Validation of cardiac output measurement by ultrasound dilution technique with pulmonary artery thermodilution in a pediatric animal model.


:Novel COstatus system (Transonic Systems, Inc., NY), based on ultrasound dilution (UD), works off in situ arterial and central venous catheters in pediatric patients to measure cardiac output (CO). The purpose of the present study was to validate CO measurement by UD (COUD) with pulmonary artery (PA) thermodilution (COTD) in a prospective animal study. Ten anesthetized pigs (16-45 kg) were instrumented with pediatric PA, central venous, and peripheral artery catheters. For COUD measurements, normothermic saline (0.5-1.0 ml/kg body weight, up to a maximum of 30 ml) was injected into the venous limb of an arteriovenous loop that was connected between in situ catheters. For COTD measurements, 5-10 ml cold saline was injected into the PA catheter. Sixty-four averaged sets were obtained for comparison. COTD mean was 2.98 ± 1.21 l/min (range 1.33-6.29), and COUD mean was 2.68 ± 1.16 l/min (range 1.33-5.85). This study yielded a correlation r = 0.96, COUD = 0.91*(COTD) - 0.04 l/min; bias was 0.3 l/min with limits of agreement as -0.39 to 0.99 l/min; and the percentage error was 23.73% between the methods. CO measurements by UD agreed well with thermodilution measurements in the pediatric swine model.


Pediatr Cardiol


Pediatric cardiology


Darling E,Thuramalla N,Searles B




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    abstract::Cardiac rhabdomyoma (CR) is the most common cardiac tumor in newborns. Approximately 75% of cases are associated with tuberous sclerosis complex. Although these tumors usually spontaneously regress after 2 years of age, they can be life-threatening when they obstruct major cardiac inflow or outflow pathways. Everolimu...

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  • Heart rate and systolic time intervals in healthy newborn infants: longitudinal study.

    abstract::To determine the influence of heart rate (HR) on systolic time intervals (STI) in neonates, serial measurements of right ventricular (RVSTI) and left ventricular systolic time intervals (LVSTI) were made on 30 healthy term newborn infants at age 4-8 h, 24-30 h, eight days, and four weeks. STI was related to HR and age...

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  • Development of a charge adjustment model for cardiac catheterization.

    abstract::A methodology that would allow for comparison of charges across institutions has not been developed for catheterization in congenital heart disease. A single institution catheterization database with prospectively collected case characteristics was linked to hospital charges related and limited to an episode of care i...

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  • Septal course of left anterior descending artery from the right aortic sinus in tetralogy of Fallot: a benign anomaly and important lessons learned.

    abstract::The proximal course of an anomalously arising coronary artery is a decisive factor in the surgical approach for tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). Studies have shown that echocardiography provides a good anatomic definition of the ostium and proximal epicardial course of coronary arteries [1, 2]. This report describes a case ...

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  • Pain management after surgery for single-ventricle palliation using the hybrid approach.

    abstract::The hybrid pathway for the management of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome was pioneered at our institution and is the preferred approach compared with the traditional Norwood pathway. Patients undergoing this surgery are generally <6 months of age, and pain management in this age group after surgery for c...

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