Control of bacterial colonization in the glands and crypts.


:The epithelial cell layer of the major organs of the mammalian gastrointestinal (GI) tract is extensively invaginated into thousands of gland and crypt structures. These are lined by distinct sets of epithelial cells and may comprise discrete niches. The host maximizes the distance between the epithelial cell layer and GI-inhabiting microbes to limit inflammation, and these strategies also likely keep bacteria out of the glands and crypts. We discuss here the specific host processes that have been shown to restrict bacterial presence in the glands and crypts, specifically the immune system, acid, mucin, oxygen, and reactive oxygen species. Not surprisingly, microbes have evolved sophisticated strategies to overcome these host factors and reside close to the epithelium in the glands and crypts. Bacterial properties important for gland and crypt colonization include bacterial immunomodulatory molecules, chemotaxis, and the use of certain metabolites. Overall, these as-yet limited studies suggest there are specific host and bacterial properties that control gland and crypt colonization, contributing to the overall microbial spatial organization of the GI tract. However, there remains much to be discovered in this area.


Curr Opin Microbiol


Yang C,Ottemann KM




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