Infection load as a predisposing factor for somatoform disorders: evidence from a Dutch General Practice Registry.


OBJECTIVE:Somatoform disorders (SDs) are characterized by chronic multiple functional somatic (FS) symptoms. It has been suggested that infections may be triggers for FS symptoms to occur, pointing to the immune system as a pathogenic factor in their development. The current study aimed to compare the prevalence of infections (i.e., infection load) in the history of patients with SDs with that of matched controls. METHODS:Samples (n = 185) were identified in the Psychiatric Case Register Middle Netherlands and the Julius General Practitioners Network. Patients with an SD diagnosis in the Psychiatric Case Register Middle Netherlands were compared with matched persons without somatoform complaints (controls) on their infection load in two periods before the date of the psychiatric diagnosis or a matched date for the controls (i.e., the total period for which data were available and a 3-year period). Infection load was defined as the total number of infections documented in the Julius General Practitioners Network. RESULTS:Patients with SD had significantly more infections than did controls in both periods (total period: mean [standard error] = 0.87 [0.10] versus 0.51 [0.06], z = -3.08, p = .002; 3-year period: 3.44 [0.47] versus 2.15 [0.50], z = -2.91, p = .004). CONCLUSIONS:Results show that patients with SD have a higher infection load preceding their diagnosis as compared with matched controls, implicating that infection load may indeed predispose for developing FS symptoms. These findings emphasize the importance of further research on immunological mechanisms in FS symptoms. Limitations of the study are discussed.


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Psychosomatic medicine


Lacourt TE,Houtveen JH,Smeets HM,Lipovsky MM,van Doornen LJ




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  • A comparison of cook-medley hostility subscales and mortality in patients with coronary heart disease: data from the heart and soul study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Hostility is associated with adverse outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). However, assessment tools used to evaluate hostility in epidemiological studies vary widely. METHODS:We administered nine subscales of the Cook-Medley Hostility Scale (CMHS) to 656 outpatients with stable CHD between...

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  • Waist-to-hip ratio is positively associated with bioavailable testosterone but negatively associated with sexual desire in healthy premenopausal women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We examined whether high waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) in women is a biomarker for increased testosterone (T) and higher levels of sexual desire. METHODS:Participants were 99 healthy nonobese premenopausal women. Trait levels of mean bioavailable T were estimated from three saliva samples collected at 8:00 am, 9:...

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  • Depression as an independent risk factor for mortality in critically ill patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Mortality on medical intensive care units (ICU) is approximately 25%. It is associated with age, severity of illness, and comorbidities. Preexisting depression is a risk factor for worse outcome in many diseases. The impact of depression on outcome of ICU patients has not been investigated. We assessed a poss...

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  • Association between self-reported dental health status and onset of dementia: a 4-year prospective cohort study of older Japanese adults from the Aichi Gerontological Evaluation Study (AGES) Project.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Studies have shown that people with cognitive impairment have poor dental health. However, the direction of causality remains unknown. This prospective cohort study aimed to determine the association between four self-reported dental health variables and dementia onset in older Japanese people. METHODS:Anal...

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  • Electrophysiologic characteristics of respiratory suspension periods occurring during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program.

    abstract::In a study designed to identify the electrophysiologic characteristics of the Transcendental Meditation Program, 52 periods of spontaneous respiratory suspension (RS) were observed in 18 subjects during the practice of this program. These periods were correlated with some but not all the subjective experiences of pure...

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  • It's more than sex: exploring the dyadic nature of sleep and implications for health.

    abstract::Sleep is a critical health behavior and one that is typically shared between husbands and wives or romantic partners. However, the science of sleep has traditionally conceptualized and evaluated sleep at the level of the individual. Considering the social context of sleep represents a significant shift in sleep resear...

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  • Monitoring for sleep-related threat: a pilot study of the Sleep Associated Monitoring Index (SAMI).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aims of this pilot study were: 1) to establish the reliability and validity of a new self-report instrument designed to index monitoring for sleep-related threat; 2) to determine the presence of ten monitoring types proposed in a recent cognitive model of insomnia and to examine the relationship between m...

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  • A life-style physical activity intervention and the antibody response to pneumococcal vaccination in women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess whether a life-style physical activity intervention improved antibody response to a pneumococcal vaccination in sedentary middle-aged women. METHODS:Eighty-nine sedentary women completed a 16-week exercise (physical activity consultation, pedometer, telephone/e-mail prompts; n = 44) or control (adv...

