Task Group 284 Report: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Simulation in Radiotherapy: Considerations for Clinical Implementation, Optimization, and Quality Assurance.


:The use of dedicated magnetic resonance simulation (MR-SIM) platforms in Radiation Oncology has expanded rapidly, introducing new equipment and functionality with the overall goal of improving the accuracy of radiation treatment planning. However, this emerging technology presents a new set of challenges that need to be addressed for safe and effective MR-SIM implementation. The major objectives of this report are to provide recommendations for commercially available MR simulators, including initial equipment selection, siting, acceptance testing, quality assurance, optimization of dedicated radiation therapy specific MR-SIM workflows, patient-specific considerations, safety, and staffing. Major contributions include guidance on motion and distortion management as well as MRI coil configurations to accommodate patients immobilized in the treatment position. Examples of optimized protocols and checklists for QA programs are provided. While the recommendations provided here are minimum requirements, emerging areas and unmet needs are also highlighted for future development.


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Medical physics


Glide-Hurst CK,Paulson ES,McGee K,Tyagi N,Hu Y,Balter J,Bayouth J




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  • Experimental study of the relationship between the base impedance and its time derivative in impedance plethysmography.

    abstract::Transthoracic electrical impedance Z consists of a constant baseline component Z0 and the time variable component delta Z such that Z = Z0 + delta Z. The first time derivative of Z has a negative peak, the magnitude of which is (dZ/dt)min. Measurements of 170 volunteers show that (dZ/dt)min is a function of the consta...

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  • Displacement-based binning of time-dependent computed tomography image data sets.

    abstract::Respiration can cause tumors in the thorax or abdomen to move by as much as 3 cm; this movement can adversely affect the planning and delivery of radiation treatment. Several techniques have been used to compensate for respiratory motion, but all have shortcomings. Manufacturers of computed tomography (CT) equipment h...

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  • False-positive reduction in CAD mass detection using a competitive classification strategy.

    abstract::High false-positive (FP) rate remains to be one of the major problems to be solved in CAD study because too many false-positively cued signals will potentially degrade the performance of detecting true-positive regions and increase the call-back rate in CAD environment. In this paper, we proposed a novel classificatio...

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  • Reconstruction of diagnostic x-ray spectra by numerical analysis of transmission data.

    abstract::Numerical reconstruction of x-ray spectra from narrow-beam transmission data was tested with published spectra in the range from 45 to 100 kVp. Transmission curves were calculated from the spectra to simulate measured data. Spectra were reconstructed from these transmission curves with use of an iterative numerical an...

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  • Correcting and reweighting false label masks in brain tumor segmentation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Recently, brain tumor segmentation has made important progress. However, the quality of manual labels plays an important role in the performance, while in practice, it could vary greatly and in turn could substantially mislead the learning process and decrease the accuracy. We need to design a mechanism to comb...

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  • DCE-MRI defined subvolumes of a brain metastatic lesion by principle component analysis and fuzzy-c-means clustering for response assessment of radiation therapy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a pharmacokinetic modelfree framework to analyze the dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) data for assessment of response of brain metastases to radiation therapy. METHODS:Twenty patients with 45 analyzable brain metastases had MRI scans prior to whole brain radiation thera...

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  • Noninvasive eye localization in ocular proton therapy through optical eye tracking: A proof of concept.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Over the last four decades, Ocular Proton Therapy has been successfully used to treat patients affected by intraocular lesions. For this, treatment geometry verification is routinely performed using radiographic images to align a configuration of fiducial radiopaque markers implanted on the sclera outer surface...

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  • RF tissue-heating near metallic implants during magnetic resonance examinations: an approach in the ac limit.

    abstract:PURPOSE:State of the art to access radiofrequency (RF) heating near implants is computer modeling of the devices and solving Maxwell's equations for the specific setup. For a set of input parameters, a fixed result is obtained. This work presents a theoretical approach in the alternating current (ac) limit, which can p...

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    authors: Ballweg V,Eibofner F,Graf H

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  • Robust optimization in IMPT using quadratic objective functions to account for the minimum MU constraint.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Currently, in clinical practice of intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT), the influence of the minimum monitor unit (MU) constraint is taken into account through postprocessing after the optimization is completed. This may degrade the plan quality and plan robustness. This study aims to mitigate the impact ...

