Snaps+: Peer-to-peer and academic support in developing clinical skills excellence in under-graduate nursing students: An exploratory study.


:Peer to peer learning is not a new concept. It has proven to be a valuable approach to enhance deeper learning, improve critical thinking and problem solving. It has been used in the clinical environment, the classroom and the clinical skills laboratory. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of student nurse assisted in practice sessions (SNAPS+) with the addition of an experienced nursing academic. Using an eight item Likert scale questionnaire together with three open ended questions, this study found that having a nursing academic present in supporting the peer teachers helped improve confidence in practicing clinical skills and was an effective teaching approach to support student learning and by also providing a critical eye over the skills being practiced. Content analysis revealed to central themes - 'being and feeling supported' and 'feeling more able and competent at undertaking essential nursing skills. The results suggest that overall the nursing students found the SNAPS+ supportive in allowing the time and space to practice skills in an informal manner. The implications for practice could include an evaluation as to whether there is any effect on student success in the clinical placement environment after attending SNAPS+ sessions.


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Nurse education today


Gray S,Wheat M,Christensen M,Craft J




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