Peritoneal membrane evaluation in routine clinical practice.


BACKGROUND/AIMS:Establishment of reference values for small solute transport, sodium sieving and effluent CA125 with 3.86% (4 h) peritoneal equilibration test (PET), and comparison with fast-fast PET with regard to small solute transport categories. METHODS:Cross-sectional study; 69 prevalent patients. Sodium sieving corrected for sodium diffusion with a formula applicable to the PET. CA125 appearance rate (AR) was measured. Expected and observed 60 min D/P(creatinine) were compared by Bland and Altman. RESULTS:Means (95% CI): D/P(creatinine) 0.73 (0.70-0.76), MTAC(creatinine) 9.6 (8.4-10.9) ml/min, D/D0 glucose 0.30 (0.28-0.31), corrected dip 0.17 (0.15-0.18), CA125 150 (125-176) U/min. Both corrected and uncorrected sodium sieving were informative. Peritoneal transport was faster at 60 min dwell. UFF patients presented very low corrected dip and CA125 AR. CONCLUSION:3.86% (4 h) PET provided results similar to those from SPA. Correction for diffusion of sodium sieving is dispensable for simple clinical evaluations. D/P(creatinine) at 60 min overestimated small solute transport rate. Effluent CA125 was consistently lower in UFF patients.


Blood Purif


Blood purification


Rodrigues AS,Silva S,Bravo F,Oliveira JC,Fonseca I,Cabrita A,Krediet RT




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  • Enhanced functional performance characteristics of a new polysulfone membrane for high-flux hemodialysis.

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  • Entropy of uremia and dialysis technology.

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  • Extracorporeal Blood Purification and Organ Support in the Critically Ill Patient during COVID-19 Pandemic: Expert Review and Recommendation.

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  • Natural killer cell dysfunction in uremia: the role of oxidative stress and the effects of dialysis.

    abstract::Immune deficiency is one of the numerous consequences of chronic renal failure. We can hypothesize that an abnormal natural killer (NK) cell response is present in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). To characterize the immune defect in ESRD patients, we performed a NK cell subset analysis in 66 patients wit...

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  • Diffusion kinetics in blood during haemodialysis and in vivo clearance of inorganic phosphate.

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  • Improvements in technology: a path to safer and more effective hemodialysis.

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  • Are both psychological and physical dimensions in health-related quality of life associated with mortality in hemodialysis patients: a 7-year Taiwan cohort study.

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  • Prevention of Intradialytic Hypotension with Intermittent Back-Filtrate Infusion Haemodiafiltration: Insights into the Underlying Mechanism.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Intradialytic hypotension (IDH) is a major challenge to safely performing haemodialysis. Blood volume depletion due to fluid removal is a major cause of hypotension, so more emphasis should be placed on finding alternative modalities to traditional constant rate ultrafiltration. SUMMARY:Intermittent back-fi...

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  • Homocysteine-lowering vitamin B treatment decreases cardiovascular events in hemodialysis patients.

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  • Improving Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agent Hyporesponsiveness in Hemodialysis Patients: The Role of Hepcidin and Hemodiafiltration Online.

    abstract::Hyporesponsiveness to erythropoietin stimulating agents (ESAs) is a condition associated with increased mortality. Even after identifying the condition, the causes are difficult to treat and only partially reversible in end-stage renal disease patients. Thus, the role of more recent hemodialysis (HD) techniques in imp...

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  • Continuous hemofiltration in 2009: what is new for clinicians regarding pathophysiology, preferred technique and recommended dose?

    abstract::In the last years, publications have questioned the classical dose of 35 ml/kg, but are those studies strong enough in terms of scientific power in order to change our practice? We will try to settle some recommendations for clinicians. Manipulation of dose, porosity, and combinations have yielded promising findings. ...

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  • Plasma dimethylarginine levels in chronic hemodialysis patients are independent of the type of dialyzer applied.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) levels are increased in hemodialysis (HD) patients. Reports on the effect of various dialysis strategies on ADMA, symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA) and L-arginine levels are inconclusive. PATIENTS/METHODS:In this randomized crossover study, 15 patients were dialyzed for 4 ...