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  • Nighttime heart rate and survival in depressed patients post acute myocardial infarction.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To determine if: 1) depressed patients with a recent acute myocardial infarction (AMI) have higher nighttime heart rate (HR) than nondepressed patients, and 2) elevated nighttime HR is associated with decreased survival post AMI. Depression is a risk factor for mortality post AMI. It is also associated with ...

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    authors: Carney RM,Steinmeyer B,Freedland KE,Blumenthal JA,Stein PK,Steinhoff WA,Howells WB,Berkman LF,Watkins LL,Czajkowski SM,Domitrovich PP,Burg MM,Hayano J,Jaffe AS

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  • Depression predicts revascularization procedures for 5 years after coronary angiography.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Depression has been reported to increase cardiac event rates and functional impairment in patients with coronary disease. This article describes the impact of depression on subsequent healthcare utilization for such patients. METHODS:One hundred ninety-eight health maintenance organization patients with stab...

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  • Psychological Traits, Heart Rate Variability, and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Healthy Aging Women-The Women's Health Initiative.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Psychological traits such as optimism and hostility affect coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, but mechanisms for this association are unclear. We hypothesized that optimism and hostility may affect CHD risk via changes in heart rate variability (HRV). METHODS:We conducted a longitudinal analysis using data f...

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  • Genetic influence on blood pressure and underlying hemodynamics measured at rest and during stress.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study examined the genetic and environmental contributions to the individual differences in blood pressure (BP) levels and underlying hemodynamic characteristics at rest and during mental challenge tasks in a large twin cohort of youth. Including both European American and African American twins further ...

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  • Attenuation of laboratory-induced stress in humans after acute administration of Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) is contemporaneously used as a mild sedative and/or calming agent. Although recent research has demonstrated modulation of mood in keeping with these roles, no studies to date have directly investigated the effects of this herbal medication on laboratory-induced psychological ...

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  • Social competence interview for assessing physiological reactivity in adolescents.

    abstract::Difficulties in predicting "real life" physiological variation from responses to controlled stress tasks suggest the need for more ecologically valid laboratory challenges. The Social Competence Interview (SCI) measures physiological changes elicited by re-experiencing a life situation in which a valued striving was u...

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  • Epidemiology of anorexia nervosa in Monroe County, New York: 1960-1976.

    abstract::The Monroe County Psychiatric Case Register and hospital records were used to investigate the incidence of anorexia nervosa in Monroe County, New York, during the periods 1960-1969 and 1979-1976 to determine whether the number of newly diagnosed cases has increased over time. The results support the general clinical i...

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  • Screening for DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorder: Diagnostic Accuracy of Self-Report Measures Within a Population Sample.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The new DSM-5 somatic symptom disorder was introduced to improve the diagnosis of persons experiencing what used to be called somatoform disorders. So far, it is unclear whether existing self-report measures are useful to detect the new somatic symptom disorder. This study investigates the diagnostic accuracy...

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  • Decreased bone mineral density in medicated psychiatric patients.

    abstract::Osteoporosis is a common problem in postmenopausal women. It has been linked to estrogen deficiency, other neuroendocrine processes such as hypercortisolemia and male hypogonadism, nutritional deficiencies, and other mechanisms. Some of these changes have been also reported in male and female patients with mental diso...

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  • Assessing Lifetime Stress Exposure Using the Stress and Adversity Inventory for Adults (Adult STRAIN): An Overview and Initial Validation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Numerous theories have proposed that acute and chronic stressors may exert a cumulative effect on life-span health by causing biological "wear and tear," or allostatic load, which in turn promotes disease. Very few studies have directly tested such models, though, partly because of the challenges associated w...

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    authors: Slavich GM,Shields GS

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  • The relation between dominance, anger, and hormones in normally aging men: results from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study.

    abstract::This paper examines the relation of two personality characteristics (dominance and anger) to hormones in normally aging men. The relation of the Jackson Personality Research Form E Dominance subscale and the Spielberger Anger Expression scale to serum levels of 17 endocrine variables, including testosterone (T) and di...

