Screening for specific learning difficulties (SpLD): the impact upon the progression of pre-registration nursing students.


:The study aimed to explore the impact of screening pre-registration nursing students for an SpLD at entry to an education programme, and the provision of specialist support for those identified as 'at risk'. Progression was monitored using a multiple method approach. 242 (98%) students completed and returned the Adult Dyslexia Check List (ADCL). 69 scored 7 or above (28.5% of responses) and 36 (52%) went on for further assessment. 48% of students who scored 7+ did not go on to contact Disability Services at all. 11% of the cohort was formally identified as having a SpLD at the end of the year compared to 3.9% of students with a declared disability entering pre-registration nurse education in 2007. 54% of the students who scored 7+ successfully progressed into year two, compared with 41% of students with SpLD from a previous cohort.


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    abstract::In order to develop the professional identity of registered nurses (RNs) and enrolled nurses (ENs), it is essential that the core of the written curricula be based on nursing science. In this study, content analysis was used to examine how theoretically-developed elements of nursing education were taken into considera...

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