The eIF2B-interacting domain of RGS2 protects against GPCR agonist-induced hypertrophy in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes.


:The protective effect of Regulator of G protein Signaling 2 (RGS2) in cardiac hypertrophy is thought to occur through its ability to inhibit the chronic GPCR signaling that promotes pathogenic growth both in vivo and in cultured cardiomyocytes. However, RGS2 is known to have additional functions beyond its activity as a GTPase accelerating protein, such as the ability to bind to eukaryotic initiation factor, eIF2B, and inhibit protein synthesis. The RGS2 eIF2B-interacting domain (RGS2(eb)) was examined for its ability to regulate hypertrophy in neonatal ventricular myocytes. Both full-length RGS2 and RGS2(eb) were able to inhibit agonist-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, but RGS2(eb) had no effect on receptor-mediated inositol phosphate production, cAMP production, or ERK 1/2 activation. These results suggest that the protective effects of RGS2 in cardiac hypertrophy may derive at least in part from its ability to govern protein synthesis.


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Cellular signalling


Chidiac P,Sobiesiak AJ,Lee KN,Gros R,Nguyen CH




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  • Differential effect of TPA on PGE2 and cicaprost-induced cAMP synthesis in UMR-106 cells.

    abstract::PGE2 and prostacyclin each enhance cAMP synthesis in the osteoblast-like cell line UMR-106. The amount of cAMP induced by PGE2 was 5-7-fold greater than the amount induced by cicaprost or iloprost, stable prostacyclin analogues. Both PGE2 and the two prostacyclin analogues enhanced cAMP synthesis with similar time dep...

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  • 5-Hydroxytryptamine-induced phosphoinositide hydrolysis and Ca2+ mobilisation in canine cultured aorta smooth muscle cells.

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  • Modulation of polycystic kidney disease by non-coding RNAs.

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  • CCN1/CYR61 overexpression in hepatic stellate cells induces ER stress-related apoptosis.

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  • Mechanisms of regulation of the expression and function of G protein-coupled receptor kinases.

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  • Thrombin induces nestin expression via the transactivation of EGFR signalings in rat vascular smooth muscle cells.

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  • Simvastatin induces derepression of PTEN expression via NFkappaB to inhibit breast cancer cell growth.

    abstract::Sustained activation of Akt kinase acts as a focal regulator to increase cell growth and survival, which causes tumorigenesis including breast cancer. Statins, potent inhibitors of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase, display anticancer activity. The molecular mechanisms by which statins block cancer cell ...

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  • Spatial regulation of signaling by the coordinated action of the protein tyrosine kinases MET and FER.

    abstract::A critical aspect of understanding the regulation of signal transduction is not only to identify the protein-protein interactions that govern assembly of signaling pathways, but also to understand how those pathways are regulated in time and space. In this report, we have applied both gain-of-function and loss-of-func...

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  • Counting on mitogen-activated protein kinases--ERKs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

    abstract::Signal transduction pathways in eukaryotic cells integrate diverse extracellular signals, and regulate complex biological responses such as growth, differentiation and death. One group of proline-directed Ser/Thr protein kinases, the mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs), plays a central role in these signalling p...

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  • Regulation of IL-21 signaling by suppressor of cytokine signaling-1 (SOCS1) in CD8(+) T lymphocytes.

    abstract::Mice lacking the gene for suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 (SOCS1) show defective homeostasis of T lymphocytes due to accumulation of CD8(+) T cells, resulting at least partly from dysregulated IL-15 signaling. IL-15 alone does not stimulate proliferation of naïve CD8 T cells, but can synergize with IL-21 to induce ...

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  • The effects of N-ras oncogene expression on PDGF-BB stimulated responses in cultured mouse myoblasts.

    abstract::The role of the ras oncogene in the signalling pathway triggered by platelet-derived growth factor BB (PDGF-BB) has been investigated in a cell line which normally differentiates into myotubes. Following the activation of the N-ras oncogene, however, the cells proliferate and form foci. PDGF-BB stimulated the phosphor...

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  • Transglutaminase 2 as a novel activator of LRP6/β-catenin signaling.

    abstract::The β-catenin signaling axis is critical for normal embryonic development and tissue homeostasis in adults. We have previously shown that extracellular enzyme transglutaminase 2 (TG2) activates β-catenin signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). In this study, we provide several lines of evidence that TG2 fun...

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  • The role of sphingosine-1-phosphate in smooth muscle contraction.

    abstract::Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) is a bioactive sphingolipid metabolite that is known to mediate diverse cellular responses including cell growth, survival, and migration. Most of these effects have been attributed to its binding to a specific subfamily of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR), namely S1P(1-5). Recent studi...

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  • Activation of MAP kinases in growth responsive pancreatic cancer cells.

    abstract::The implication of MAP kinases in the proliferation control of pancreatic cancer cells is still unknown. This study was undertaken to examine the contribution of the p44/p42 and p38 MAP kinases in the mitogenic response to epidermal growth factor (EGF) and bombesin in human pancreatic cancer cells, MIA PaCa-2 and PANC...

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  • The monoamine oxidase-A inhibitor clorgyline promotes a mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition in the MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell line.

    abstract::Monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) dysfunction has been historically associated with depression. Recently, depression as well as altered MAO-A expression have both been associated with a poor prognosis in cancers, although the mechanism involved remains ambiguous. For example, MAO-A mRNA is repressed across cancers, yet MAO-...

