MO-D-213CD-04: 4D X-Ray DSA and 4D Fluoroscopy.


:During the past decade the use of undersampled acquisition and constrained reconstruction have led to significant increases in data acquisition speed, SNR, spatial resolution and temporal resolution in MR imaging. When a separately acquired constraining image is combined with an angiographic time series the traditional tradeoff between spatial and temporal resolution is greatly reduced. Artifacts and limited resolution that would normally be associated with a rapid highly undersampled temporal image series are mitigated by the constrained reconstruction process which transfers the SNR and spatial resolution of the constraining image to the individual time frames. In rotational C-Arm DSA a 3D image volume is formed from all the projections acquired during the C-Arm rotation. Although the individual projections contain temporal information, the reconstructed 3D image has no temporal information and represents a composite of the vascular filling that has occurred during the iodine injection. However, the 3D cone beam CT reconstruction can be used to constrain the reconstruction of one 3D volume for each of the rotational projections. This extends the traditional DSA time series of 2D images to a series of 3D volumes at rates up to 30 per second. Similar techniques can be used to provide fluoroscopy that can be embedded in the 3D space of the constraining volume and viewed from arbitrary angles without gantry motion. This overcomes the problem of forbidden views and guarantees that an intervention can be done without having to send patients to surgery. Unlike 4D DSA which requires only one source and receptor, 4D Fluoroscopy requires a bi-plane fluoroscopy system. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:1. To understand the application of under sampling and constrained reconstruction to 4D DSA and Fluoroscopy.


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  • Scattered photons produced by beam-modifying filters.

    abstract::When a beam-modifying filter such as a wedge or a compensator is placed in an x-ray beam, scattered photons are generated in the filter material. The magnitude of the dose contribution from these photons for a 4-MV x-ray beam was measured. At a distance of 30 cm from the filter, a copper sheet of 1-cm thickness produc...

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  • Optimizing cone beam CT scatter estimation in egs_cbct for a clinical and virtual chest phantom.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) image quality suffers from contamination from scattered photons in the projection images. Monte Carlo simulations are a powerful tool to investigate the properties of scattered photons.egs_cbct, a recent EGSnrc user code, provides the ability of performing fast scatter calcu...

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  • Dosimetric characteristics of the Leipzig surface applicators used in the high dose rate brachy radiotherapy.

    abstract::The nucletron Leipzig applicator is designed for (HDR) 192Ir brachy radiotherapy of surface lesions. The dosimetric characteristics of this applicator were investigated using simulation method based on Monte Carlo N-particle (MCNP) code and phantom measurements. The simulation method was validated by comparing calcula...

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  • Computerized detection of lung nodules through radiomics.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lung cancer is a major cause of cancer deaths, and the 5-year survival rate of stage IV lung cancer patients is only 2%. However, the 5-year survival rate of stage I lung cancer patients significantly increases to 50%. As such, spiral computed tomography (CT) scans are necessary to diagnose high-risk lung cance...

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  • Optimized low-kV spectrum of dual-energy CT equipped with high-kV tin filtration for electron density measurements.

    abstract:PURPOSE:This paper describes the low-kV spectral optimization of dual-energy CT (DECT) equipped with high-kV tin filtration for the quantitative acquisition of electron density information, which is essential for treatment planning in radiotherapy. In addition, an analytical DECT image simulation was preliminarily perf...

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  • Direct-response ultraviolet thermoluminescent dosimeter.

    abstract::An integrating solid-state dosimeter has been developed to detect ultraviolet radiation using the process of "direct" ultraviolet stimulation. This process yields a thermoluminescent signal after an exposure to ultraviolet radiation, without prior exposure to ionizing radiation. Magnesium oxide crystals were found to ...

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  • A generic TG-186 shielded applicator for commissioning model-based dose calculation algorithms for high-dose-rate 192 Ir brachytherapy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A joint working group was created by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), and the Australasian Brachytherapy Group (ABG) with the charge, among others, to develop a set of well-defined test case plans and perform calculations and ...

