Bacteriophage endolysins--current state of research and applications.


:Endolysins are phage-encoded enzymes that break down bacterial peptidoglycan at the terminal stage of the phage reproduction cycle. Their action is tightly regulated by holins, by membrane arrest, and by conversion from their inactive to active state. Recent research has not only revealed the unexpected diversity of these highly specific hydrolases but has also yielded insights into their modular organization and their three-dimensional structures. Their N-terminal catalytic domains are able to target almost every possible bond in the peptidoglycan network, and their corresponding C-terminal cell wall binding domains target the enzymes to their substrate. Owing to their specificity and high activity, endolysins have been employed for various in vitro and in vivo aims, in food science, in microbial diagnostics, and for treatment of experimental infections. Clearly, phage endolysins represent great tools for use in molecular biology, biotechnology and in medicine, and we are just beginning to tap this potential.


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  • Inter-kingdom signaling: chemical language between bacteria and host.

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  • Antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation: a bright new technique to kill resistant microbes.

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  • Control of bacterial transcription, translation and replication by (p)ppGpp.

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  • Exploring novel bioactive compounds from marine microbes.

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  • Control of bacterial colonization in the glands and crypts.

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  • Antibacterials - mechanisms of action.

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  • Transitions and transmission: behavior and physiology as drivers of honey bee-associated microbial communities.

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  • Eco-Aging: stem cells and microbes are controlled by aging antagonist FoxO.

    abstract::The review highlights the dual role that the conserved master regulator FoxO has in aging by coordinating both stem cell proliferation and antimicrobial peptides, effector molecules of the innate immune system. As observed in non-senescent Hydra, continuously high activity of the transcription factor FoxO contributes ...

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  • Imaging bacteria inside their host by cryo-focused ion beam milling and electron cryotomography.

    abstract::Bacterium-host interactions are important for diverse ecological settings including pathogenicity and symbiosis. Electron cryotomography is a powerful method for studying the macromolecular complexes that mediate such interactions in situ. The main limitation of electron cryotomography is its restriction to relatively...

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  • Emerging views on integrin signaling via Rac1 during invasin-promoted bacterial uptake.

    abstract::Enteropathogenic Yersinia species encode invasin, which promotes uptake into host cells by binding beta1 integrins. Invasin may cluster integrin heterodimers extracellularly and cause the integrin alpha and beta chains to splay apart in the cytoplasm. Cdc42 signaling is not essential for Yersinia uptake, whereas invas...

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  • Roles of cysteine proteinases of trypanosomes and Leishmania in host-parasite interactions.

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  • Bacterial solute uptake and efflux systems.

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  • Advances in understanding the genetic basis of antimalarial drug resistance.

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  • Microbial genomes: dealing with diversity.

    abstract::We have now complete genome sequences of several pairs of closely related prokaryotes (conspecific strains or congeneric species). Surprisingly, even strains of the same species can differ by as much as 20% in gene content. Conceptual and methodological approaches for dealing with such diversity are now being develope...

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  • Interactions of Bartonella henselae with vascular endothelial cells.

    abstract::The emerging human pathogen Bartonella henselae has the remarkable capacity to colonise vascular tissues and to stimulate vasoproliferative tumour growth. Although the molecular principle of bacterium-induced neovascularisation (angiogenesis) is still unclear, recent studies have indicated a novel mechanism of endothe...

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  • What's in the mix: phylogenetic classification of metagenome sequence samples.

    abstract::Metagenomics is a novel field which deals with the sequencing and study of microbial organisms or viruses isolated directly from a particular environment. This has already provided a wealth of information and new insights for the inhabitants of various environmental niches. For a given sample, one would like to determ...

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  • Noncoding RNAs as emerging regulators of Plasmodium falciparum virulence gene expression.

    abstract::The eukaryotic unicellular pathogen Plasmodium falciparum tightly regulates gene expression, both during development and in adaptation to dynamic host environments. This regulation is evident in the mutually exclusive expression of members of clonally variant virulence multigene families. While epigenetic regulators h...

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  • Next-generation precision antimicrobials: towards personalized treatment of infectious diseases.

    abstract::Antibiotics started to be used almost 90 years ago to eradicate life-threatening infections. The urgency of the problem required rapid, broad-spectrum elimination of infectious agents. Since their initial discovery, these antimicrobials have saved millions of lives. However, they are not exempt from side effects, whic...

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  • Modulation of natural killer cell activity by viruses.

    abstract::Since their discovery, our understanding of NK cells has evolved from branding them marginal innate immunity cells to key players in anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity. Importance of NK cells in control of various viral infections is perhaps best illustrated by the existence of plethora of viral mechanisms aimed to mo...

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  • Heterocyst development in Anabaena.

    abstract::Many filamentous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria protect nitrogenase from oxygen in differentiated cells called heterocysts. Heterocyst development is controlled by the availability of nitrogen compounds in the environment and by intrinsic factors that regulate the frequency and pattern of heterocysts along vegetative c...

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  • Rewiring two-component signal transduction with small RNAs.

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  • Flexible genomic islands as drivers of genome evolution.

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  • Auxiliary phosphatases in two-component signal transduction.

    abstract::Signal termination in two-component systems occurs by loss of the phosphoryl group from the response regulator protein. This review explores our current understanding of the structures, catalytic mechanisms and means of regulation of the known families of phosphatases that catalyze response regulator dephosphorylation...

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