A gene expression profile of tumor suppressor genes commonly methylated in bladder cancer.


PURPOSE:The functional relationship between promoter hypermethylation and gene inactivation has been demonstrated for few genes only. We examined the promoter methylation status of two important tumor suppressor genes APAF-1 and DAPK-1 in bladder cancer as well as the mRNA expression pattern of these two genes for possible correlation between promoter hypermethylation and transcriptional repression. METHODS:The methylation status and mRNA expression levels were related to clinicopathological features in 34 patients with transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the bladder with a median clinical follow-up of more than 45 months. Tissue from ten patients with nonmalignant disease served as a control group. Quantitative real-time PCR-based detection methods were used for determination of the normalized index of methylation (NIM) as well as the mRNA expression level. RESULTS:APAF-1 and DAPK-1 methylation and mRNA expression was observed in all tumor and normal control samples investigated. Methylation (NIM) levels were significantly higher in tumor tissue for APAF-1 and DAPK-1, but median mRNA expression levels did not differ significantly comparing tumorous and non tumorous tissue. No correlation between expression levels of APAF-1 and DAPK-1 mRNA and tumor stage or grade was observed. However, in superficial TCC a strong correlation between higher NIM levels and lower mRNA expression of the APAF-1 gene was observed (P = 0.014). CONCLUSIONS:Our results, although preliminary, provide first time in vivo expression analysis of the APAF-1 gene in bladder cancer specimen, suggesting expression control by promoter methylation in early stage tumor disease of the bladder.


Christoph F,Hinz S,Kempkensteffen C,Weikert S,Krause H,Schostak M,Schrader M,Miller K




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  • Postchemoradiation laparoscopic resection and intraoperative electron-beam radiation boost in locally advanced rectal cancer: long-term outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In selected patients with rectal cancer, laparoscopic surgery is as safe as open surgery, with similar resection margins and completeness of resection. In addition, recovery is faster after laparoscopic surgery. We analyzed long-term outcomes in a group of patients with locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) ...

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  • Aminoacids--precursors of melanin synthesis in hamster melanoma.

    abstract::The role of L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (dopa) and L-tryptophan in melanin biosynthesis in melanotic hamster melanoma IC-Sofia was investigated with the aid of 14C-aminoacids. Tyrosine and phenylalanine were found to be the main melanin precursors: about 64.5% of total melanin labeling was du...

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    abstract::The genetically engineered chimeric cB72.3m4 and cB72.3m12 antibodies recognize the same tumor-associated TAG72 antigen. The high-affinity cB72.3m4 antibody had an approximately 18-fold higher affinity constant for the TAG72 antigen than the low-affinity cB72.3m12 antibody. The relationship between antibody affinity a...

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  • Overexpressed CA12 has prognostic value in pancreatic cancer and promotes tumor cell apoptosis via NF-κB signaling.

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  • PD-1 inhibition therapy for advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective analysis from the University of Southern California.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Approximately 5% of patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) may develop recurrent or metastatic disease. The management of such cases is challenging and requires multi-disciplinary care. Immunotherapy using PD-1 inhibition was approved to treat unresectable or metastatic CSCC in 2018. Given limit...

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  • Recombinant human endostatin improves anti-tumor efficacy of paclitaxel by normalizing tumor vasculature in Lewis lung carcinoma.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Normalization of the tumor vasculature and microenvironment by several angiogenesis inhibitors has been reported. Given that recombinant human endostatin (rh-endostatin) is also an endogenous angiogenesis inhibitor, a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of rh-endostatin on tumor vasculature and microenviron...

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  • Anatomic wide hepatectomy for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We aimed to clarify the prognostic impact of the anatomic extent of hepatic resection (Hr) related to the tumor hepatic involvement (H) on patients' survival in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHOD:The 305 patients with HCC who had undergone hepatectomy were analyzed retrospectively. The pat...

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  • Differentiation of the rat myelomonocytic leukemia cell line c-WRT-7 by in vitro culture with the rat bone marrow preadipocyte cell line REC A16.

    abstract::Differentiation of the rat myelomonocytic leukemia cell line (c-WRT-7) was investigated, by co-culture with a rat embryonic bone marrow preadipose cell line (REC A16). Co-cultivation with REC A16, or with conditioned medium from REC A16 cultures (REC-CM), induced differentiation of c-WRT-7 cells to macrophages. A solu...

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  • Increasing rates of DNA single-strand breaks in lymphocytes of clinical personnel handling cytostatic drugs.

    abstract::A total of 27 persons, working in cancer stations with exposure to cytostatics, and 40 healthy control persons were examined for DNA single-strand breaks in peripheral lymphocytes. Non-smoking personnel from cancer stations were found to have an increased rate of DNA single-strand breaks compared to the non-smoking co...

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  • Low nuclear grade but not cell proliferation predictive of pathological complete response to docetaxel in human breast cancers.

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  • Condensed chromatin staining of CKAP2 as surrogate marker for mitotic figures.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Proliferation activity has long been known to be one of the strongest prognostic factors in many different cancers. Nevertheless, microscopic evaluation of mitotic figures remains time-consuming and, furthermore, is relatively subjective. As the expression of cytoskeleton-associated protein 2 (CKAP2) is closely...

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