The lck tyrosine protein kinase interacts with the cytoplasmic tail of the CD4 glycoprotein through its unique amino-terminal domain.


:The CD4 lymphocyte surface glycoprotein and the lck tyrosine protein kinase p56lck are found as a complex in T lymphocytes. We have defined the domains in both proteins that are responsible for this interaction by coexpressing hybrid and deleted forms of the two proteins in HeLa cells. We have found that the unique 32 amino-terminal residues of p56lck and the 38 carboxy-terminal residues of CD4 that comprise the cytoplasmic domain are both necessary and sufficient by themselves for the interaction of the two proteins. The interaction appears to be independent of other T cell-specific proteins and probably occurs before CD4 reaches the cell surface. Our findings suggest that the specialized amino-terminal domains of other members of the src family of intracellular tyrosine kinases may also mediate transmembrane signaling via coupling to the cytoplasmic domains of specific transmembrane proteins.






Shaw AS,Amrein KE,Hammond C,Stern DF,Sefton BM,Rose JK




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1989-11-17 00:00:00
















  • Expression of the v-erbA oncogene in chicken embryo fibroblasts stimulates their proliferation in vitro and enhances tumor growth in vivo.

    abstract::In contrast to uninfected chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEFs), CEFs infected with a retroviral vector that carries the v-erbA gene of avian erythroblastosis virus displayed new properties. These included limited anchorage-independent growth in soft agar, growth without latency in serum-supplemented medium, ability to ov...


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  • Maternal-fetal immune tolerance, block by block.

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  • A notch-independent activity of suppressor of hairless is required for normal mechanoreceptor physiology.

    abstract::Suppressor of Hairless [Su(H)]/Lag-1/RBP-Jkappa/CBF1 is the only known transducing transcription factor for Notch receptor signaling. Here, we show that Su(H) has three distinct functions in the development of external mechanosensory organs in Drosophila: Notch-dependent transcriptional activation and a novel auto-rep...


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  • The human telomere terminal transferase enzyme is a ribonucleoprotein that synthesizes TTAGGG repeats.

    abstract::I have identified an activity in crude HeLa cell extracts that satisfies the requirements for a human telomere terminal transferase or telomerase. It catalyzes the addition of a 6 nucleotide repeating pattern to oligonucleotide primers containing human or nonhuman telomeric repeat sequences. Direct sequence analyses o...


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  • Structural basis for cargo regulation of COPII coat assembly.

    abstract::Using cryo-electron microscopy, we have solved the structure of an icosidodecahedral COPII coat involved in cargo export from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) coassembled from purified cargo adaptor Sec23-24 and Sec13-31 lattice-forming complexes. The coat structure shows a tetrameric assembly of the Sec23-24 adaptor la...


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  • Efficient direct reprogramming of mature amniotic cells into endothelial cells by ETS factors and TGFβ suppression.

    abstract::ETS transcription factors ETV2, FLI1, and ERG1 specify pluripotent stem cells into induced vascular endothelial cells (iVECs). However, iVECs are unstable and drift toward nonvascular cells. We show that human midgestation c-Kit(-) lineage-committed amniotic cells (ACs) can be reprogrammed into vascular endothelial ce...


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  • Phototransduction motifs and variations.

    abstract::Seeing begins in the photoreceptors, where light is absorbed and signaled to the nervous system. Throughout the animal kingdom, photoreceptors are diverse in design and purpose. Nonetheless, phototransduction-the mechanism by which absorbed photons are converted into an electrical response-is highly conserved and base...


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  • Posttranscriptional control of T cell effector function by aerobic glycolysis.

    abstract::A "switch" from oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) to aerobic glycolysis is a hallmark of T cell activation and is thought to be required to meet the metabolic demands of proliferation. However, why proliferating cells adopt this less efficient metabolism, especially in an oxygen-replete environment, remains incomplet...


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    authors: Chang CH,Curtis JD,Maggi LB Jr,Faubert B,Villarino AV,O'Sullivan D,Huang SC,van der Windt GJ,Blagih J,Qiu J,Weber JD,Pearce EJ,Jones RG,Pearce EL

    更新日期:2013-06-06 00:00:00

  • Distinctive Activation Mechanism for Angiotensin Receptor Revealed by a Synthetic Nanobody.

    abstract::The angiotensin II (AngII) type 1 receptor (AT1R) is a critical regulator of cardiovascular and renal function and is an important model for studies of G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling. By stabilizing the receptor with a single-domain antibody fragment ("nanobody") discovered using a synthetic yeast-display...


