Rapid engineering of polyketide overproduction by gene transfer to industrially optimized strains.


:Development of natural products for therapeutic use is often hindered by limited availability of material from producing organisms. The speed at which current technologies enable the cloning, sequencing, and manipulation of secondary metabolite genes for production of novel compounds has made it impractical to optimize each new organism by conventional strain improvement procedures. We have exploited the overproduction properties of two industrial organisms- Saccharopolyspora erythraea and Streptomyces fradiae, previously improved for erythromycin and tylosin production, respectively-to enhance titers of polyketides produced by genetically modified polyketide synthases (PKSs). An efficient method for delivering large PKS expression vectors into S. erythraea was achieved by insertion of a chromosomal attachment site ( attB) for phiC31-based integrating vectors. For both strains, it was discovered that only the native PKS-associated promoter was capable of sustaining high polyketide titers in that strain. Expression of PKS genes cloned from wild-type organisms in the overproduction strains resulted in high polyketide titers whereas expression of the PKS gene from the S. erythraea overproducer in heterologous hosts resulted in only normal titers. This demonstrated that the overproduction characteristics are primarily due to mutations in non-PKS genes and should therefore operate on other PKSs. Expression of genetically engineered erythromycin PKS genes resulted in production of erythromycin analogs in greatly superior quantity than obtained from previously used hosts. Further development of these hosts could bypass tedious mutagenesis and screening approaches to strain improvement and expedite development of compounds from this valuable class of natural products.


Rodriguez E,Hu Z,Ou S,Volchegursky Y,Hutchinson CR,McDaniel R




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  • Enhanced poly-γ-L-diaminobutanoic acid production in Bacillus pumilus by combining genome shuffling with multiple antibiotic-resistance.

    abstract::A breeding approach combining genome shuffling with multiple antibiotic-resistance including gentamicin, rifampin and lincomycin, was developed in this research to improve the poly-γ-L-diaminobutanoic acid (γ-PAB) production in Bacillus pumilus LS-1. By this unique strategy, recombinants from the third round of genome...

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  • Identification of Geotrichum candidum at the species and strain level: proposal for a standardized protocol.

    abstract::In this study, the M13 primer was used to distinguish Geotrichum candidum from the anamorphic and teleomorphic forms of other arthrospore-forming species (discriminatory power = 0.99). For intraspecific characterization, the GATA4 primer showed the highest level of discrimination for G. candidum among the 20 microsate...

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  • A simulation study comparing the impact of experimental error on the performance of experimental designs and artificial neural networks used for process screening.

    abstract::Many variables and their interactions can affect a biotechnological process. Testing a large number of variables and all their possible interactions is a cumbersome task and its cost can be prohibitive. Several screening strategies, with a relatively low number of experiments, can be used to find which variables have ...

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  • Discovery of a new diol-containing polyketide by heterologous expression of a silent biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces lavendulae FRI-5.

    abstract::The genome of streptomycetes has the ability to produce many novel and potentially useful bioactive compounds, but most of which are not produced under standard laboratory cultivation conditions and are referred to as silent/cryptic secondary metabolites. Streptomyces lavendulae FRI-5 produces several types of bioacti...

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  • Selection of an autochthonous Saccharomyces strain starter for alcoholic fermentation of Sherry base wines.

    abstract::Several indigenous Saccharomyces strains from musts were isolated in the Jerez de la Frontera region, at the end of spontaneous fermentation, in order to select the most suitable autochthonous yeast starter, during the 2007 vintage. Five strains were chosen for their oenological abilities and fermentative kinetics to ...

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