning of the BEL1 locus reveals that it ...


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