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    authors: Gray A,Jackson DN,McKinlay JB

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  • The relationship of interleukin-1 and immune functions to sleep in humans.

    abstract::Serial sampling of peripheral blood from six healthy adult male volunteers was performed during daytime waking and nighttime sleeping. In addition, sleep physiology was assessed in all subjects (Ss) and sleep stages scored blind by standard criteria. Samples of plasma were analyzed for cortisol (Co) levels, functional...

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  • Behavioral and physiological effects of a beta blocker and relaxation therapy on mild hypertensives.

    abstract::In this industrial-based study we compared the blood pressure (BP)-lowering effectiveness of relaxation, a beta blocker, and the combined use of these two treatments in 47 untreated, mildly hypertensive blue collar steel workers. Using a randomized two by two factorial design, patients received either nadolol or place...

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    authors: Adsett CA,Bellissimo A,Mitchell A,Wilczynski N,Haynes RB

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  • Caffeine raises blood pressure at work.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The study investigated the effects of moderate doses of caffeine on ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate during workday activities. METHODS:Healthy, nonsmoking, habitual coffee drinkers (N = 21) received daily doses of 100 mg and 500 mg of caffeine on 2 days in a crossover design. Treatment order was ran...

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  • Cardiovascular-emotional dampening: the relationship between blood pressure and recognition of emotion.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Persons with elevated blood pressure (BP) show dampened emotional responses to affect-laden stimuli. We sought to further examine cardiovascular-emotional dampening by examination of the relationship between resting hemodynamic measures and recognition of emotion in an African American community-based sample....

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  • Association between depression and inflammation--differences by race and sex: the META-Health study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To test whether the association between depression and inflammation differs by race and sex. Depressive symptoms have been associated with higher levels of C-reactive protein (CRP). However, few studies have examined this association in samples including a significant number of African Americans, or examined ...

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  • The impatience of youth: phasic cardiovascular response in type A and type B elementary school-aged boys.

    abstract::Impatience, one major Type A characteristic, alters the performance of tasks requiring anticipation and accurate responding. Beat-by-beat changes in heart rate are also known to occur during anticipatory attention. In college- and middle-aged adult samples, impatience is related to these beat-by-beat heart rate change...

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  • Evidence of early retinal microvascular changes in patients with type 2 diabetes and depression.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine retinal vascular caliber, an indicator of early microvascular disease and depression in patients with Type 2 diabetes. METHODS:We conducted a clinic-based study, comparing participants with Type 2 diabetes with major depression (n = 43), without depression (n = 49), and healthy controls without di...

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  • Stimulated production of proinflammatory cytokines covaries inversely with heart rate variability.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine whether high-frequency heart rate variability, an indirect measure of parasympathetic (vagal) control over variations in heart rate, is associated with immune reactivity to an in vitro inflammatory challenge. Convergent evidence from the animal literature shows that the autonomic nervous system pla...

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    authors: Marsland AL,Gianaros PJ,Prather AA,Jennings JR,Neumann SA,Manuck SB

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  • Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis reactivity in chronic fatigue syndrome and health under psychological, physiological, and pharmacological stimulation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Subtle alterations of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have been proposed as a shared pathway linking numerous etiological and perpetuating processes with symptoms and observed physiological abnormalities. Because the HPA axis is involved in the adaptive respons...

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    authors: Gaab J,Hüster D,Peisen R,Engert V,Heitz V,Schad T,Schürmeyer TH,Ehlert U

    更新日期:2002-11-01 00:00:00

  • Brain Structure and Response to Emotional Stimuli as Related to Gut Microbial Profiles in Healthy Women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Brain-gut-microbiota interactions may play an important role in human health and behavior. Although rodent models have demonstrated effects of the gut microbiota on emotional, nociceptive, and social behaviors, there is little translational human evidence to date. In this study, we identify brain and behavior...

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    authors: Tillisch K,Mayer EA,Gupta A,Gill Z,Brazeilles R,Le Nevé B,van Hylckama Vlieg JET,Guyonnet D,Derrien M,Labus JS

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  • Psychomotor coordination and intelligence in childhood and health in adulthood--testing the system integrity hypothesis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To examine associations between intelligence and psychomotor coordination in childhood and risk of psychological distress, poorer self-rated health, and obesity in adulthood. To investigate whether psychomotor coordination as a potential marker of the construct "system integrity" explains associations betwee...

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