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  • Results from a multicenter prostate IMRT dosimetry intercomparison for an OCOG-TROG clinical trial.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A multi-institution dosimetry intercomparison has been undertaken of prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) delivery. The dosimetry intercomparison was incorporated into the quality assurance for site credentialing for the Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group Prostate Fractionated Irradiation Tr...

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  • Cascaded systems analysis of shift-variant image quality in slit-scanning breast tomosynthesis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is becoming an important part of breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Compared to two-dimensional mammography, tomosynthesis introduces limited three-dimensional (3D) resolution, but maintains high in-plane resolution, low dose, and allows for similar clinical protocols. The...

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  • SU-E-I-108: Simple Approach to Determine Patient's Entrance Skin Exposure for Radiographic.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate a model which can predict patient's Entrance Skin Exposure (ESE) from height and weight and a single kVp mR/mAs measurement for radiographic. METHODS:Patient height, weight and post exposure mAs are obtained to assess ESE based on IAEA model. Patient's thickness is obtained by assuming a cylindrica...

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  • Transrectal electrical impedance tomography of the prostate: spatially coregistered pathological findings for prostate cancer detection.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Prostate cancer ranks as one of the most common malignancies and currently represents the second leading cancer-specific cause of death in men. The current use of single modality transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) for biopsy guidance has a limited sensitivity and specificity for accurately identifying cancerous lesi...

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  • GLAaS: an absolute dose calibration algorithm for an amorphous silicon portal imager. Applications to IMRT verifications.

    abstract::A new calibration algorithm (GLAaS) to derive absolute dose maps from images acquired with the Varian PV-aS500 electronic portal imager (based on amorphous silicon detectors) has been developed incorporating the dependence of detector response on primary and transmitted radiation and on field size. Detector calibratio...

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  • A mouse radiation-induced liver disease model for stereotactic body radiation therapy validated in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lower radiation tolerance of the whole liver hinders dose escalations of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) treatment. This study was conducted to define the exact doses that result in radiation-induced liver disease (RILD) as well as to determine dose constraints for t...

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  • Selecting registration schemes in case of interstitial lung disease follow-up in CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Primary goal of this study is to select optimal registration schemes in the framework of interstitial lung disease (ILD) follow-up analysis in CT. METHODS:A set of 128 multiresolution schemes composed of multiresolution nonrigid and combinations of rigid and nonrigid registration schemes are evaluated, utilizi...

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  • Verification of radiotherapy treatments: computerized analysis of the size and shape of radiation fields.

    abstract::An automated technique has been developed for the verification of treatment field size and shape in external beam radiation therapy. Portal images from film or digital on-line imaging system are analyzed, and basic parameters are derived to describe the field size and shape from the contour points on the field boundar...

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  • Simultaneous super-resolution and contrast synthesis of routine clinical magnetic resonance images of the knee for improving automatic segmentation of joint cartilage: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

    abstract:PURPOSE:High resolution three-dimensional (3D) magnetic resonance (MR) images are well suited for automated cartilage segmentation in the human knee joint. However, volumetric scans such as 3D Double-Echo Steady-State (DESS) images are not routinely acquired in clinical practice which limits opportunities for reliable ...

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  • A survey of the information gained from planning treatment with a computer.

    abstract::We designed a questionnaire to be filled out by the physicist at the time of planning treatment with the aid of a computer in order to assess what was learned during the course of the planning session. We analyzed the results to gauge the impact of the 70 treatment planning sessions conducted during the one month peri...

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  • A preclinical Talbot-Lau prototype for x-ray dark-field imaging of human-sized objects.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Talbot-Lau x-ray interferometry provides information about the scattering and refractive properties of an object - in addition to the object's attenuation features. Until recently, this method was ineligible for imaging human-sized objects as it is challenging to adapt Talbot-Lau interferometers (TLIs) to the r...

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  • Characterizing the modulation transfer function (MTF) of proton/carbon radiography using Monte Carlo simulations.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To characterize the modulation transfer function (MTF) of proton/carbon radiography using Monte Carlo simulations. To assess the spatial resolution of proton/carbon radiographic imaging. METHODS:A phantom was specifically modeled with inserts composed of two materials with three different densities of bone and...

