Influence of gut microbiota on mouse B2 B cell ontogeny and function.


:A complex interplay between the microbiota and the host immune system is evidenced to shape the immune system throughout life, but little is known about the microbial effect on key players of the adaptive immune system, the B2 B cells. In the presented study, we have evaluated the effect of commensal bacteria on B cell ontogeny and function, with the focus on B2 B cells of spleen and Peyer's patches. We have compared germ-free mice to mice that are exposed to a normal complex bacterial community from the day of birth and combined classical immunological assessment with advanced genome-wide expression profiling. Despite a preservation of all B cell subsets and phenotype, our results show that microbiota strongly impact mucosal B cell physiology and lead to higher serum Ig concentrations. We show that this microbial influence comprises downregulation of transcription factors involved in early B cell activation steps and upregulation of genes and proteins involved in later stages of B cell response. In summary, we show an influence of the gut microbiota on function of mucosal B2 B cells, involving mechanisms downstream of B cell activation and proliferation.


Mol Immunol


Molecular immunology


Hansson J,Bosco N,Favre L,Raymond F,Oliveira M,Metairon S,Mansourian R,Blum S,Kussmann M,Benyacoub J




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