Neurogenic inflammation and sensitivity to environmental chemicals.


:Neurogenic inflammation as a pathway distinct from antigen-driven, immune-mediated inflammation may play a pivotal role in understanding a broad class of environmental health problems resulting from chemical exposures. Recent progress in understanding the mediators, triggers, and regulation of neurogenic inflammation is reviewed. Evidence for and speculations about a role for neurogenic inflammation in established disorders such as asthma, rhinitis, contact dermatitis, migraine headache, and rheumatoid arthritis are presented. The sick building syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome have been defined as clinical entities in which exposure to chemical inhalants gives rise to disease. Current data on the existence of chemical irritant receptors in the airway and skin are discussed; neurogenic inflammation arising from stimulation of chemical irritant receptors is a possible model to explain many of the aspects of chemical sensitivities.


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    abstract::Fumonisin B1(FB1) is a fungal metabolite of Fusarium verticillioides (= F. moniliforme), a fungus that grows on many crops worldwide. Previous studies demonstrated that male BD IX rats consuming diets containing 50 ppm fumonisin B1 developed hepatocellular carcinomas. In our recent studies, diets containing FB1 at 50 ...

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  • Cardiovascular actions of palladium compounds in the unanesthetized rat.

    abstract::The natural occurrence of palladium (Pd) is rare. It is obtained as a by-product during the extraction of platinum and, until the present time, its uses were small in number--principally in the manufacture of jewelry, dental alloys, chemical catalysts, and electrical contacts. Interest in Pd toxicology has been limite...

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