From ER to Eph receptors: new roles for VAP fragments.


:Dominantly inherited mutations in an endoplasmic reticulum protein called VAPB have been found in a subset of patients with a rare familial form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In this issue, Tsuda et al. (2008) identify a secreted form of VAPB that binds directly to Eph receptors inducing their activation and signaling, providing fresh insights into ALS pathogenesis, including non-neuronal aspects of this disorder.






Ackerman SL,Cox GA




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  • Beta-arrestin1 regulates zebrafish hematopoiesis through binding to YY1 and relieving polycomb group repression.

    abstract::Beta-arrestin1 is a multifunctional protein critically involved in signal transduction. Recently, it is also identified as a nuclear transcriptional regulator, but the underlying mechanisms and physiological significance remain to be explored. Here, we identified beta-arrestin1 as an evolutionarily conserved protein e...


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  • The spliceosome: design principles of a dynamic RNP machine.

    abstract::Ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) mediate key cellular functions such as gene expression and its regulation. Whereas most RNP enzymes are stable in composition and harbor preformed active sites, the spliceosome, which removes noncoding introns from precursor messenger RNAs (pre-mRNAs), follows fundamentally different strategi...


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  • Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus: From Stem Cells to Behavior.

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  • Functional analysis of a growth factor-responsive transcription factor complex.

    abstract::Serum response factor (SRF) forms a ternary complex at the c-fos serum response element (SRE) with an accessory factor, Elk-1. We constructed altered-binding specificity derivatives of SRF and Elk-1 that form a ternary complex at a mutated, inactive SRE; like Elk-1, the Elk-1 variant only binds its target as part of a...


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  • In trypanosomes the homolog of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II is encoded by two genes and has a highly unusual C-terminal domain structure.

    abstract::We have isolated the genes encoding the largest subunit of all three classes of RNA polymerase from Trypanosoma brucei. While the pol II largest subunit is encoded by a single gene in all organisms examined to date, trypanosomes contain two copies of the gene. Both genes are expressed in the procyclic and bloodstream ...


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  • Cell sorting during regenerative tissue formation.

    abstract::Regeneration of transected peripheral nerves is a complex process involving the coordinated action of neuronal axons, glial cells, and fibroblasts. Using rodent models of nerve repair, Parrinello et al. (2010) find that ephrin signaling between fibroblasts and Schwann cell progenitors, involving the stemness factor So...


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  • Yeast histone genes show dosage compensation.

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  • A large inverted duplication allows homologous recombination between chromosomes heterozygous for the proximal t complex inversion.

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  • Migratory Neural Crest Cells Phagocytose Dead Cells in the Developing Nervous System.

    abstract::During neural tube closure and spinal cord development, many cells die in both the central and peripheral nervous systems (CNS and PNS, respectively). However, myeloid-derived professional phagocytes have not yet colonized the trunk region during early neurogenesis. How apoptotic cells are removed from this region dur...


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  • Influence of histone H1 on chromatin structure.

    abstract::Removal of histone H1 produces a transition in the structure of chromatin fibers as observed by electron microscopy. Chromatin containing all histone proteins appears as fibers with a diameter of about 250 A. The nucleosomes within these fibers are closely packed. If histone H1 is selectively removed with 50-100 mM Na...


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    authors: Thoma F,Koller T

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  • Function of E. coli RNA polymerase sigma factor sigma 70 in promoter-proximal pausing.

    abstract::The sigma factor sigma 70 of E. coli RNA polymerase acts not only in initiation, but also at an early stage of elongation to induce a transcription pause, and simultaneously to allow the phage lambda gene Q transcription antiterminator to act. We identify the signal in DNA that induces early pausing to be a version of...


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  • Vascular Disease and Thrombosis in SARS-CoV-2-Infected Rhesus Macaques.

    abstract::The COVID-19 pandemic has led to extensive morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Clinical features that drive SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis in humans include inflammation and thrombosis, but the mechanistic details underlying these processes remain to be determined. In this study, we demonstrate endothelial disrupti...


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    authors: Aid M,Busman-Sahay K,Vidal SJ,Maliga Z,Bondoc S,Starke C,Terry M,Jacobson CA,Wrijil L,Ducat S,Brook OR,Miller AD,Porto M,Pellegrini KL,Pino M,Hoang TN,Chandrashekar A,Patel S,Stephenson K,Bosinger SE,Andersen H,

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  • Neuroscience and architecture: seeking common ground.

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  • Ferroptosis: A Regulated Cell Death Nexus Linking Metabolism, Redox Biology, and Disease.

    abstract::Ferroptosis is a form of regulated cell death characterized by the iron-dependent accumulation of lipid hydroperoxides to lethal levels. Emerging evidence suggests that ferroptosis represents an ancient vulnerability caused by the incorporation of polyunsaturated fatty acids into cellular membranes, and cells have dev...


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    authors: Stockwell BR,Friedmann Angeli JP,Bayir H,Bush AI,Conrad M,Dixon SJ,Fulda S,Gascón S,Hatzios SK,Kagan VE,Noel K,Jiang X,Linkermann A,Murphy ME,Overholtzer M,Oyagi A,Pagnussat GC,Park J,Ran Q,Rosenfeld CS,Salnikow K

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  • Characterization of two xenopus somatic 5S DNAs and one minor oocyte-specific 5S DNA.

    abstract::The somatic 5S DNA from X. borealis (Xbs 5S DNA) and X. laevis (Xis 5S DNA) and a minor oocyte-specific 5S DNA from X. laevis (Xit 5S DNA) have been purified, and individual repeating units have been cloned and sequenced. The two somatic 5S DNAs differ from the major oocyte 5S DNAs in having GC-rich spacers, homogeneo...


