Spontaneous umbilical fistula in Crohn's disease.


:Spontaneous umbilical fistula developed in two young women with Crohn's disease. This peculiar complication of Crohn's disease has been rarely reported. In view of the complete closure of the fistulas with medical treatment, we recommended conservative medical management, at least initially, in such patients.


J Clin Gastroenterol


Veloso FT,Cardoso V,Fraga J,Carvalho J,Dias LM




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1989-04-01 00:00:00












  • Mesenteric node enlargement as a cause of intestinal variceal hemorrhage in nodular lymphoid hyperplasia.

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  • Endoscopic Management of Pancreatic Fluid Collections.

    abstract::Pancreatic fluid collections (PFCs) may develop due to inflammation secondary to acute and/or chronic pancreatitis, trauma, surgery, or obstruction from solid or cystic neoplasms. PFCs can be drained percutaneously, surgically, or endoscopically with endoscopic ultrasound-guided cyst gastrostomy and/or transpapillary ...

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  • Perforation of small intestine caused by Churg-Strauss syndrome.

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  • Celecoxib Monotherapy Maintained Small Intestinal Mucosa Better Compared With Loxoprofen Plus Lansoprazole Treatment: A Double-blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial.

    abstract:GOALS:The aim of this study was to compare celecoxib with loxoprofen for protection of small intestine. BACKGROUND:RCT studies report that COX-2 selective inhibitor celecoxib induces fewer small intestinal injuries than nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Loxoprofen is a prodrug nonselective NS...

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  • Gastrointestinal Dysfunction and Neuropathologic Correlations in Parkinson Disease.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Recently, an increasing interest to nonmotor symptoms of Parkinson disease (PD) has shown. Gastrointestinal dysfunction is a prominent nonmotor manifestation of PD and precedes motor symptoms for several years. Neuropathologic studies show early accumulation of α-synuclein (α-SYN) in Lewy neurites and Lewy...

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  • Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Gastroparesis in the United States: A Population-based Study.

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  • Appointment Wait Time, Primary Care Provider Status, and Patient Demographics are Associated With Nonattendance at Outpatient Gastroenterology Clinic.

    abstract:GOALS:We intended to identify the factors associated with missed appointments at a gastroenterology (GI) clinic in an academic setting. BACKGROUND:Missed clinic appointments reduce clinic efficiency, waste resources, and increase costs. Limited data exist on subspecialty clinic attendance. STUDY:We performed a case-c...

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  • Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy can be a reliable screening tool for celiac sprue in adults.

    abstract::In our study, we evaluated whether the combination of two endoscopic abnormalities in the duodenum (the "mosaic" appearance and loss of duodenal folds) is significantly associated with duodenal villous atrophy secondary to celiac sprue in adults. Fourteen patients referred for esophagogastroduodenoscopy for suspected ...

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  • 3' Mutation of the APC gene and family history of FAP in a patient with apparently sporadic desmoid tumors.

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  • Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in chronic persistent hepatitis.

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  • Acute hepatotoxicity from ingestion of yellow phosphorus-containing fireworks.

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  • Modified barium swallow does not affect how often PEGs are placed after stroke.

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  • Hyperthyroidism and hepatic dysfunction. A case series analysis.

    abstract::Liver dysfunction in hyperthyroid patients has not been well characterized. We analyzed the clinical records of 43 patients with hyperthyroidism to define the spectrum of clinical and liver test abnormalities. The patients were divided into three categories: (a) 18 patients with uncomplicated hyperthyroidism (HT) (b) ...

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  • Hepatic iron overload or cirrhosis may occur in acquired copper deficiency and is likely mediated by hypoceruloplasminemia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The metabolic fates of copper and iron are closely linked through ceruloplasmin and hephaestin. Ceruloplasmin is the principal copper carrying protein and decreases in acquired copper deficiency. Congenital absence of ceruloplasmin (aceruloplasminemia) results in tissue iron overload. Animal studies suggest ...

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  • Detection and localization of active gastrointestinal bleeding with multidetector row computed tomography angiography: a 5-year prospective study in one medical center.

    abstract:GOAL:To prospectively assess the utility of multidetector row computed tomography angiography (MDCTA) in the diagnosis of active gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB). BACKGROUND:MDCTA is a relatively recent advance in CT scanning technology enabling excellent vascular visualization and detection of various vascular abnorma...

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  • Trends in outpatient resource utilizations and outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common causes of chronic liver disease. The objective of this study was to describe the recent trend of health care resource utilization and short-term mortality of Medicare beneficiaries with NAFLD. METHODS:This study utilized data from a ...

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