5'-p-Fluorosulfonyl benzoyl adenosine inhibits an ecto-ATP-diphosphohydrolase in the tegument surface of Taenia crassiceps cysticerci.


:The tegumental membrane of Taenia crassiceps cysticerci contains an ATP-diphosphohydrolase (EC which hydrolyzes purine and pyrimidine nucleoside 5'-di- and 5'-triphosphates at an optimum pH of 8.5. It is Mg(2+)-dependent and insensitive to classical ATPase and phosphatase inhibitors. In solubilized tegumental membrane the Km values varied from 220 to 480 microM and the V(max) from 370 to 748 nmol of Pi release/mg/min for nucleoside triphosphates (ATP, GTP, CTP, UTP, and TTP); for nucleoside diphosphates (ADP, GDP, CDP, and UDP) the Km values were from 260 to 450 microM and the V(max) from 628 to 1134 nmol of Pi release/mg/min. An antibody specific to CD39 shows cross-reactivity with T. crassiceps ATP-diphosphohydrolase, revealing a single protein of approximately 80 kDa. Incubation of ATP-diphosphohydrolase with FSBA inhibited ATPase and ADPase activities by 85-90%. Immunoblot analyses, the competition plot, similar inhibition by free nucleotides, the lack of effect of Mg(2+) at high concentrations, and the inactivation by FSBA of ATPase and ADPase activity strongly suggest that a single enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of all these nucleotides. The mechanism of ATP hydrolysis shows that ATP-diphosphohydrolase releases ADP during the catalytic cycle. Incubation of intact cysticerci with FSBA caused 70-80% inhibition of ATPase and ADPase activities, indicating that the active site of the ATP-diphosphohydrolase is oriented to the external surface of the tegument of T. crassiceps. The importance of this enzyme in the parasite-host relationship is discussed.


Mol Biochem Parasitol


Guevara-Flores A,Olvera-Sánchez S,Gómez-Concha C,Juárez O,Esparza-Perusquía M,Pardo JP,Mendoza-Hernández G,Martínez F,Flores-Herrera O




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  • PI(3)P-independent and -dependent pathways function together in a vacuolar translocation sequence to target malarial proteins to the host erythrocyte.

    abstract::Malaria parasites export 'a secretome' of hundreds of proteins, including major virulence determinants, from their endoplasmic reticulum (ER), past the parasite plasma and vacuolar membranes to the host erythrocyte. The export mechanism is high affinity (nanomolar) binding of a host (cell) targeting (HT) motif RxLxE/D...

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  • Isolation of a female-specific, highly repeated Schistosoma mansoni DNA probe and its use in an assay of cercarial sex.

    abstract::A 476 bp fragment of female-specific Schistosoma mansoni genomic DNA, clone W1, represents a degenerative repeat present in more than 500 copies per female genome, and may be part of the constitutive heterochromatin of the W chromosome. The cloning method described can be used as a general approach for isolating sex-s...

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