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  • Trimerization of a yeast transcriptional activator via a coiled-coil motif.

    abstract::The transcriptional induction of heat shock genes is mediated by the heat shock transcription factor (HSF). We have investigated the oligomerization state of HSF from S. cerevisiae and find that it forms a trimer in solution and when bound to DNA. Trimerization is mediated by a region of HSF that, like the leucine zip...


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  • Injection of mitochondria into human cells leads to a rapid replacement of the endogenous mitochondrial DNA.

    abstract::Isolated human mitochondria containing a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) coded chloramphenicol resistance marker were injected into cells from two different human sensitive cell lines, 143BTK- and HT1080-6TG, which had been partially depleted of their mtDNA by ethidium bromide treatment. On the basis of the available eviden...


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  • Structure of a heterophilic adhesion complex between the human CD2 and CD58 (LFA-3) counterreceptors.

    abstract::Interaction between CD2 and its counterreceptor, CD58 (LFA-3), on opposing cells optimizes immune recognition, facilitating contacts between helper T lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells as well as between cytolytic effectors and target cells. Here, we report the crystal structure of the heterophilic adhesion comp...


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  • Wnt signaling and an APC-related gene specify endoderm in early C. elegans embryos.

    abstract::In a 4-cell stage C. elegans embryo, signaling by the P2 blastomere induces anterior-posterior polarity in the adjacent EMS blastomere, leading to endoderm formation. We have taken genetic and reverse genetic approaches toward understanding the molecular basis for this induction. These studies have identified a set of...


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    authors: Rocheleau CE,Downs WD,Lin R,Wittmann C,Bei Y,Cha YH,Ali M,Priess JR,Mello CC

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  • Separation of drug transport and chloride channel functions of the human multidrug resistance P-glycoprotein.

    abstract::The human multidrug resistance P-glycoprotein is an active transporter that pumps cytotoxic drugs out of cells. Expression of P-glycoprotein is also associated with a volume-activated chloride channel. Here we address the relationship between these two functions. Drug transport requires ATP hydrolysis while, in contra...


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  • Extrathymic selection of TCR gamma delta + T cells by class II major histocompatibility complex molecules.

    abstract::The influence of MHC antigens on TCR gamma delta usage in CD8+ intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) was examined using a pan-reactive and V delta 4 region-specific MAb. While an average of 30% of IELs from the majority of mice of various MHC haplotypes were V delta 4+, a 2-fold or greater percentage of IELs from H-2k mi...


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  • A cell that dies during wild-type C. elegans development can function as a neuron in a ced-3 mutant.

    abstract::Mutations in the C. elegans gene ced-3 prevent almost all programmed cell deaths, so that in a ced-3 mutant there are many extra cells. We show that the pharyngeal neuron M4 is essential for feeding in wild-type worms, but in a ced-3 mutant, one of the extra cells, probably MSpaaaaap (the sister of M4), can sometimes ...


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  • The Centrosome Is a Selective Condensate that Nucleates Microtubules by Concentrating Tubulin.

    abstract::Centrosomes are non-membrane-bound compartments that nucleate microtubule arrays. They consist of nanometer-scale centrioles surrounded by a micron-scale, dynamic assembly of protein called the pericentriolar material (PCM). To study how PCM forms a spherical compartment that nucleates microtubules, we reconstituted P...


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  • Posttranslational protein transport in yeast reconstituted with a purified complex of Sec proteins and Kar2p.

    abstract::We have reproduced the posttranslational mode of protein translocation across the endoplasmic reticulum membrane with reconstituted proteoliposomes containing a purified complex of seven yeast proteins. This Sec complex includes a heterotrimeric Sec61p complex, homologous to that in mammals, as well as all other membr...


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    authors: Panzner S,Dreier L,Hartmann E,Kostka S,Rapoport TA

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  • ERD2, a yeast gene required for the receptor-mediated retrieval of luminal ER proteins from the secretory pathway.

    abstract::Resident proteins of the ER lumen carry a specific tetrapeptide signal (KDEL or HDEL) that prevents their secretion. We have previously described the isolation of yeast mutants that fail to retain such resident proteins within the cell. Here we describe ERD2, a gene required for retention. It encodes a 26 kd integral ...