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  • High Ferritin Level and Malnutrition Predict High Risk of Infection-Related Hospitalization in Incident Dialysis Patients: A Japanese Prospective Cohort Study.

    abstract:AIMS:The aim of the study was to clarify the relationship between serum ferritin and infectious risks. METHODS:We evaluated all hospital admissions due to infections, clinical biomarkers and nutrition status in 129 incident Japanese dialysis patients during a median follow-up of 38 months. RESULTS:Kaplan-Meier analys...

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  • Kidney transplantation improves sleep-related breathing in hemodialysis patients.

    abstract:AIMS:To assess whether kidney transplantation improves sleep-related breathing disorders associated with hemodialysis. METHODS:A prospective study was carried out using full-night polysomnography. Nine hemodialysis patients (7 men and 2 women, aged 42 +/- 16.2 years, BMI 26 +/- 3.7) who later received a successful kid...

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  • Assessment of inflow of endotoxin and its fragments in patients on maintenance hemodialysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We estimated the flow of endotoxins (ET) from dialysates into the blood of patients on hemodialysis (HD) using limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) assays and endotoxin activity (EA) determined by neutrophil respiratory burst activity. METHODS:A cross-sectional study compared groups given ultrapure bicarbonate (n...

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  • Regulation of the response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide by endogenous and exogenous lipopolysaccharide binding proteins.

    abstract::Bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI) is a natural constituent of human neutrophils. Recombinant BPI has been shown to bind to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), and to neutralize the ability of LPS to stimulate inflammatory cells in vitro and in vivo. BPI shares sequence homology and immunocrossreactivi...

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  • Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment Modality Option in Acute Kidney Injury.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Peritoneal dialysis (PD) may be a feasible and safe alternative to haemodialysis not only in the chronic but also in the acute setting. It was previously widely accepted as a modality for acute kidney injury (AKI) treatment, but its practice declined in favor of other types of extracorporeal therapies. SUMM...

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  • Reduction of free immunoglobulin light chains using adsorption properties of hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion.

    abstract::In this work we investigated the acute effects of hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion (HFR therapy) on the removal of free immunoglobulin light chains (FIgLCs), which may be considered members of the family of uremic toxins. In two groups of patients - group 1 (polyclonal FIgLCs production) and group 2 (monoc...

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  • Microcirculation: Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Application.

    abstract::This paper briefly reviews the physiological components of the microcirculation, focusing on its function in homeostasis and its central function in the realization of oxygen transport to tissue cells. Its pivotal role in the understanding of circulatory compromise in states of shock and renal compromise is discussed....

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  • Antibodies to periodontal organisms are associated with decreased kidney function. The Dental Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/AIMS:Increasing evidence suggests that clinical signs of periodontal disease are independently associated with renal impairment. However, no studies have examined the possible linkage of kidney disease with serum antibody to oral pathogens. METHODS:The periodontal disease status was assessed in an older com...

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  • Benefit of glucose-free dialysis solutions on glucose and lipid metabolism in peritoneal dialysis patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Glucose absorbed from conventional peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions contributes to unfavorable metabolic effects. Its replacement with a glucose-free osmotic agent such as icodextrin (ID) or amino acids (AA) may have some benefit on glucose and lipid metabolism. METHODS:Serum lipids, insulin sensitivity a...

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  • Two-compartment model of cholesterol kinetics for establishment of treatment strategy of LDL apheresis in nephrotic hypercholesterolemia.

    abstract::Cholesterol kinetics in the time course after LDL apheresis using a dextran sulfate cellulose column was analyzed by adapting a two-compartment cholesterol kinetic model. Fifteen sets of serial serum cholesterol concentrations after LDL apheresis from 4 patients with drug-resistant nephrotic hypercholesterolemia due t...

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  • ADEMEX and HEMO trials: where are we going?

    abstract::Doubt has remained as to whether or not the K/DOQI recommended targets for adequacy of dialysis for peritoneal dialysis patients is appropriate (weekly Kt/V 2 + creatinine clearance 50-60 l/1.73 m(2)). The ADEMEX trial can be interpreted as indicating that lower targets might be acceptable. The HEMO trial, not yet pub...

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  • Hemodynamic stability during different forms of dialysis therapy: a pathogenetic analysis.

    abstract::Pathophysiological aspects of plasma volume preservation and cardiovascular reactivity are reviewed, comparing combined ultrafiltration-hemodialysis with isolated ultrafiltration and hemofiltration. The role of different factors in the disparity in cardiovascular reactivity between these treatments is discussed. ...

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