Microaerophilic alkane degradation in Pseudomonas extremaustralis: a transcriptomic and physiological approach.


:Diesel fuel is one of the most important sources of hydrocarbon contamination worldwide. Its composition consists of a complex mixture of n-alkanes, branched alkanes and aromatic compounds. Hydrocarbon degradation in Pseudomonas species has been mostly studied under aerobic conditions; however, a dynamic spectrum of oxygen availability can be found in the environment. Pseudomonas extremaustralis, an Antarctic bacterium isolated from a pristine environment, is able to degrade diesel fuel and presents a wide microaerophilic metabolism. In this work RNA-deep sequence experiments were analyzed comparing the expression profile in aerobic and microaerophilic cultures. Interestingly, genes involved in alkane degradation, including alkB, were over-expressed in micro-aerobiosis in absence of hydrocarbon compounds. In minimal media supplemented with diesel fuel, n-alkanes degradation (C13-C19) after 7 days was observed under low oxygen conditions but not in aerobiosis. In-silico analysis of the alkB promoter zone showed a putative binding sequence for the anaerobic global regulator, Anr. Our results indicate that some diesel fuel components can be utilized as sole carbon source under microaerophilic conditions for cell maintenance or slow growth in a Pseudomonas species and this metabolism could represent an adaptive advantage in polluted environments.


Tribelli PM,Rossi L,Ricardi MM,Gomez-Lozano M,Molin S,Raiger Iustman LJ,Lopez NI




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    abstract::Experiments based on a 2(3) central composite full factorial design were carried out in 200-ml stainless-steel containers to study the pretreatment, with dilute sulfuric acid, of a sugarcane bagasse sample obtained from a local sugar-alcohol mill. The independent variables selected for study were temperature, varied f...

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  • Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for improved L-arginine synthesis by enhancing NADPH supply.

    abstract::Corynebacterium glutamicum SNK 118 was metabolically engineered with improved L-arginine titer. Considering the crucial role of NADPH level in L-arginine production, pntAB (membrane-bound transhydrogenase) and ppnK (NAD+ kinase) were co-expressed to increase the intracellular NADPH pool. Expression of pntAB exhibited ...

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  • Heterotrophic nitrogen removal by Providencia rettgeri strain YL.

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