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  • Conditional expression of MAP kinase phosphatase-2 protects against genotoxic stress-induced apoptosis by binding and selective dephosphorylation of nuclear activated c-jun N-terminal kinase.

    abstract::MAP Kinase Phosphatase-2 (MKP-2) is a dual specific nuclear phosphatase which is selective for both ERK and JNK, MAP kinases implicated in the regulation of apoptosis in response to genotoxic stress. Here we report the conditional expression of MKP-2 in human embryonic kidney cells 293. We demonstrate that Flag-WT-MKP...

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  • β-Hydroxybutyrate: A signaling metabolite in starvation response?

    abstract::Ketone bodies β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate are important metabolic substrates for energy production during prolonged fasting. However, BHB also has signaling functions. Through several metabolic pathways or processes, BHB modulates nutrient utilization and energy expenditure. These findings suggest that BH...

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  • Promyogenic function of Integrin/FAK signaling is mediated by Cdo, Cdc42 and MyoD.

    abstract::The Integrin-mediated cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix is implicated in the control of proliferation, survival, migration and differentiation of myoblasts. Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) mediates signals from Integrins and plays an essential role in myotube formation. Cdo forms a multiprotein complex that includ...

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  • Multiple defects occur in the guanine nucleotide regulatory protein system in liver plasma membranes of obese (fa/fa) but not lean (Fa/Fa) Zucker rats: loss of functional Gi and abnormal Gs function.

    abstract::Hepatocyte membranes from both lean and obese Zucker rats exhibited adenylate cyclase activity that could be stimulated by glucagon, forskolin, NaF and elevated concentrations of p[NH]ppG. In membranes from lean animals, functional Gi was detected by the ability of low concentrations of p[NH]ppG to inhibit forskolin-a...

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  • The last five amino acid residues at the C-terminus of PRK1/PKN is essential for full lipid responsiveness.

    abstract::PRK1/PKN is a member of the protein kinase C (PKC) superfamily of serine/threonine protein kinases. Despite its important role as a RhoA effector, limited information is available regarding how this kinase is regulated. We show here that the last seven amino acid residues at the C-terminus is dispensable for the catal...

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  • Role of ßarrestins in bradykinin B2 receptor-mediated signalling.

    abstract::G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) can engage multiple pathways to activate ERK1/2 via both G proteins and/or ßarrestin. Receptor recruitment of ßarrestin is also important for GPCR desensitization, internalization and resensitization. Modulation of the receptor/ßarrestin interaction through modification of either co...

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  • Modulation of immune cell signalling by the leukocyte common tyrosine phosphatase, CD45.

    abstract::CD45 is a leukocyte specific transmembrane glycoprotein and a receptor-like protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP). CD45 can be expressed as several alternatively spliced isoforms that differ in the extracellular domain. The isoforms are regulated in a cell type and activation state-dependent manner, yet their function ha...

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  • Metformin triggers apoptosis in PEL cells and alters bortezomib-induced Unfolded Protein Response increasing its cytotoxicity and inhibiting KSHV lytic cycle activation.

    abstract::Metformin, the most used drug for the treatment of diabetes type 2 patients, has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. In this study, we found that metformin induced apoptosis in Primary Effusion Lymphoma (PEL) cells, an aggressive B cell lymphoma associated with KSHV against which the conventional therapies usua...

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  • Physiological levels of PTEN control the size of the cellular Ins(1,3,4,5,6)P(5) pool.

    abstract::To understand how a signaling molecule's activities are regulated, we need insight into the processes controlling the dynamic balance between its synthesis and degradation. For the Ins(1,3,4,5,6)P5 signal, this information is woefully inadequate. For example, the only known cytosolic enzyme with the capacity to degrad...

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  • Overexpression of dJmj differentially affects intestinal stem cells and differentiated enterocytes.

    abstract::Jumonji (Jmj)/Jarid2 is a DNA-binding transcriptional repressor mediated via histone methylation. Nevertheless, the well-known function of Jmj is as a scaffold for the recruitment of various complexes including Polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2), and required for mouse embryonic stem cell development. However, PRC2 ...

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  • Hypoxia-induced neuronal apoptosis is mediated by de novo synthesis of ceramide through activation of serine palmitoyltransferase.

    abstract::Cellular hypoxia can lead to cell death or adaptation and has important effects on development, physiology, and pathology. Here, we investigated the role and regulation of ceramide in hypoxia-induced apoptosis of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. Hypoxia increased the ceramide concentration; subsequently, we observed bioch...

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  • Negative regulation of interferon-γ/STAT1 signaling through cell adhesion and cell density-dependent STAT1 dephosphorylation.

    abstract::Signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1) is an important mediator for cytokine signal transduction, particularly IFN-γ. Following IFN-γ stimulation, STAT1 is activated through tyrosine phosphorylation. Little is known about the function and regulation of STAT1 dephosphorylation after activation. We s...

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  • Function and evolution of ubiquitous bacterial signaling adapter phosphopeptide recognition domain FHA.

    abstract::Forkhead-associated domain (FHA) is a phosphopeptide recognition domain embedded in some regulatory proteins. With similar fold type to important eukaryotic signaling molecules such as Smad2 and IRF3, the role of bacterial FHA domain is intensively pursued. Reported bacterial FHA domain roles include: regulation of gl...

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  • Testosterone- and phorbol ester-stimulated proliferation in human cultured prostatic stromal cells.

    abstract::Prostatic stromal proliferation may be commonly associated with the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In this study, we investigate the role of testosterone and protein kinase C in stimulating cultured stromal cell proliferation. Testosterone increased the uptake of [(3)H]-thymidine into the human cultured ...

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