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  • Objected constrained registration and manifold learning: a new patient setup approach in image guided radiation therapy of thoracic cancer.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The management of thoracic malignancies with radiation therapy is complicated by continuous target motion. In this study, a real time motion analysis approach is proposed to improve the accuracy of patient setup. METHODS:For 11 lung cancer patients a long training fluoroscopy was acquired before the first trea...

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  • A unified description of NMR imaging, data-collection strategies, and reconstruction.

    abstract::In nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging by the zeugmatographic methods, there is a common and unified theoretical description. All forms of two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging involve NMR data which trace various geometric representations, in reciprocal transform space, of the subject's spatially blurred...

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  • SU-E-J-17: Evaluation of Metal Artifact Reduction in MVCTs Using a Model Based Image Reconstruction Method.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the performance of a model based image reconstruction in reducing metal artifacts in MVCT systems, and to compare with filtered-back projection (FBP) technique. METHODS:Iterative maximum likelihood polychromatic algorithm for CT (IMPACT) is used with pair/triplet production process and the energy d...

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  • A quality management program in intravascular brachytherapy.

    abstract::While simple, intravascular brachytherapy (IVB) presents a considerable potential for harm to the patient. The medical physicist maintains the responsibility to minimize the likelihood of operational problems or dosimetric errors. The principals for safe operation remain the same as with any radiotherapy treatment: to...

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  • On the development of consensus values of reference dosimetry parameters for interstitial brachytherapy sources.

    abstract::The American Association of Physicists in Medicine recommends that the reference dose-rate distribution, used for treatment planning for low-energy photon brachytherapy sources in routine clinical use, must be based on at least two independent determinations: one using experimentally measured dose rates and one using ...

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  • Acceptance testing and quality assurance of automated scanning film densitometers used in the dosimetry of electron and photon therapy beams.

    abstract::Scanning film densitometry routinely used for obtaining dosimetric information about therapy treatment beams is subject to several sources of inaccuracies. The most significant of these are described and appropriate methods of testing are presented. This establishes the need for adequate acceptance testing followed by...

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  • Sci-Sat AM(1): Imaging-04: Respiratory errors in cardiac PET/CT with manual alignment of the CT image.

    abstract::Respiratory motion can produce misregistration errors between CT and PET images in cardiac PET/CT imaging. The objective of this study was to determine if manual registration of a single-phase end-expiration CT scan to the PET image would eliminate respiratory-induced artifacts. Listmode data from 71 cardiac PET patie...

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  • The importance of computed tomography slice thickness in radiographic patient positioning for radiosurgery.

    abstract::A new radiographic patient positioning technique developed for radiosurgery has been analyzed to show the effect of computed tomography (CT) slice thickness on the precision of target localization during treatment. The positioning technique establishes the pose of the patient's anatomy during treatment by comparing tr...

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  • Technical Note: Cortical thickness and density estimation from clinical CT using a prior thickness-density relationship.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Cortical thickness and density are critical components in determining the strength of bony structures. Computed tomography (CT) is one possible modality for analyzing the cortex in 3D. In this paper, a model-based approach for measuring the cortical bone thickness and density from clinical CT images is proposed...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Humbert L,Hazrati Marangalou J,Del Río Barquero LM,van Lenthe GH,van Rietbergen B

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  • What is the optimum leaf width of a multileaf collimator?

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The following question is investigated: How narrow do the leaves of a multileaf collimator have to be such that further reduction of the leaf width does not lead to physical improvements of the dose distribution. Because of the physical principles of interaction between radiation and matter, dose distributio...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Bortfeld T,Oelfke U,Nill S

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  • Estimation of the axial wall strains induced by an arterial stenosis at peak flow.

    abstract::In the last 30 years, thousands of basic or clinical studies have been devoted to atherosclerosis or to the problem of restenosis after angioplasty. In these studies, axial stresses in the vessel wall have received practically no attention, contrary to circumferential stress and purely biological aspects. Based on a r...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Doriot PA,Dorsaz PA

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