Antimicrobial Peptide Arenicin-1 Derivative Ar-1-(C/A) as Complement System Modulator.


:Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are not only cytotoxic towards host pathogens or cancer cells but also are able to act as immunomodulators. It was shown that some human and non-human AMPs can interact with complement proteins and thereby modulate complement activity. Thus, AMPs could be considered as the base for complement-targeted therapeutics development. Arenicins from the sea polychaete Arenicola marina, the classical example of peptides with a β-hairpin structure stabilized by a disulfide bond, were shown earlier to be among the most prospective regulators. Here, we investigate the link between arenicins' structure and their antimicrobial, hemolytic and complement-modulating activities using the derivative Ar-1-(C/A) without a disulfide bond. Despite the absence of this bond, the peptide retains all important functional activities and also appears less hemolytic in comparison with the natural forms. These findings could help to investigate new complement drugs for regulation using arenicin derivatives.


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Marine drugs


Krenev IA,Umnyakova ES,Eliseev IE,Dubrovskii YA,Gorbunov NP,Pozolotin VA,Komlev AS,Panteleev PV,Balandin SV,Ovchinnikova TV,Shamova OV,Berlov MN




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  • Functional Characterization and Evolutionary Analysis of Glycine-Betaine Biosynthesis Pathway in Red Seaweed Pyropia yezoensis.

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  • Identification and characterization of an anti-fibrotic benzopyran compound isolated from mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis.

    abstract::An anti-fibrotic compound produced by Streptomycesn xiamenensis, found in mangrove sediments, was investigated for possible therapeutic effects against fibrosis. The compound, N-[[3,4-dihydro-3S-hydroxy-2S-methyl-2-(4'R-methyl-3'S-pentenyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-6-yl]carbonyl]-threonine (1), was isolated from crude extracts...

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  • Confirmation of pinnatoxins and spirolides in shellfish and passive samplers from Catalonia (Spain) by liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole and high-resolution hybrid tandem mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Cyclic imines are lipophilic marine toxins that bioaccumulate in seafood. Their structure comprises a cyclic-imino moiety, responsible for acute neurotoxicity in mice. Cyclic imines have not been linked yet to human poisonings and are not regulated in Europe, although the European Food Safety Authority requires more d...

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  • Fucoxanthin-Containing Cream Prevents Epidermal Hyperplasia and UVB-Induced Skin Erythema in Mice.

    abstract::Microalgae represent a source of bio-active compounds such as carotenoids with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. We aimed to investigate the effects of fucoxanthin (FX) in both in vitro and in vivo skin models. Firstly, its anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated in LPS-stimulated THP-1 macrophages...

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  • The antihyperlipidemic mechanism of high sulfate content ulvan in rats.

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  • Prospecting Biotechnologically-Relevant Monooxygenases from Cold Sediment Metagenomes: An In Silico Approach.

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