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    authors: Shan J,An Y,Bues M,Schild SE,Liu W

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  • Measurement of the replacement correction factor for parallel-plate chambers in electron fields.

    abstract::When parallel-plate chambers are used for dosimetry in electron fields, the AAPM dosimetry protocol recommends a value of 1.0 for the replacement correction factor, P(repl),pp,E, until further data become available. Here, P(repl),pp,E for five commercially available parallel-plate chambers was measured as a function o...

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  • Modification of the University of Washington Neutron Radiotherapy Facility for optimization of neutron capture enhanced fast-neutron therapy.

    abstract::A modified neutron production target assembly has been developed to provide improved performance of the proton-cyclotron-based neutron radiotherapy facility at the University of Washington for applications involving neutron capture enhanced fast-neutron therapy. The new target produces a neutron beam that yields essen...

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  • Techniques to alleviate the effects of view aliasing artifacts in computed tomography.

    abstract::Due to practical limitations in data acquisition, 3-D computed tomography systems must attempt to provide rapid reconstructions of acceptable quality from a limited number of views. The use of convolution backprojection (CBP) for image reconstruction from an inadequate number of projections, results in view aliasing a...

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  • Electron backscatter corrections for parallel-plate chambers.

    abstract::The wall of an ionization chamber is commonly assumed to have a negligible effect on chamber response in electron beams. For cylindrical chambers with thin walls this assumption is valid. However, parallel-plate chambers commonly possess large mechanical supports which may affect chamber response in a manner not accou...

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  • Modification of the TASMIP x-ray spectral model for the simulation of microfocus x-ray sources.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The availability of accurate and simple models for the estimation of x-ray spectra is of great importance for system simulation, optimization, or inclusion of photon energy information into data processing. There is a variety of publicly available tools for estimation of x-ray spectra in radiology and mammograp...

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    authors: Sisniega A,Desco M,Vaquero JJ

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  • Validation of GPU-accelerated superposition-convolution dose computations for the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) has been developed for conformal microirradiation with on-board cone beam CT (CBCT) guidance. The graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated Superposition-Convolution (SC) method for dose computation has been integrated into the treatment planning system (TPS...

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  • Computerized analysis of radiographic bone patterns: effect of imaging conditions on performance.

    abstract::We are developing computerized methods for characterizing the bone texture pattern from digitized skeletal radiographs. For this method to be useful clinically, it must be able to distinguish between weak and strong bone under the range of exposure conditions potentially encountered in the clinical setting. In this st...

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    authors: Chinander MR,Giger ML,Martell JM,Favus MJ

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  • Evaluation of a device for indirect assessment of automatic exposure control systems.

    abstract::A test device which can indirectly measure the performance of an automatic exposure control system and which offers the potential to reduce the time and film requirements for such tests has been evaluated. Evaluation results demonstrate that the device can successfully predict image optical density to within +/- 0.10 ...

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    authors: Rossi RP

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  • Segmentation of bone CT images and assessment of bone structure using measures of complexity.

    abstract::A nondestructive and noninvasive method for numeric characterization (quantification) of the structural composition of human bone tissue has been developed and tested. In order to quantify and to compare the structural composition of bones from 2D computed tomography (CT) images acquired at different skeletal location...

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  • Scatter rejection by electronic collimation.

    abstract::An electronic scanning-slit technology is under development which involves replacing paired fore and aft slits for scatter rejection with only one fore slit. As the slit scans across the portion of the patient to be imaged, pulsed x-ray exposures produce images of the slit in successive positions, which are digitized ...

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    authors: Plenkovich D,Sorenson JA,Kruger RA

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  • Impact of calibration methods for color medical displays on interpreting brain SPECT images.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Color images are visualized on medical monitors that are adjusted by a grayscale standard display function (GSDF) or γ2.2. Although the GSDF is visually displayed as a linear graded grayscale, it does not specify how color medical images should be presented. On the other hand, the usual gamma setting for color ...

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    authors: Shibutani T,Onoguchi M,Yoneyama H,Nakajima K,Matsuo S,Bamba Y,Saito S

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  • Characterization of scintillator-based detectors for few-ten-keV high-spatial-resolution x-ray imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:High-spatial-resolution x-ray imaging in the few-ten-keV range is becoming increasingly important in several applications, such as small-animal imaging and phase-contrast imaging. The detector properties critically influence the quality of such imaging. Here the authors present a quantitative comparison of scin...

