Polypeptide chain binding proteins: catalysts of protein folding and related processes in cells.


:Subcellular compartments in which folding and assembly of proteins occur seem to have a set of PCB proteins capable of mediating these and related processes, such as translocation across membranes. When a domain of a polypeptide chain emerges from a ribosome during synthesis or from the distal side of a membrane during translocation, successive segments of the chain are incrementally exposed to solvent and yet are unlikely to be able to fold. This topological restriction on folding likely mandates a need for PCB proteins to prevent aggregation. Catalysis of topologically restricted folding by PCB proteins is likely to involve both an antifolding activity that postpones folding until entire domains are available and, more speculatively, a folding activity resulting from a programmed stepwise release that employs the energy of ATP hydrolysis to ensure a favorable pathway. We are left with a new set of problems. How do proteins fold in cells? What are the sequences or structural signals that dictate folding pathways? The new challenge will be to understand folding as a combination of physical chemistry, enzymology, and cell biology.






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  • Common Features of Enveloped Viruses and Implications for Immunogen Design for Next-Generation Vaccines.

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  • RAP1 is essential for silencing telomeric variant surface glycoprotein genes in Trypanosoma brucei.

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  • A new role for a yeast transcriptional silencer gene, SIR2, in regulation of recombination in ribosomal DNA.

    abstract::The yeast SIR2 gene is involved in regulating nucleosome phasing and transcription in the mating type system. We have found that SIR2 also plays another important role in the cell. Specifically, in wild-type SIR2 strains recombination between the tandemly repeated ribosomal RNA genes is depressed. In sir2 mutants, bot...


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  • Screening Human Embryos for Polygenic Traits Has Limited Utility.

    abstract::The increasing proportion of variance in human complex traits explained by polygenic scores, along with progress in preimplantation genetic diagnosis, suggests the possibility of screening embryos for traits such as height or cognitive ability. However, the expected outcomes of embryo screening are unclear, which unde...


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  • N(6)-methyladenosine Modulates Messenger RNA Translation Efficiency.

    abstract::N(6)-methyladenosine (m(6)A) is the most abundant internal modification in mammalian mRNA. This modification is reversible and non-stoichiometric and adds another layer to the dynamic control of mRNA metabolism. The stability of m(6)A-modified mRNA is regulated by an m(6)A reader protein, human YTHDF2, which recognize...


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  • p53-mediated transcriptional activation: from test tube to cell.

    abstract::Posttranslational modifications of histones have been strongly correlated with transcriptional regulation. In this issue of Cell, comprehensively examined the nature of arginine methyltransferases and histone modifications in p53-mediated transcription. ...


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  • A prion-like trigger of antiviral signaling.

    abstract::The MAVS protein plays a critical role in the assembly of an antiviral signaling complex on mitochondrial membranes. Hou et al. (2011) now report that virus infection induces a conformational change in MAVS, leading to the prion-like formation of functional self-aggregates that provide a sensitive trigger for antivira...


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  • A Drosophila model for xeroderma pigmentosum and Cockayne's syndrome: haywire encodes the fly homolog of ERCC3, a human excision repair gene.

    abstract::The haywire gene of Drosophila encodes a protein with 66% identity to the product of the human ERCC3 gene, associated with xeroderma pigmentosum B (XP-B) and Cockayne's syndrome (CS). XP is a human autosomal recessive disease characterized by extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet irradiation and marked susceptibility to ...


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  • Novel inheritance of the murine severe combined anemia and thrombocytopenia (Scat) phenotype.

    abstract::The phenotype of the autosomal recessive mutation scat includes severe intermittent bleeding, depletion of platelets, and circulating anti-platelet antibodies. In this study, we have mapped the scat mutation to mouse chromosome 8 and shown that the immune component is a secondary consequence of the gene defect. Surpri...


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  • Binding of a high affinity phosphotyrosyl peptide to the Src SH2 domain: crystal structures of the complexed and peptide-free forms.

    abstract::The crystal structure of the Src SH2 domain complexed with a high affinity 11-residue phosphopeptide has been determined at 2.7 A resolution by X-ray diffraction. The peptide binds in an extended conformation and makes primary interactions with the SH2 domain at six central residues: PQ(pY)EEI. The phosphotyrosine and...


