Scalable temperature induced stress for the large-scale production of functionalized Bifidobacteria.


:The application of sub-lethal stresses is known to be an efficient strategy to enhance survival of probiotic bacteria during drying processes. In this context, we previously showed that the application of heat stress upon the entry into stationary phase increased significantly the viability of Bifidobacterium bifidum. However, this heat shock has been considered only in small-scale bioreactor and no information is available for a possible scaling-up strategy. Five different operating scales (0.2, 2, 20, 200 and 2000 L) have thus been tested and the results showed that the viability of B. bifidum increases from 3.15 to 6.57 folds, depending on the scale considered. Our observations pointed out the fact that the heat stress procedure is scalable according to the main outcome, i.e., increases in cell viability, but other factors have to be taken into account. Among these factors, dissolved carbon dioxide seems to play a significant role, since it explains the differences observed between the test performed at laboratory scale and in industrial conditions.


Nguyen HT,Razafindralambo H,Richel A,Jacquet N,Evrard P,Antoine P,Thonart P,Delvigne F




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  • Sequential improvement of rimocidin production in Streptomyces rimosus M527 by introduction of cumulative drug-resistance mutations.

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  • Synthesis of 4-nitrophenyl acetate using molecular sieve-immobilized lipase from Bacillus coagulans.

    abstract::Extracellular lipase from Bacillus coagulans BTS-3 was immobilized on (3 A x 1.5 mm) molecular sieve. The molecular sieve showed approximately 68.48% binding efficiency for lipase (specific activity 55 IU mg(-1)). The immobilized enzyme achieved approx 90% conversion of acetic acid and 4-nitrophenol (100 mM each) into...

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  • Enhanced poly-γ-L-diaminobutanoic acid production in Bacillus pumilus by combining genome shuffling with multiple antibiotic-resistance.

    abstract::A breeding approach combining genome shuffling with multiple antibiotic-resistance including gentamicin, rifampin and lincomycin, was developed in this research to improve the poly-γ-L-diaminobutanoic acid (γ-PAB) production in Bacillus pumilus LS-1. By this unique strategy, recombinants from the third round of genome...

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  • Model-based biotechnological potential analysis of Kluyveromyces marxianus central metabolism.

    abstract::The non-conventional yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus is an emerging industrial producer for many biotechnological processes. Here, we show the application of a biomass-linked stoichiometric model of central metabolism that is experimentally validated, and mass and charge balanced for assessing the carbon conversion effi...

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  • Antifungal activity of Bacillus subtilis 355 against wood-surface contaminant fungi.

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  • Accumulation of organic acids in cultivations of Neisseria meningitidis C.

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  • Solar Pond devices: free energy or bioreactors for Artemia biomass production?

    abstract::The recent exponential growth in industrial aquaculture has led to a huge increase in Artemia biomass production in order to meet increased fish production needs. The present study explores the potential use of salt gradient solar ponds (SGSPs) for production of Artemia nauplii. An SGSP is a basin of water where solar...

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  • Barriers to genome editing with CRISPR in bacteria.

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  • Phytostimulation and biofertilization in wheat by cyanobacteria.

    abstract::Cyanobacteria are commonly used for the phytostimulation and biofertilization of agriculture crops due to their nitrogen-fixing ability. However, the contribution by their phytohormones has been neglected. This study focuses on the screening of rhizospheric and free-living cyanobacteria for in vitro phytohormones prod...

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  • Regioselective aromatic hydroxylation of quinaldine by water using quinaldine 4-oxidase in recombinant Pseudomonas putida.

    abstract::Biocatalytic hydrocarbon oxyfunctionalizations are typically accomplished using oxygenases in living bacteria as biocatalysts. These processes are often limited by either oxygen mass transfer, cofactor regeneration, and/or enzyme instabilities due to the formation of reactive oxygen species. Here, we discuss an altern...

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    authors: Utkür FO,Gaykawad S,Bühler B,Schmid A

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  • Influence of straw types and nitrogen sources on mushroom composting emissions and compost productivity.

    abstract::The effects of different straw types and organic and inorganic nitrogen (N) sources on the chemical composition and odor concentration (OC) of mushroom composting emissions, compost parameters, and mushroom yield were examined using bench-scale and large-scale (windrows and aerated tunnels) composting systems. There w...

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  • Production and single-step purification of Brugia malayi abundant larval transcript (ALT-2) using hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

    abstract::Abundant larval transcript (ALT), a novel filarial protein, has been shown to have great potential as a vaccine in the prevention of human lymphatic filariasis. In this study, we report a method for the production of recombinant ALT-2 protein, expressed in the cytoplasm of bacterium Escherichia coli in soluble form an...

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  • Electrotransformation studies in Clostridium cellulolyticum.

    abstract::Electropermeabilization of Clostridium cellulolyticum was optimized using ATP leakage assays. Electrotransformation was then performed under optimized conditions (6 to 7.5 kV x cm(-1) field strength applied during 5 ms to a mixture containing methylated plasmids and late exponential phase cell suspensions (10 molecule...

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