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    authors: Peterson RC,Doering JL,Brown DD

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  • Two modes of ligand recognition by TLRs.

    abstract::Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are membrane-bound sensors that detect and respond to microbial infection. Two studies in Cell, one in this issue, reveal how TLRs recognize their ligands. Kim et al. (2007) recently reported the structure of TLR4 bound to the accessory protein MD-2 and its antagonist, the drug eritoran. In ...


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  • Linking RNA polymerase backtracking to genome instability in E. coli.

    abstract::Frequent codirectional collisions between the replisome and RNA polymerase (RNAP) are inevitable because the rate of replication is much faster than that of transcription. Here we show that, in E. coli, the outcome of such collisions depends on the productive state of transcription elongation complexes (ECs). Codirect...


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  • Reasons scientists avoid thinking about ethics.

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  • A Cul4 E3 ubiquitin ligase regulates histone hand-off during nucleosome assembly.

    abstract::Nucleosome assembly following DNA replication and gene transcription is important to maintain genome stability and epigenetic information. Newly synthesized histones H3-H4 first bind histone chaperone Asf1 and are then transferred to other chaperones for nucleosome assembly. However, it is unknown how H3-H4 is transfe...


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  • Green genes-comparative genomics of the green branch of life.

    abstract::As more plant genome sequences become available, researchers are increasingly using comparative genomics to address some of the major questions in plant biology. Such questions include the evolution of photosynthesis and multicellularity, the developmental genetic changes responsible for alterations in body plan, and ...


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  • Proline isomerization of histone H3 regulates lysine methylation and gene expression.

    abstract::The cis-trans isomerization of proline serves as a regulatory switch in signaling pathways. We identify the proline isomerase Fpr4, a member of the FK506 binding protein family in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as an enzyme which binds the amino-terminal tail of histones H3 and H4 and catalyses the isomerization of H3 prol...


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    authors: Nelson CJ,Santos-Rosa H,Kouzarides T

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  • Behind the movement.

    abstract::This year, the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award will be shared by Michael Sheetz, James Spudich, and Ronald Vale for discoveries concerning the biophysical actions of cytoskeletal motor-protein machines that move cargo within cells, contract muscles, and enable cell motility. ...


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    authors: Ringe D,Petsko GA

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  • Niche crosstalk: intercellular signals at the hair follicle.

    abstract::A recent series of papers, including Festa et al. (2011) in this issue, has revealed unexpected interdependent relationships among cell populations residing in and around the hair follicle. These interactions between different lineages of stem cells are crucial for hair follicle growth and cycling and point to a compl...


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    authors: Jahoda CA,Christiano AM

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  • A precursor to a minor species of yeast tRNASer contains an intervening sequence.

    abstract::Certain tRNAs in S. cerevisiae (tRNATyr and tRNAPhe) arise via precursor molecules which are mature at the 5' and 3' termini but contain intervening sequences adjacent to the anticodon (Knapp et al., 1978; O'Farrell et al., 1978). In addition to these molecules, precursors to several other tRNAs accumulate in a temper...


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  • A mechanism of formation of a persistent hybrid between elongating RNA and template DNA.

    abstract::At the replication origin of ColE1 plasmid, a persistent hybrid is formed between the primer precursor (RNA II) and its template DNA. The wild-type sequence in the region 13 to 20 bp upstream (-20 region) of the origin is required to form this persistent hybrid. While the template strand for transcription of this regi...


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  • Communication by touch: role of cellular extensions in complex animals.

    abstract::Neurons make networks of intercellular connections. Many other cells also send out long cellular extensions and "touch" other cells far away. The extensions are intriguing, but what do they do? Possible rationales for this cell behavior include: (1) forming precise binary connections with the possibility of forming mo...


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  • Metabolism, cell surface organization, and disease.

    abstract::Genetic information flows from DNA to macromolecular structures-the dominant force in the molecular organization of life. However, recent work suggests that metabolite availability to the hexosamine and Golgi N-glycosylation pathways exerts control over the assembly of macromolecular complexes on the cell surface and,...


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  • The diabetes susceptibility gene Clec16a regulates mitophagy.

    abstract::Clec16a has been identified as a disease susceptibility gene for type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and adrenal dysfunction, but its function is unknown. Here we report that Clec16a is a membrane-associated endosomal protein that interacts with E3 ubiquitin ligase Nrdp1. Loss of Clec16a leads to an increase in the N...


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  • Transferrin receptors promote the formation of clathrin lattices.

    abstract::Gold conjugates have been used to quantitate human transferrin receptors (hTfnRs) on transfected chick embryo fibroblasts. No relationship could be found between the number of hTfnRs and the number of clathrin-coated pits. However, hTfnRs are also associated with flat clathrin lattices that lie outside invaginated pit...


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    authors: Miller K,Shipman M,Trowbridge IS,Hopkins CR

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  • Crystal structure and mutational analysis of the human CDK2 kinase complex with cell cycle-regulatory protein CksHs1.

    abstract::The 2.6 Angstrom crystal structure for human cyclin-dependent kinase 2(CDK2) in complex with CksHs1, a human homolog of essential yeast cell cycle-regulatory proteins suc1 and Cks1, reveals that CksHs1 binds via all four beta strands to the kinase C-terminal lobe. This interface is biologically critical, based upon mu...


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    authors: Bourne Y,Watson MH,Hickey MJ,Holmes W,Rocque W,Reed SI,Tainer JA

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