Carotenoids from Rhodotorula and Phaffia: yeasts of biotechnological importance.


:Carotenoids represent a group of valuable molecules for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and feed industries, not only because they can act as vitamin A precursors, but also for their coloring, antioxidant and possible tumor-inhibiting activity. Animals cannot synthesize carotenoids, and these pigments must therefore be added to the feeds of farmed species. The synthesis of different natural commercially important carotenoids (beta-carotene, torulene, torularhodin and astaxanthin) by several yeast species belonging to the genera Rhodotorula and Phaffia has led to consider these microorganisms as a potential pigment sources. In this review, we discuss the biosynthesis, factors affecting carotenogenesis in Rhodotorula and Phaffia strains, strategies for improving the production properties of the strains and directions for potential utility of carotenoid-synthesizing yeast as a alternative source of natural carotenoid pigments.


Frengova GI,Beshkova DM




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  • Production of recombinant herpes simplex virus protease in 10-L stirred vessels using a baculovirus-insect cell expression system.

    abstract::A gene expression system using recombinant Autographa california nuclear polyhedrosis virus (baculovirus) and Sf-9 cells has been scaled up to the 10-L tank level and shown to be capable of producing herpes simplex virus (HSV) protease in serum-free media. High densities of Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf-9) cells were achi...

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  • Production of raw cassava starch-degrading enzyme by Penicillium and its use in conversion of raw cassava flour to ethanol.

    abstract::A newly isolated strain Penicillium sp. GXU20 produced a raw starch-degrading enzyme which showed optimum activity towards raw cassava starch at pH 4.5 and 50 °C. Maximum raw cassava starch-degrading enzyme (RCSDE) activity of 20 U/ml was achieved when GXU20 was cultivated under optimized conditions using wheat bran (...

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  • Identification and characterization of a novel cold-adapted esterase from a metagenomic library of mountain soil.

    abstract::A novel lipolytic enzyme was isolated from a metagenomic library after demonstration of lipolytic activity on an LB agar plate containing 1% (w/v) tributyrin. A novel esterase gene (estIM1), encoding a lipolytic enzyme (EstIM1), was cloned using a shotgun method from a pFosEstIM1 clone of the metagenomic library, and ...

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