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    authors: Larsson JC,Lundström U,Hertz HM

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  • Direct-conversion flat-panel imager with avalanche gain: feasibility investigation for HARP-AMFPI.

    abstract::The authors are investigating the concept of a direct-conversion flat-panel imager with avalanche gain for low-dose x-ray imaging. It consists of an amorphous selenium (a-Se) photoconductor partitioned into a thick drift region for x-ray-to-charge conversion and a relatively thin region called high-gain avalanche rush...

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    authors: Wronski MM,Rowlands JA

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  • Characterization of the nanoDot OSLD dosimeter in CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The extensive use of computed tomography (CT) in diagnostic procedures is accompanied by a growing need for more accurate and patient-specific dosimetry techniques. Optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters (OSLDs) offer a potential solution for patient-specific CT point-based surface dosimetry by measuring a...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Scarboro SB,Cody D,Alvarez P,Followill D,Court L,Stingo FC,Zhang D,McNitt-Gray M,Kry SF

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  • Comparisons of treatment optimization directly incorporating random patient setup uncertainty with a margin-based approach.

    abstract::The purpose of this study is to incorporate the dosimetric effect of random patient positioning uncertainties directly into a commercial treatment planning system's IMRT plan optimization algorithm through probabilistic treatment planning (PTP) and compare coverage of this method with margin-based planning. In this wo...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Moore JA,Gordon JJ,Anscher MS,Siebers JV

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  • A novel approach to neutron dosimetry.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Having been overlooked for many years, research is now starting to take into account the directional distribution of neutron workplace fields. Existing neutron dosimetry instrumentation does not account for this directional distribution, resulting in conservative estimates of dose in neutron workplace fields (b...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Balmer MJ,Gamage KA,Taylor GC

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  • Computer-aided detection of breast cancers using Haar-like features in automated 3D breast ultrasound.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Automated 3D breast ultrasound (ABUS) has gained interest in breast imaging. Especially for screening women with dense breasts, ABUS appears to be beneficial. However, since the amount of data generated is large, the risk of oversight errors is substantial. Computer aided detection (CADe) may be used as a secon...

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    authors: Tan T,Mordang JJ,van Zelst J,Grivegnée A,Gubern-Mérida A,Melendez J,Mann RM,Zhang W,Platel B,Karssemeijer N

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  • Differentiation between diamagnetic and paramagnetic cerebral lesions based on magnetic susceptibility mapping.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Identification of calcifications and hemorrhages is essential for the etiological diagnosis of cerebral lesions. The purpose of this work was to develop a robust method for characterization of para- and diamagnetic intracerebral lesions based on clinical gradient-echo magnetic resonance phase data acquired at 1...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Schweser F,Deistung A,Lehr BW,Reichenbach JR

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  • A general model of microcirculatory blood flow effects in gradient sensitized MRI.

    abstract::A general expression is derived for the NMR signal from a fluid undergoing random directional flow such as encountered within the microcirculation. The dependence of the echo amplitude on flow velocity, sample morphology, and experimental parameters are described in terms of a temporal velocity autocorrelation functio...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Kennan RP,Gao JH,Zhong J,Gore JC

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  • Explicit optimization of plan quality measures in intensity-modulated radiation therapy treatment planning.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To formulate convex planning objectives of treatment plan multicriteria optimization with explicit relationships to the dose-volume histogram (DVH) statistics used in plan quality evaluation. METHODS:Conventional planning objectives are designed to minimize the violation of DVH statistics thresholds using pena...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Engberg L,Forsgren A,Eriksson K,Hårdemark B

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  • Comparative dosimetry of diode and diamond detectors in electron beams for intraoperative radiation therapy.

    abstract::The aim of the present study is to examine the validity of using silicon semiconductor detectors in degraded electron beams with a broad energy spectrum and a wide angular distribution. A comparison is made with diamond detector measurements, which is the dosimeter considered to give the best results provided that dos...

    journal_title:Medical physics

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    authors: Björk P,Knöös T,Nilsson P

    更新日期:2000-11-01 00:00:00