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    authors: Semenza JC,Hardwick KG,Dean N,Pelham HR

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  • Cell interactions coordinate the development of the C. elegans egg-laying system.

    abstract::Egg laying by the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans requires the functioning of the vulva, the gonad, the egg-laying muscles, and the two HSN neurons, which innervate these muscles. By analyzing a newly isolated mutant (dig-1) that displaces the gonad, we discovered that cell interactions coordinate the spatial relation...


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    authors: Thomas JH,Stern MJ,Horvitz HR

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  • Aralar Sequesters GABA into Hyperactive Mitochondria, Causing Social Behavior Deficits.

    abstract::Social impairment is frequently associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and altered neurotransmission. Although mitochondrial function is crucial for brain homeostasis, it remains unknown whether mitochondrial disruption contributes to social behavioral deficits. Here, we show that Drosophila mutants in the homolog ...


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  • COP1, an Arabidopsis regulatory gene, encodes a protein with both a zinc-binding motif and a G beta homologous domain.

    abstract::Plant seedling development is capable of following 1 of 2 distinct morphogenic pathways: skotomorphogenesis in darkness and photomorphogenesis in light. Dark-grown Arabidopsis seedlings with recessive mutations at the constitutively photomorphogenic (COP1) locus indicate that the wild-type COP1 protein represses photo...


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  • Nucleosomal organization of telomere-specific chromatin in rat.

    abstract::Rat liver interphase chromosomes have telomeres 20-100 kb in length. Micrococcal nuclease digestion of nuclei cleaves telomeres with a uniform 157 bp periodicity, producing soluble particles that sediment in sucrose gradients exactly like oligonucleosomes. The monomeric telomere particles comigrate with nucleosome cor...


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  • A point mutation in the conserved hexanucleotide at a yeast 5' splice junction uncouples recognition, cleavage, and ligation.

    abstract::We have constructed an actin-HIS4 gene fusion, such that expression of HIS4 requires proper splicing of the actin intron. Using this chimeric gene in an in vivo screen for splicing mutations, we have isolated a G to A transition in the fifth position of the yeast 5' consensus sequence/GTAPyGT. This mutation still allo...


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  • Structural Repertoire of HIV-1-Neutralizing Antibodies Targeting the CD4 Supersite in 14 Donors.

    abstract::The site on the HIV-1 gp120 glycoprotein that binds the CD4 receptor is recognized by broadly reactive antibodies, several of which neutralize over 90% of HIV-1 strains. To understand how antibodies achieve such neutralization, we isolated CD4-binding-site (CD4bs) antibodies and analyzed 16 co-crystal structures -8 de...


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    更新日期:2015-06-04 00:00:00

  • Nucleosome arrangement on tRNA genes of Xenopus laevis.

    abstract::We have examined the chromatin structure of a repeated cluster of tRNA genes of Xenopus laevis, with particular attention to possible phase relationships between nucleosomes and the underlying tDNA sequence. In transcriptionally active liver and cultured kidney cells, essentially all tDNA is packaged into regularly sp...


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  • SOCS1 deficiency causes a lymphocyte-dependent perinatal lethality.

    abstract::SOCS1 is an SH2-containing protein that is primarily expressed in thymocytes in a cytokine- and T cell receptor-independent manner. SOCS1 deletion causes perinatal lethality with death by 2-3 weeks. During this period thymic changes include a loss of cellularity and a switch from predominantly CD4+ CD8+ to single posi...


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    authors: Marine JC,Topham DJ,McKay C,Wang D,Parganas E,Stravopodis D,Yoshimura A,Ihle JN

    更新日期:1999-09-03 00:00:00

  • Expression of a dominant negative mutant of the FGF receptor disrupts mesoderm formation in Xenopus embryos.

    abstract::Peptide growth factors may play a role in patterning of the early embryo, particularly in the induction of mesoderm. We have explored the role of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) in early Xenopus development by expressing a dominant negative mutant form of the FGF receptor. Using a functional assay in frog oocytes, we f...


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    authors: Amaya E,Musci TJ,Kirschner MW

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  • Crystal structure of the lambda repressor C-terminal domain provides a model for cooperative operator binding.

    abstract::Interactions between transcription factors bound to separate operator sites commonly play an important role in gene regulation by mediating cooperative binding to the DNA. However, few detailed structural models for understanding the molecular basis of such cooperativity are available. The c1 repressor of bacteriophag...


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