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  • A receptor for subgroup A Rous sarcoma virus is related to the low density lipoprotein receptor.

    abstract::Cellular receptors are required for efficient entry of retroviruses into cells. We previously cloned a chicken gene responsible for susceptibility to the retrovirus subgroup A Rous sarcoma virus (RSV(A)). Here we have isolated the quail homolog and generated two alternatively spliced processed genes encoding cellular ...


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    authors: Bates P,Young JA,Varmus HE

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  • Isolation and characterization of the nuclear matrix in Friend erythroleukemia cells: chromatin and hnRNA interactions with the nuclear matrix.

    abstract::Nuclear matrices from undifferentiated and differentiated Friend erythroleukemia cells have been obtained by a method which removes DNA in a physiological buffer. These matrices preserved the characteristic topographical distribution of condensed and diffuse "chromatin" regions, as do nuclei in situ or isolated nuclei...


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  • The biological and chemical basis for tissue-selective amyloid disease.

    abstract::Factors controlling the onset and progression of extracellular amyloid diseases remain largely unknown. Central to disease etiology is the efficiency of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) machinery that targets destabilized mutant proteins for degradation and the enhanced tendency of these variants to aggregate if secrete...


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  • Senataxin associates with replication forks to protect fork integrity across RNA-polymerase-II-transcribed genes.

    abstract::Transcription hinders replication fork progression and stability. The ATR checkpoint and specialized DNA helicases assist DNA synthesis across transcription units to protect genome integrity. Combining genomic and genetic approaches together with the analysis of replication intermediates, we searched for factors coord...


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    authors: Alzu A,Bermejo R,Begnis M,Lucca C,Piccini D,Carotenuto W,Saponaro M,Brambati A,Cocito A,Foiani M,Liberi G

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  • Protein kinase C phosphorylates pp60src at a novel site.

    abstract::The transforming protein of Rous sarcoma virus (pp60v-src) and its normal cellular homolog (pp60c-src) are demonstrated to be phosphorylated at serine 12 in vivo under certain conditions. We propose that protein kinase C is responsible for this modification based on the following evidence. First, the tumor promoters, ...


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    authors: Gould KL,Woodgett JR,Cooper JA,Buss JE,Shalloway D,Hunter T

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  • Yeast histone genes show dosage compensation.

    abstract::The copy number of yeast histone genes was increased by inserting an extra H2A,H2B gene pair into the haploid genome by the technique of yeast transformation. The presence of this extra gene copy has no detectable effect on cell growth. The steady-state levels of histone H2A,H2B mRNAs are not elevated in transformed s...


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    authors: Osley MA,Hereford LM

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  • Bcl-xL deamidation is a critical switch in the regulation of the response to DNA damage.

    abstract::The therapeutic value of DNA-damaging antineoplastic agents is dependent upon their ability to induce tumor cell apoptosis while sparing most normal tissues. Here, we show that a component of the apoptotic response to these agents in several different types of tumor cells is the deamidation of two asparagines in the u...


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  • Transcription of the unrearranged mouse C kappa locus: sequence of the initiation region and comparison of activity with a rearranged V kappa-C kappa gene.

    abstract::In cells of the B-lymphocyte lineage, 8.4 kb transcripts are constitutively produced from unrearranged kappa constant region (kappa 0) loci. To help elucidate the molecular basis of this phenomenon, we have determined the nucleotide sequence surrounding the site of transcriptional initiation. The kappa 0 transcripts a...


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  • Tissue Determinants of Human NK Cell Development, Function, and Residence.

    abstract::Immune responses in diverse tissue sites are critical for protective immunity and homeostasis. Here, we investigate how tissue localization regulates the development and function of human natural killer (NK) cells, innate lymphocytes important for anti-viral and tumor immunity. Integrating high-dimensional analysis of...


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    authors: Dogra P,Rancan C,Ma W,Toth M,Senda T,Carpenter DJ,Kubota M,Matsumoto R,Thapa P,Szabo PA,Li Poon MM,Li J,Arakawa-Hoyt J,Shen Y,Fong L,Lanier LL,Farber DL

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  • Function of retinoic acid receptor gamma in the mouse.

    abstract::Null mutant mice for retinoic acid receptor gamma 2 (RAR gamma 2) or all RAR gamma isoforms were generated. RAR gamma 2 mutants appeared normal, whereas RAR gamma mutants exhibited growth deficiency, early lethality, and male sterility due to squamous metaplasia of the seminal vesicles and prostate. These defects were...


