Process development for production of recombinant human interferon-gamma expressed in Escherichia coli.


:A simple fed-batch process was carried out using constant and variable specific growth rates for high-cell-density cultivation of Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) expressing human interferon-gamma(hIFN-gamma). The feeding rate was adjusted to achieve an appropriate specific growth rate. The dissolved oxygen level was maintained at 20-30% of air saturation by control of airflow and stirrer speed and, where necessary, by enrichment of inlet air with pure oxygen. Glucose was the sole source of carbon and energy and was provided by following a simple exponential feeding rate. The final cell density in the fed-batch fermentation with constant and variable specific growth rate feeding strategies was ~100 g dry cell wt l(-1) after 36 and 20 h, respectively. The final specific yield and overall productivity of recombinant hIFN-gamma in the variable specific growth rate strategy were 0.35 g rHu-IFN-gamma g(-1) dry cell wt and 0.9 g rHu-IFN-gamma l(-1) h(-1), respectively. A new chromatographic purification procedure involving anion exchange and cation exchange chromatographies was developed for purification of rHu-IFN-gamma from inclusion bodies. The established purification process is reproducible and the total recovery of rHu-IFN-gamma was ~30% (100 mg rHu-IFN-gamma g(-1) dry cell wt). The purity of the rHu-IFN-gamma was determined using HPLC. Sterility, pyrogenicity, and DNA content tests were conducted to assure the absence of toxic materials and other components of E. coli in the final product. The final purified rHu-IFN-gamma has a specific antiviral activity of ~2 x 10(7) IU/mg protein, as determined by viral cytopathic effect assay. These results certify the product for clinical purposes.


Khalilzadeh R,Shojaosadati SA,Maghsoudi N,Mohammadian-Mosaabadi J,Mohammadi MR,Bahrami A,Maleksabet N,Nassiri-Khalilli MA,Ebrahimi M,Naderimanesh H




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  • Chemotaxonomic characterisation of Sphingomonas.

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