Real-time PCR for quantifying Haemonchus contortus eggs and potential limiting factors.


:The purpose of this study was to evaluate the practicality of using real-time PCR for quantifying feces-derived trichostrongyle eggs. Haemonchus contortus eggs were used to evaluate fecal contaminants, time after egg embryonation, and the presence of competing and non-competing DNAs as factors that might interfere with generating reproducible results during simplex and multiplex quantitative real-time PCR (QPCR). Real-time PCR results showed linear quantifiable amplification with DNA from five to 75 eggs. However, threshold cycle (C (T)) values obtained by amplification of DNA from egg numbers between 75 and 1,000 did not differ significantly. Inhibitors of QPCR were effectively removed during DNA extraction as exemplified by the absence of any improvement in C (T) values with bovine serum albumin or phytase treatments. Changes from egg embryonation could only be detected during the first 6 h. Noncompetitive DNA did not appear to impact amplification; however, in a multiplex reaction a competing trichostrongyle such as Cooperia oncophora can hinder amplification of H. contortus DNA, when present at tenfold greater amounts. This study demonstrates the usefulness of QPCR for amplification and quantification of trichostrongyle eggs, and identifies potential limitations, which may be addressed through multiplex assays or the addition of a standard: exogenous DNA target.


Parasitol Res


Parasitology research


Harmon AF,Williams ZB,Zarlenga DS,Hildreth MB




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2007-06-01 00:00:00












  • Trematode maturation patterns in a migratory snail host: What happens during upshore residency in a Mediterranean lagoon?

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  • Molecular identification of different trypanosome species in tsetse flies caught in the wildlife reserve of Santchou in the western region of Cameroon.

    abstract::Addressing the problems linked to tsetse-transmitted trypanosomiases requires considerable data on tsetse distribution and trypanosome infections. Although efforts to map tsetse and trypanosome infections have been undertaken at continental level, published data are still rare in wildlife reserves of West and Central ...

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  • Oviposition deterrent and ovicidal activities of seven herbal essential oils against female adults of housefly, Musca domestica L.

    abstract::The oviposition deterrent and ovicidal of seven herbal essential oils derived from Citrus sinensis, Cymbopogon citratus, Eucalyptus glubulus, Illicium verum, Lavandula angustifolia, Mentha piperita, and Zingiber cussumunar were assessed against the gravid female of housefly, Musca domestica L., under laboratory condit...

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  • Induction of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in mice during Toxocara canis larvae migration.

    abstract::The relationships between inflammation in organs with Toxocara canis larval migration and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) were investigated following the infection of mice with 1,000 infective eggs. Gelatinase activity was defined by gelatin zymography, optimum pH, inhibitor specificity and Western blot analysis. M...

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  • Paramphistomum daubneyi and Fasciola hepatica: the redial burden and cercarial shedding in Lymnaea truncatula subjected to successive unimiracidial cross-exposures.

    abstract::The development of redial burden and cercarial shedding were studied in two groups of Lymnaea truncatula subjected to successive cross-exposures to one miracidium of Paramphistomum daubneyi and one of Fasciola hepatica per snail, or vice versa. The results were compared with those obtained in controls subjected to two...

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  • An in vitro model to evaluate the cytokine response in Echinococcus infections.

    abstract::With the aim of proposing an alternative model to animal experimentation, we investigated cytokine production in response to antigens in an in vitro system. This is a co-culture system of healthy human leukocytes and enterocyte-like Caco-2 cells. The antigens tested, EgA31, EgTrp, and FABP1, are candidates for vaccine...

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  • Expression of nutrient transporters in duodenum, jejunum, and ileum of Eimeria maxima-infected broiler chickens.

    abstract::The uptake of amino acids is mediated by active transporters located on the basolateral and brush border membranes of intestinal epithelial cells. The current study investigated the expression of amino acid transporters (AAT) and other genes in the intestine of chicks infected with Eimeria maxima. At 7-day postinfecti...

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