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    authors: Lohnes D,Kastner P,Dierich A,Mark M,LeMeur M,Chambon P

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  • Microbiome: Focus on Causation and Mechanism.

    abstract::There is tremendous enthusiasm for the microbiome in academia and industry. This Perspective argues that in order to realize its potential, the field needs to focus on establishing causation and molecular mechanism with an emphasis on phenotypes that are large in magnitude, easy to measure, and unambiguously driven by...


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    authors: Fischbach MA

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  • In vitro translation of Drosophila heat-shock and non--heat-shock mRNAs in heterologous and homologous cell-free systems.

    abstract::Upon heat shock, Drosophila Kc cells still contain normal cellular messenger RNAs in the cytoplasm. The distribution of these 25 degrees C mRNAs between polysomes and the postpolysomal fraction of heat-shocked cells appears unaltered as compared with control cells. The translatability of these normal cellular messages...


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    authors: Krüger C,Benecke BJ

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  • T cell susceptibility to HIV influences outcome of opportunistic infections.

    abstract::During HIV infection, the timing of opportunistic infections is not always associated with severity of CD4 T cell depletion, and different opportunistic pathogens reactivate at different CD4 T cell thresholds. Here, we examine how differences in the phenotype and function of pathogen-specific CD4 T cells influence sus...


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  • An adenovirus E1a protein region required for transformation and transcriptional repression.

    abstract::The adenovirus E1a region encodes two closely related gene products: 243 and 289 amino acid phosphoproteins. These proteins differ in their primary sequence only by 46 amino acids unique to the 289 amino acid protein. By constructing single-base substitution mutants we localized two functional regions of these E1a pro...


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  • Adaptation in bacterial chemotaxis: CheB-dependent modification permits additional methylations of sensory transducer proteins.

    abstract::Sensory transduction in E. coli consists of two phases, excitation and adaptation, both of which involve the methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins (MCPs). These molecules relay transmembrane signals and are reversibly methylated during adaptation of E. coli to environmental stimuli. Each MCP contains multiple sites of ...


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  • A bacteriophage RNA polymerase transcribes through a Xenopus 5S RNA gene transcription complex without disrupting it.

    abstract::Conditions are described for programming with active transcription complexes essentially all the Xenopus 5S RNA genes added to an extract of Xenopus oocyte nuclei. We call this rate enhancement. Transcription by SP6 RNA polymerase of either strand of a Xenopus 5S RNA gene is unimpeded by the presence of a complete tra...


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    authors: Wolffe AP,Jordan E,Brown DD

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  • Apaf1 (CED-4 homolog) regulates programmed cell death in mammalian development.

    abstract::The cytosolic protein APAF1, human homolog of C. elegans CED-4, participates in the CASPASE 9 (CASP9)-dependent activation of CASP3 in the general apoptotic pathway. We have generated by gene trap a null allele of the murine Apaf1. Homozygous mutants die at embryonic day 16.5. Their phenotype includes severe craniofac...


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  • Monoclonal antibodies: use to detect developmentally regulated antigens on D. discoideum amebae.

    abstract::We have used monoclonal antibodies to detect developmentally regulated cell surface antigens on D. discoideum amebae. A study of an antigen detected using an antibody produced by a hybridoma line implicates a previously undescribed component in the process of cell aggregation. This antigen (consisting of a doublet of ...


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  • The Interfaces of Genetic Conflict Are Hot Spots for Innovation.

    abstract::RNA-guided Cas9 endonucleases protect bacteria from viral infection and have been creatively repurposed as programmable molecular scalpels for surgical manipulation of DNA. Now, two papers in Cell (Pawluk et al. and Rauch et al.) identify viral proteins that suppress Cas9 and may function like molecular sheaths for th...


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    authors: Carter J,Hoffman C,Wiedenheft B

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  • The DHR78 nuclear receptor is required for ecdysteroid signaling during the onset of Drosophila metamorphosis.

    abstract::Pulses of ecdysteroids direct Drosophila through its life cycle by activating stage- and tissue-specific genetic regulatory hierarchies. Here we show that an orphan nuclear receptor, DHR78, functions at the top of the ecdysteroid regulatory hierarchies. Null mutations in DHR78 lead to lethality during the third larval...


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    authors: Fisk GJ,Thummel CS

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